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  • Name: Danila Polyakov ( Danila Polyakov )
  • Date of birth: 31 January 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Operation: Top model, stylist, dancer
  • Marital status: not married

    Danila Polyakov: biography

    Danila Polyakov was born on 31 January 1983 in Moscow. The boy grew up in a large intelligent and creative family: his father was a painter and her mother worked as a teacher in kindergarten. Daniel was the youngest child and even in early childhood, began to seek ways to differ from their older sisters and brother. The boy loved to attract attention, often dressed in a very strange and extraordinary in its own way outfits. In this form it came to school, causing confusion classmates and teachers. Daniel always strived to be creative and not afraid to show their uniqueness. Even the profession of which he dreamed, was unusual — I wanted to become a pastry chef because I love sweets.

    Learn Daniel didn’t. The only item that fell in love Polyakov, was science. He played sports, although it is not very much affected her body. The guy swam in the pool, fenced and went dancing. Father tried to teach his son the game of hockey, but purely a man’s game not provoked a response in the heart of the young Polyakova.

    In fifteen years the guy started to dance in clubs «go-go» and a year later attracted the attention of the new team «Demo», where the guy became a dancer. In the group the guy is quite friendly with soloist Maria Zheleznyakov, who was a friend of his sisters. The girl taught my friend to use makeup and choose clothes that made Daniel think about becoming a model. His unconventional appearance has also contributed to such a profession. With a group of «Demo» the guy played until 1999, after which the parents still forbade him to participate in the tour with the group. Daniel began to cooperate with the team of the singer Valeria and famous DJ Groove.

    After school, the Poles wanted to join the specialty landscape designer, but the training was too expensive, so the guy chose the profession of journalist. Having finished the preparatory courses, he tried to go to College, but flunked out. Not to get into the army, Daniel had to go to the University Natalia Nesterova on a speciality «advertising».

    Danila Polyakov: fashion

    During one of the performances of Valerie and innovative young dancer was noticed by the designer Svetlana Vatanen. Girl Polyakova invited to show his collection at the competition «Smirnoff», where he was noticed by stylist Galina Smyrna and offered to shoot for the magazine «Ptyuch». Later, the guy took part in a photo shoot for fashion magazine «OHM», and then modeling Agency «Storm» asked him to sign a contract.

    Daniel became a model at the fashion show of a new collection of famous Russian designer Denis Simachev. The appearance of the guy just struck journalists and leading critics of the model, his face quickly became recognizable. Simachev gave the guy his best stuff, allowing about Polyakov was known not only in Russia but also abroad. Even then he set himself the goal of becoming «a universal model that can reflect not only menswear but also womenswear collections. In many ways, this decision contributed to the androgynous looks and figure Polyakov.

    Soon, Daniel had the opportunity to bring their idea to life: stylist of the fashion house «Prada» David Bradshaw invited the guy to shoot for «GQ» magazine, where he was to pose in the female form. The photoshoot caused the unprecedented hype around the model and the image, creating a wave of imitators: in a moment of fiery red hair combined with fine aristocratic facial features have become incredibly popular in the fashion world. However, there were those who did not appreciate Polyakova, considering his appearance in a fashion mistake.

    In 2006, held a photo shoot for Italian fashion magazine «Vogue» with a leading photographer Steven Maisela. The magazine gave Daniel an even greater number of fans and invitations to trend shows throughout the world. The poles became a model in demand not only in mens shows, but in the female, where he managed to occupy a special place.

    After the resounding success in Europe, Daniel decided to return to Russia and continue his career there. The guy established our own brand «100% vanilla», which was dedicated to so-called «crisis twenty-five years.» He has released a clothing collection, and also organized a photo project from photographer Alexey Kiselev. The project involved twenty-five people over the age of twenty five and who wanted to change his life and show the audience their true colors.

    In his birthday, January 31, in the capital of Russia, the Poles opened an exhibition of clothes from the brand «100% vanilla». The collection contained thirty-five items of clothing and accessories that were torn in intimate places.

    In 2010, Daniel appeared in two fashion shows of Russian designers: Slava Zaitsev, and Masha Tsigal. In the latter he acted as a stylist, what quite a few have succeeded. Thanks to him, the collection has acquired not only high-quality photographs, but also in the conceptual video.

    In 2011, the model received the position of creative Director of the brand «Pure Joy Fashion». However, Daniel himself said the job is temporary, as the position requires constant presence in the office where the guy is not used to.

    In the same year, the Poles tried as a jury member in a reality show about fashion «

  • Top model in Russian». Of the fourteen participants of the star of the fashion business you had to choose only one winner. The second season of the show took place in London, the third in Miami. After filming the third season of «Top model in Russian», the producers decided to change the entire jury. In 2013, in the capital gallery «Today» opened a joint exhibition of Daniel and photographer Dmitry Zhuravlev under the name «Natura». Photos of the model was closely linked to the theme of nature and was demonstrated without the use of graphic editors.

    Danila Polyakov: scandals

    Becoming a world-renowned star of the podium, Poles continued with a new force to shock the audience by their behavior and very candid statements. He wore women’s clothes, which often walked the city streets, causing passers-by as admiration and disgust.

    In 2013 Daniel became a participant of popular show «

  • Dancing with the stars», where she danced in a pair with Alla Anastasiou. During one of the speeches, the male model took off his pants, standing before the audience in his underwear. According to the artist, so he tried to smooth impression of not until the end of the dance they have learned. In July 2015, the Poles once again shocked the audience began to dance at the festival of electronic music Fruitvibrations», dropped his pants, exposing before the public the fifth point. However, his antics go unpunished, only by giving reporters some photos and material for articles.

    Danila Polyakov: personal life

    About my personal life Danila Polyakov prefers to remain silent, while happy to talk about their sexual preferences and experiments. He admits that he had a close relationship with men. However, Daniel is closer to traditional attitudes and values, at one time he lived with a girl named Marina in her apartment in Moscow.

    Danila Polyakov: photo

    Danila Polyakov

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