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  • Name: Daria Baranova ( Darya Baranova )
  • Date of birth: 29 November 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Gomel, Belarus
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: Belarusian actress of cinema and theatre
  • Marital status: divorced

    Daria Baranova biography

    For the first time the audience drew attention to this bright young actress in the famous musical «Stilyagi». Since then, her career is moving up quite rapidly.

    Actress Darya Vladimirovna Baranova was born in November 1986 in Gomel. Becoming an actress was not her childhood dream, and my mother’s. Dasha wanted to be a teacher and be like my mom. The girl danced well, sang, visited the school of music, where he studied piano and cymbals, and willingly acted on the school stage. And yet she had the ability to exact science: she studied at the school of mathematics.

    One day my mother drove her daughter-a high school student in Minsk and taken to the State Academy of arts. And only then Dasha realized that she wants to study here. Then mom and began to prepare a daughter for admission.

    After receiving a school diploma Daria Baranova went to Minsk and easily entered the Academy of arts, where he studied acting in the course of Vladimir Misanchuk.

    On stage, the budding artist made his debut in his student years: she first went on stage Modern Art theater, where she played Nina in the play «Kin». In 2008 Daria Baranova received the diploma of theatrical school and began to move up the career ladder.


    In the same 2008, was Baranova a crucial year, she was invited into the project after the participation in which all its members have become well-known artists. It was Valery Todorovsky’s musical «hipsters». On the set of Daria starred Oksana Akinshina, Anton by Aginam, Maxim Matveev and Ekaterina Vilkova.

    This film was opened by a young Belarusian actress for domestic film Directors. And in the following year, 2009, she appeared in several projects, the most striking of which is the dramatic military show of Valeriy Shalyga «1941», paintings «Attempt», «the Invaders» and «Wolves».

    The next 2 years Daria Baranova continues to act in rating projects. She has appeared in key roles in TV series «Detective Agency» Ivan da Marya» and «Zhurov 2». But perhaps the brightest and most famous was the project of Evgeny Serov «I am waiting for you». This grim story about a hermit who lived in the forest. In this tape, she is lucky to learn from the skills of such recognized masters of the stage, Dmitry Ulianov, Alexey Ilyin, Roman Ageev and Peter Kislov.

    A cinematic biography of Darya Baranova in 2011 was enriched by the role, which was opened by a young actress for Directors. Her character Barbara Cerjak in the mini-series Vlad Furman «Narkomovsky train» is very bright and at the same time complex nature.

    In recent years, Daria Baranova, removed a lot and regularly. Previously, she often appears in various melodramas and serials. The audience saw her in the film «the Heart is not stone», «Alias «Albanian» and «small-town Muse». In the last romance Dasha played the main character, a provincial girl who wants to become a famous singer.

    Latest projects, which brought Darya Baranova considerable popularity, was the movies, «Mom, I’m getting married!», «Touchy,» and «My dear enemy».

    Despite the success of the actress in the film, she left the stage and continues to perform on the stage two Belarusian theaters – agricultural machinery and of the New drama theatre of Minsk.

    Personal life

    The actress is very grateful to the mom that pushed her to the path of acting. Dasha says that if not for my mother, she’d worked as a teacher of physics or mathematics. But now she has a favorite profession, which although it takes almost all my free time, but brings great pleasure.

    Private life of Daria Baranova is a small son Paul. He was born in a student married to a famous Belarusian actor Dmitry Mukhin, whose career, like that of Dasha’s, is now gaining momentum. Unfortunately, the couple has lived together for long, but the separation was amicable, and between the former spouses remain friendly relations.


    • «Stilyagi»
    • «Attempt»
    • «The invaders»
    • «Wolves»
    • «Detective Agency» Ivan da Marya»
    • «Narkomovsky train»
    • «Alias «Albanian»
    • «Heart without a lock»
    • «The provincial Muse»
    • «1943»
    • «Mom, I’m getting married!»


    Darina Baranova

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