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(biography, photo, video) Darya Simonenko

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  • Name: Dasha Caruso ( Darya Simonenko )
  • Date of birth: 25 August 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Norilsk
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: the Russian actress, musician
  • Marital status: Married

    Daria Caruso: a biography

    Daria B. Caruso (nee Symonenko) was born in August 1980 in Krasnoyarsk region. Shortly after her arrival the family moved from Norilsk to Krasnodar Krai. Parents noticed early musical abilities of her daughter and decided to develop them further. So Dasha took him to the local music school, where she excelled.

    Teachers noted outstanding abilities Darya and converged on the opinion that it must continue to pursue music after graduation. The girl was not only agrees with teachers and parents, but she didn’t see for myself a different future. So, after finishing school she entered one of the music colleges, where he graduated with honors. But then something unexpected happened: a girl went to Moscow the first time he entered GITIS, selecting acting Department. She came on the course where mentor was Sergei Prokhanov.


    After graduating high school theater Daria Caruso immediately received an offer from his mentor Sergei Prokhanov with his work in the theater of the moon. Aspiring actress agreed and for 3 years appeared on stage here. The most notable theatrical work Dasha becomes an experimental musical performance called «I hide». It consisted of several stories with elements of «black humor».

    In 2008, Caruso enters the capital theatre «Practice», but goes from there, without having worked and year. Daria comes to the realization that theatrical way, not hers. At that time, the actress already has some experience in the movie.

    A cinematic biography of Darya Carusi started immediately after the termination of GITIS. Caruso first appeared on screen in the melodrama «a Woman in a game without rules». This is a melodrama in which the girl got the role of Julia. The second work in the movie was offered to a young actress Georgi Shengelia in his picture of «Unmanaged skid». Here Daria appears in the frame much longer. Her bright character of Light is memorized to the audience.

    In 2005, Chinese filmmakers decide to shoot a film for «the dawns here are quiet». They picked the cast from Russia. In the field of view of the filmmakers and got Daria Caruso. She was offered to play Eugene Komelkova. The tape consisted of 20 episodes, but for Russia, the series was reduced to 6 years. And let at home the picture was met with controversy due to some Director’s «mistakes», but many critics still noted the deeper disclosure of the characters of the heroines.

    After 2 years, Daria Caruso appeared on the screens in the mystical picture of Paul Ruminov «Dead daughters». Played Dasha heroine Faith remembered by the audience. But overall the Thriller was met with a cool.

    Both projects though and got the opposite feedback, but did Daria Caruso recognizable artist. Since then, strength had increased. Soon Caruso starred in his stellar role in the film «Relatives», which appeared in the image of Olga. Then he worked in the film «Students International».

    Remarkable projects were «Chas Volkova» and «Nobody knows about sex – 2». In the last scene Daria Caruso played nick. This acclaimed Comedy Alexey Gordeev was a huge box office. In cinemas it looked more than 235 thousand people. As bright was the film «the Girls», released in 2008.

    Deep psychologism and high acting skills critics said the game Dasha in the film «Domino Effect». The character of Masha in the performance of Carusi very convincing experiences the feeling of fear and guilt at the same time.

    The young actress is striking in its efficiency. In 2009 she starred in 6 films. Most popular of them was the band «Invaders». In the story, Daria Caruso – student of the London art College Olga. She arrives home to punish the raiders, took the business, and then in the life of her father. It is noteworthy that this project took musical talent of the actress. The film written soundtrack performed by Dasha, which proved to be very insightful.

    Every year, Daria Caruso starred in 6-8-mi projects. At such a young age she has almost 70 paintings. The most notable of the latter – «Winter tango» and «Farewell of Slav». In our days the actress is busy in several projects. In addition, in 2014, Caruso was deep into a music career. She writes music for movies («Hardcore»). Appeared video for the song Daria «16» and «Space».

    Personal life

    In the press much has been said about the novel Darya Carusi with Dmitry Dibrova. This relationship lasted 6 years, and she gratefully speaks of the changes which came into her life with Dmitry. For example, an excellent education in GITIS, learned several languages, a possibility not only to visit but to learn from France, England and Australia – it all came true thanks to Dibrova.

    Personal life Daria Carusi associated with musician Ilya Naishuller. He is the lead singer of the band «Biting Elbows». In 2010, their marriage took place.


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    Daria Caruso

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