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  • Name: Danila Yakushev ( Danila Yakushev )
  • Date of birth: 3 January 1986
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 190
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Danila Yakushev : biography

    Daniil Yakushev, or as it is commonly called, Danila Yakushev was born in January 1986 in Moscow. In his family no one was associated with the world of theatre or cinema. But Daniel has chosen this path. External data, imposing height, blond hair, blue eyes and a nice baritone) was just what we needed for a memorable image. An innate artistry and comfort of staying in the spotlight completed the list of required actor skills.

    After school, Daniel Yakushev went to arrive in the capital of the international Slavic Institute. He got on the course Vyacheslav Dolgacheva, Honored artist of Russia, artistic Director of Moscow New drama theatre. In his student years Yakushev carried away with can order this show – showed to the colleagues and then to the public in the Metropolitan restaurants of different tricks. And even learned how to dance and have a good drive that is useful in future acting work.


    In 2007, Yakushev graduated in high school and was accepted into the troupe of the New drama theatre. But the cinematic biography of Daniel Yakushev began the year before: in 2006 he played his first role in the acclaimed film «Graffiti.» Then had roles in the short films «Prostitute» and «note». The actor appeared in the series. In the film «Moment of truth», he played drug dealers, and in the series of «Pathfinder» appeared in the form of a killer nicknamed the Lemon. But the most popular Yakushev brought the mystical series project «angel or demon», filmed on the eponymous Spanish franchise. Here Daniel played the Archangel Michael.

    In the theatre, where the artist was accepted to their University course leader and artistic Director of New drama theatre Vyacheslav Dolgachev, he played many interesting roles. Dolgacev entrusted him with the image of Yuri Mikhailovich Zaplanowa in his statement «the Rich bride». Then there were other performances where Danila Yakushev played the star role.

    Student fascination with tricks and stunts useful to the artist. In 2013, Danila Yakushev appeared in the popular Comedy film «Kiss!», where he played the chief bridesmaid Seeds.

    In 2014, the screens out adventure Comedy with elements of fantasy called «belovode. The mystery of the lost country», where Yakushev appeared in the form of a character named Bram. This is a film with a fantastic story about a detected failure in a mountain monastery, which released a powerful dark force that threatens life on earth.

    Personal life

    His beloved actor met on the set of the popular series «Junior». Muscovite and actress Maria Pirogov also known for the role of Alice, daughter of Dr. Bykov in the «Intern». Currently, the private life of Daniel Yakushev associated with Mary. More recently, young people live together.


    • «Graffiti»
    • «The bus»
    • «Prostitute»
    • «Memo»
    • «Angel or demon»
    • «Big oil»
    • «Pathfinder»
    • «Kiss!»
    • «Belovodye. The mystery of the lost country»


    Danila Yakushev

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