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  • Name: Darius Voskoboeva ( Daria Voskoboeva )
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: a psychic, a participant of the show «Battle of psychics»
  • Marital status: married

    Darius Voskoboeva: biography

    Darya (or Daria) Voskoboeva was born on 6 may in Saint-Petersburg. Possible year of birth is 1980. In her family there are Kyrgyz roots.

    Daria is not just psychic, magician and psychic. She calls herself the «battle witch». The fact that in the early years she began to study the practice of battle magic and learned to take other people’s abilities and talents, than deprive his victim of a natural gift.

    Darius Voskoboeva
    Darius Voskoboeva | daria-voskoeboeva.ru

    Voskoboeva and belongs to a coven of witches known clairvoyant and the winners of the previous seasons of «Battle of psychics» Natalia Banteay being her close friend.

    In his native Saint-Petersburg Daria graduated from the pedagogical University named after A. V. Herzen.

    TV show

    On the 17th season of the TV show «Battle of psychics» on TNT medium from St. Petersburg got no chance, and with the approval of his mentor Natalia Banteay. The audience noticed that the participants of Cowan was Banteay often stand out from their rivals. They confidently overcome many challenges, leaving behind the others.

    Darius Voskoboeva is no exception to this rule. «Battle witch» boldly embarked on the qualifying test and managed to impress not only the audience but also the skeptic Sergei Safronov. The woman quickly found the man in the trunk. This blazing speed a few alarmed observers, and Daria suggested a second time to pass the test.

    Darius Voskoboeva on
    Darius Voskoboeva in the «Battle of the psychics» | Wokrout

    But at the second time she was unable to find the hidden person, but pinpointed the car, which belonged to the hidden woman. Safronov put Daria Voskoboeva condition: if the third time, she will not be able to find a man, you will leave the 17th season. «Battle witch» coped with the task and remained on the project.

    In the 2nd release of season Voskoboeva struck many viewers, identifying among pregnant women «about», which turned out to invoice the stomach. And she told me a lot about each of these women than has amazed all present.

    Remembered by the audience Daria Voskoboeva and after the trip, participants of the project in Obninsk. There they waited for relatives of the murdered girl, who wanted to obtain answers to their questions. Witch brilliantly coped with this task.

    Unknown whether the «battle witch» a finalist on the show, but the biography of Daria Voskoboeva, of course, will get a vivid page, and its popularity will increase significantly.

    Personal life

    The psychic and the magician doesn’t talk about himself, believing that it can damage both for itself and its family.

    Darius Voskoboeva with her son
    Darius Voskoboeva son | Instagram

    According to unconfirmed reports, personal life, Daria Voskoboeva settled quite happily. The woman lives in St. Petersburg with her husband and two young children, a son and daughter. On her page on the social network can see the photos, which Voskoboeva near Bozena girl and boy Sasha. Rather, it is her children.


    Darius Voskoboeva

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