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  • Name: Daniil Shevchenko ( Danila Shevchenko )
  • Date of birth: 8 March 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Danila Shevchenko : biography

    St. Petersburg actor Danila Shevchenko was born in a women’s day in 1989. And what grows is an artist, not a doctor or an artist, it became clear pretty early. In the Junior high school Daniel was fascinated by the theater. He attended a children’s theatre Studio «Reflection», where they discover the mysteries of acting, he studied stage movement and plastics. At the same time the young artist first came on the scene. He appeared in a production of «greetings from front» and the one-man show «Monologue without lies».

    Talented actor and gave him the first award.

    Managed the student to appear on the screen. In the youth series «life safety» he was given a cameo role. A St. Petersburg Studio «D-square» used him in commercials for Latin American customers. Thus, on foreign screens Danila Shevchenko «lit up» even earlier than the domestic.

    So it was no surprise that after finishing school the guy went to enter the theater University. In 2006, he became a student of the St. Petersburg Academy of theatrical art. Chose the «dramatic» Department and got on course Benjamin Filshtinsky.


    A student, Daniel Shevchenko has declared itself as a promising and talented actor. He played many dramatic and important roles: Maurice in the production of «Lord of the flies», Federica in «Three sisters» and the Prince in «Rusalka».

    3 course Shevchenko started out on the stage of the «Etude-theatre» on Vasilievsky and the Maly drama theatre.

    After graduating high school theater in 2011, a cinematic biography of Danila Shevchenko, which was initiated during his school years, continued. As is often the case, the first roles were that of serial. The actor has appeared in episodes of the popular crime film «Opera. Chronicles of lethal Department 3» in the 9th season of «Streets of broken lamps».

    A year after graduating from the theater they decided to continue career in Moscow. Doubts associated with the move dispelled pretty quickly. Career growth was rapid. A few months after moving to the capital Danila Shevchenko was invited to play a major role «Sneakers» in the theatre «Practice». In the same year, he appeared in several TV projects: starred in crime films «Agent special purpose» and «Chief» and in the action-detective series «the Abyss» he’s got one of the main roles. Episodes trusted St Petersburg in the popular project «the Three Musketeers» and «Sherlock Holmes».

    Wide popularity came to Danilo Shevchenko in 2014, after the release of the great science fiction paintings by Alexey Pimenova «Dolly the Sheep was angry and died early». In tandem with Julia Savicheva actor played brilliantly. On the set of this film Daniel met the real stars of domestic cinema Victor Sukhorukov, Boris Shcherbakov and Roman Polyansky.

    I must say that 2014 was a breakthrough year for St. Petersburg. Except for «Dolly the Sheep» screens out two more top-rated project – a crime drama called «angel Heart», where the main role went to Michael Porechenkova, and sports series «the Shot», which is watched by millions of viewers in the former Soviet Union.

    To participate in the latest project by Daniel Shevchenko had to prepare thoroughly. This is a story about athletes biathletes, who were preparing for the Olympic games. The actors had a few months to learn how to ski and shoot. Daniel coped with the task perfectly.

    The tape was released in 2015 and immediately turned all of the participants in these favorites of the audience. The success was undoubted, though professional athletes are noted in the series a number of annoying bugs.

    At the end of 2015 and in 2016 fans saw new projects with his participation, the most striking of them, «a view from the past», «Syndrome of uncertainty» and «Fake». All films Danila Shevchenko starred in the lead roles.

    Personal life

    With his future wife, Kate the actor met in social networks. Incredibly, soon after the virtual Dating couple was found, and after 10 days Daniel did the girl offer to marry him.

    The artist’s wife is also a creative person and connected with the world of cinema. Catherine Petryanina works by the artist make-up artist at the Studio.

    Personal life Daniel Shevchenko has developed happily. In July 2014, the couple officially registered the relations. The wedding took place in his native city of Shevchenko, who also is a favorite town of Kati. Recently, a young family was a joyful event — born daughter.


    • «Opera-3. Chronicles of lethal Department»
    • «Streets of the broken lanterns-9»
    • «Secrets of the investigation-10»
    • «The foundry»
    • «The three Musketeers»
    • «Sherlock Holmes»
    • «Syndrome of uncertainty»
    • «Dolly the sheep was angry and died early»
    • «The shot»
    • «Angel heart»


    Danila Shevchenko

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