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  • Name: Daria Jurgens ( Darya Jurgens (Lesnikova) )
  • Date of birth: 20 January 1968
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Tomsk
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Daria Jurgens biography

    Daria Jurgens (until the early 2000s Lesnikova) was born in Siberia in January 1968. But in the snowy Tomsk were only the early life of a future actress. But growing up Daria already at the warm sea of Azov: her childhood and youth were spent in Mariupol. This southern city actress likes today, considering his family.

    Daria’s parents served in local drama, and daughter often watched their work from behind the scenes. But she saw not only the festive atmosphere and armfuls of flowers from fans, but also all the difficulties of the craft, its «wrong side». Therefore, the daughter of two theatre actors dreamed about the scene and about the profession of a veterinarian.

    Daria Jurgens was seriously fond of sports, choosing for himself the fencing. At the age of 14 nearly became a candidate master of sports, but one of the competitions was disqualified because of wrong admission made by the rapier.

    Relationship with the school disciplines the girl also did not happen. But, oddly enough, a career in the theatre was successful. For the first time child actor found himself on stage in an unconscious age: wrapped in rags Dasha, who was a few months from birth, brought to the stage in the play «virgin soil upturned». The second time she appeared on stage of the theater for their own in the age of 10 played Annie in the play «the Power of darkness».

    Thus, Daria Jurgens received a high school diploma, a large choice was not: the road was only on the scene. The girl went to Leningrad, with whom her family had a long-standing history. Mother and grandmother were born in this city, leaving it in the years of blockade. Dad learned in high school theater on Mokhovaya, a great-grandfather was a Professor of the Mikhailovsky artillery Academy. Later in the interview Yurgens admitted that she was always drawn to this city, and she felt an invisible connection with him.

    Daria entered LGITMiK as a free listener, as gleaning and a half points because of the matter written work. To learn she liked, but had nowhere to live. The future artist wandered friends. It happened that she had to spend the night in the audience.

    In 1990, Darya Yurgens received the diploma of theatrical school and went to do his theatrical career.


    Biography Dasha Jurgens, unless you consider baby exits on the scene in Mariupol drama theatre, began at the St. Petersburg Youth theatre. The talent of the young actress managed to consider it the chief Director Semyon Spivak. Almost immediately he began to trust Jurgens significant role.

    The first plays in which theater I saw the artist was «Medea», «Cries from Odessa», «Death to van Halen» and «Lunar wolves». Later Daria Jurgens was given the role of Desdemona in Shakespeare’s «Othello».

    Youth theatre, she almost never changed». When she received offers from other Petersburg theatres, it is almost always denied. It seems only one of them agreed to play Olivia in «Twelfth night»: painfully, she liked classical images. The premiere was held at the Bolshoi drama theater and was a huge success.

    The only thing that did not suit the actress in her work – a tiny salary, for which she was barely able to make ends meet.


    Daria Jurgens knew that popularity often comes to those actors who appear on screen. One day she decided to try his luck in the cinema and went to the casting to the famous film Director Alexei Balabanov. And she was lucky. Jurgens, first appeared in small roles in Balabanov’s picture «About freaks and people». Perhaps the Director liked the play of the young actress because he soon offered her a new job in your project. And even in some. This, of course, about the legendary film «Brother 2», where Jurgens was filmed in several scenes by Sergei Bodrov.

    After the release of this iconic project on domestic screens, all the participants woke up famous. Including Daria Jurgens, which got the role of a Russian prostitute named Marilyn. The shooting took place in America.

    «Brother 2» was a real springboard for the actress into the world of Russian cinema. She was noticed and began to invite in various TV series, and in diverse roles.

    Multi-project «Sea devils,» which Jurgens again got a starring role, was released in 2006. He received high ratings, so the Directors of the series again filmed its sequel. Daria played Lieutenant Margaret Koshkin, nicknamed «Bagheera». She is now starring in this film. To work in the TV series the actress had a lot to learn. For example, to drive a car to scuba dive.

    Among the notable roles Dasha Jurgens movie you can name several projects that were aired on the screens in recent years. This is the 5th season of the TV series «Kamenskaya», melodrama «the great river» painting «Italian» crime tape «Foundry» and «COP war».

    Personal life

    First husband Dasha Jurgens was a famous actor Eugene Dyatlov. But at the time when they were married (and it was the 4th course of the theatre of the University), it was two unknown students. They lived together for only 3 years. But this marriage had been born of their common son, Yegor. The reason for the divorce the former spouses are called to mutual infidelity. Eugene had an affair with a colleague named Angelica, with whom he served in the theater «Buff», Daria flashed a brief affair with the rock singer Yuri Shevchuk.

    Personal life Dasha Jurgens again and again underwent changes. Her life was a few years a civil marriage with actor Peter Zhuravlev. But the feeling’s gone, and live for affection, inertia, Dasha didn’t want to.

    His fate actress met on shiekah «Sea devils». This show has brought her not only a long-term work in movies, but real love. Sergey Velikanov was involved in the series as the stunt coordinator and personal coach Jurgens. Now the pair are constantly together – at home and on the set.

    Daria Jurgens has a daughter Alexandra. The actress won’t say who the girl’s father.

    Son Egor went in his father’s footsteps. He is an actor of the theater «Buff». Recently Egor Lesnikov married colleagues from the puppet theatre.


    • «About freaks and people»
    • «Brother»
    • «Vasilievsky island»
    • «Kamenskaya»
    • «The ban on love»
    • «Sea devils»
    • «Italian»
    • «COP wars»
    • «The foundry»


    Darina Jurgens

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