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  • Name: Danila Dunaev ( Danila Dunaev )
  • Date of birth: 15 July 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 200
  • Activities: actor, musician, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Danila Dunaev: a biography

    Danila Dunaev – romantic Russian actor, known to audiences for his roles in the films «Secrets of Palace revolutions», «Montecristo», «return of the Musketeers». Also the popularity of the young actor has increased after his participation in the show «exactly in exactly» and «one to One» in which tall Daniel (growth Dunayev is 2 meters) a few seasons and taught acting.

    Danila Dunaev
    A photo of actor | Movie-Theater.RU

    Danila Dunaev was born 15 July 1981 in the capital of Russia in the family of economist Larisa Dunaeva and famous athlete, fencer Leonid Dunayev, who was 15-fold champion of the USSR and two-time world champion. The future actor was the second child in the family – he has an older sister Yaroslav Dunayev, who lives in Kyrgyzstan, where he successfully works as a designer.

    In 2002, the family Danevych happened to the mountain. Died the head of the family Leonid Dunaev from a heart attack. Those days of Daniel describes as the most difficult period of his life when he had to take care of his mother and sister. However, the actor believes that this training helped him to achieve success and learn to live in the harsh present.

    Danila Dunaev in his youth
    Early photo of the actor

    In school a guy had a special curiosity and interest in everything new. He studied computer science, and also attended a music class to play the accordion and sections of ballroom dancing. But, of course, the hopes the father had pinned on a brilliant career of Daniel, which attracted the son since childhood. The future actor was actively involved in swimming, karate, freestyle wrestling and fencing. Dad diligently trained in the skill of the heir and tried to convey him everything he knew. And only after 1.5 years devoted to fencing, it became clear that this case is «not his». Then the Danube turned into a basketball player and achieved in this sphere successes.

    After finishing 9 classes before the guy had a question – to finish secondary education at the school and act in high school or begin a career. The young man gave preference to higher education after leaving school, he entered the Moscow Aviation Institute the faculty of psychology. While studying in the MAI Daniel showed interest in acting and actively participated in KVN.

    Photo Of Danila Dunaev
    He graduated from the Theater school. Shchukin | Movie-Theater.RU

    After a career of Manager in the social sphere Dunaev entered the famous Shchukin theater school. The future star of Russian cinema was enlisted in the group to Yuri Veniaminovich Shlykova, which Daniel believes the godfather of his successful acting career.


    Actor Danila Dunaev triumphal started at the theater and cinema as a student of the 3rd course of «Pike». Then the talented guy noticed Svetlana Druzhinina and Anatoly Mukasey. They appreciated the ability of Dunayev and invited the young actor to play a major role in the series «Secrets of Palace revolutions». In 2008, the film was released and brought textured «hero of cloak and sword» the increased interest of the audience and the influential creators of blockbusters.

    Danila Dunaev in the series
    In the series «Secrets of Palace revolutions» | Ruskino.ru

    During the filming of «Secrets of Palace revolutions» Danila Dunaev never missed an opportunity to prove themselves and managed to star in a fantasy project of «the Young wolfhound». In 2009, the actor has embodied the role of the son of Athos, Raoul in the film «return of the Musketeers». In this film starred many legends of Russian cinema, but the film suffered a failure. Fortunately, the failure of «sank» Danila Dunaev, the young actor has successfully continued his career.

    In 2009, the actor also starred in the famous Comedy «the best film — 2», which perfectly parodied Nikita Mikhalkov. Then in 2012, he became the main face of the popular series «news», which brilliantly fulfilled the role of the journalist Gleb Chernoff, brought the actor a lot of accolades fans.

    Danila Dunaev in the series
    Role in the series «pregnancy Test» | Ruskino.ru

    In 2014, the Danube played an unusual for him role of a specialist of IVF in multiserial film «pregnancy Test». Starring in the medical drama also played by Svetlana Ivanova, Kirill Grebenshchikov, Anna Kamenkova, Arthur Waha, and others.

    In the same year the actor took part in filming the Comedy «Rating» by Fyodor Bondarchuk, in which Danila Dunaev became one of the executors of important roles. But the ambitious project was not completed.

    The next Two years brought viewers the continuation of the series «Sweet life», the cast of which he joined Daniel.

    Danila Dunaev
    Promising actor

    In 2016, the year the actor was working on the second season of «pregnancy Test» and on two new paintings. «The hotel «Russia» immerses the audience into the atmosphere of the 70’s and shows the life of workers, expensive hotels, who have to escort important political persons, and to become witnesses of crimes and fraud. «Doctor Anne,» despite the name, does not become yet another «medical» work Dunayev, the film tells about the 90s and how the heroes whose life was broken this cruel period, trying to get my life back.

    About new projects of the actor is known that few, even of the hopes of fans to see footage from the shoot on instagram Dunaeva doomed to failure. Daniel though, and leads an active life in social networks, but as an ordinary person, not a celebrity: post funny jokes and funny images.

    «Exactly-in-exactly» and «one to One»

    Besides her work Dunaev has been a teacher of acting in children’s theatre «Domisolka». In addition, charisma, artistry and agility, the young actor has allowed him to become a teacher of acting in the famous television show reincarnations «exactly-in-Exactly» and «one to One».

    Danila Dunaev – Wikipedia members of the popular projects that helped the teacher is brilliant and original way to transform the images of famous musicians and actors.

    In 2015 Dunaev invited to the second season of «hair’s-Breadth» as a participant where it is perfectly reincarnated in the images of international stars. Especially the contest judges admired the room «Francis Rossi» with hit group the Status Quo «You’re in the Army Now»with which the actor skillfully made in the second round of the show.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Danila Dunaev tries not publicly distributed. Know that happiness in marriage the actor was able to find only the second time. From the first marriage of the stars are two sons: Theodore (2005) and innocent (2007). The lovers began Dating as students, but living together did not get along. Most likely, the lovers hastened to marry young and yet unconscious age, and later, when relations gradually disappeared, even the children are unable to protect a couple from the breakup.

    Danila Dunaev with his wife
    With his wife Helen

    After the divorce from his first wife, which took place in the ex-spouses quite painful, Dunaev met the love of his life and without hesitation married her. Second wife of Daniel Dunayev was the photographer Elena. His new chosen one, unlike the previous, Daniel willingly tells in an interview. According to the actor, Elena Dunaeva – stunning and very sensitive man.

    In 2012, the family Danevych a daughter, Elizabeth.

    The birth of a daughter did not change the relationship of the actor to the eldest sons. He’s like before trying with them as much as possible to communicate and meet whenever possible that children do not feel discomfort because of their parents ‘ divorce.

    Danila Dunaev and his wife
    With his wife Helen

    Danila Dunaev appreciates family and children, that does not prevent him from constantly disappearing at work. The actor refuses role and is sometimes involved in several projects. Your workaholism Dunaev also explains care about his family: he wants to provide them with everything necessary. Now the young family lives in a rented apartment, but Daniel is actively working to soon purchase their own homes.


    • «Pregnancy test»;
    • «Secrets of Palace revolutions»;
    • The «news»;
    • «Montecristo»;
    • «The best film-2»;
    • «The Young Wolfhound»;
    • «Mum detective»;
    • «Rules of life»;
    • «Divorce»;
    • «Glaciers».


    Danila Dunaev

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