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  • Name: Daniil Spivakovsky ( Daniil Spivakovskiy )
  • Date of birth: 28 August 1969.
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Daniil Spivakovsky biography

    Daniil Spivakovsky was born in 1969 in Moscow. It was brought up by grandparents mother Alla Spivakovska — psychologist and psychotherapist, doctor of Sciences, Professor of Moscow University. Mother actor is grateful for the sense of proportion and good taste, which is so important in his work.

    Previously, Daniil Spivakovsky dreamed to connect his career with the profession of a psychologist. After school he applied to Moscow state University (faculty of psychology), but could not score enough points and went to work in a psychiatric hospital. A year later, the guy repeated the attempt successfully and became a student of pigface. The loss of the year played with Daniel a cruel joke: benefits for full-time students was canceled and he was drafted into the army.

    Returning from the army, Spivakovsky had recovered to pigface in 1989. But the love for acting and theater, he did not forget my friends went to a student theatre. The guys rehearsed almost until morning. In the spring a few people from the student theatre decided to join the theater, and Daniil Spivakovsky went with them, so you do not regret about missed opportunities. Just three drama schools took perspective of psychologist.

    Then gathered the family Council, which «decided» that Daniel has the right to study anywhere, but be sure to finish University. A student went to school, said that she lost a certificate and received a duplicate which was carried in the field. So the guy studied for 4 years in two institutions, although had hard times.

    Today Daniil Spivakovsky filmography includes more than 80 feature films and TV series. He does not forget the first profession of psychology: on the basis of the Moscow psychological Studio sometimes conducts group sessions «Training of acting, or the efficiency of professional communication».

    Since 2010, the actor is also involved in pedagogical activities — leading a creative workshop on theatre faculty of MITRO (Moscow Institute of television and radio broadcasting «Ostankino»).

    Daniil Spivakovsky: theatre

    As a student, Daniil Spivakovsky was involved in several productions of the Theater. Mayakovsky. There he played hamlet in the play «Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead», duremara in «the Adventures of Pinocchio» and Kuligin in the play «Thunderstorm». Then, as third-year students, Spivakovsky first got the lead role – it was the work in the show «a Farce for adults», based on the play by Nikolai Kolyada. So there was the familiarity of the actor with Director Sergei Nikolaevich by Artsibashev, which Spivakovsky considered his most important teacher together with Andrei Aleksandrovich Goncharov. From Artsybashev actor played his best theatrical role.

    Having graduated from GITIS, Spivakovsky was accepted into the troupe Theater. V. Mayakovsky. The first performances were immediately helped the actor to the audience. First he dropped out to play the Jester in the play «As you’ll love it» by Shakespeare, Tishka in the «Bankrupt». Then the actor was involved in the productions «Is a free man», «Victim of the century», «Love student», «the Theatrical romance», «Lizard».

    The real success came to Spivakovska after the role of albert in the play of Sergei Artsibashev «Banquet» on the play by N. Simon. Daniel immediately became popular in theatrical circles and has earned its reputation as the best young actor the capital.

    In the theatre Daniil Spivakovsky plays today.

    Daniil Spivakovsky: movies

    Daniil Spivakovsky first appeared on screen in 2000, playing a small role in the movie «Maroseyka, 12». Then followed work in the series «Russian Amazons», «Thief», «Two lives», «Why do you need an alibi?», «Instructor» while the actor was not noticed by the Director Valeri Todorovski, which is known to be able to «light the stars».

    Daniel Todorovski offered Spivakovska to play in his film «

  • My stepbrother Frankenstein», and the actor, of course, agreed. «My stepbrother Frankenstein» is a psychological drama about war without war. When creating the image of a soldier, found his place in civilian life, Daniel has experience of military service – because he had to meet with these guys who came from the war in Afghanistan. In 2004, «My stepbrother Frankenstein» was awarded the Grand Prix of XV festival «Kinotavr». Further Spivakovsky played the role of hapless investigator in the continuation of the series «viola» and comedian Paul Springfield in the movie «Star era» which received a high rating.

    In recognition of the Daniel Spivakovsky, for it was the most interesting work in the musical «film Festival or port Eisenstein» Art. Picula, where he had to test himself in a vial of the actor sings and dances. In addition, the story is on his face.

    In 2007 Daniel was awarded the title «Honored artist of the Russian Federation». In 2009, for his work in the television series «My husband — the genius» became the winner «TEFI» in the nomination «Best male role».

    The last works of Daniel Spivakovsky became the role in the film «not a simple story» (2013), «Craftsmen» (2014), «Snow and ashes» (2015), «agent Provocateur» (2015).

    Daniil Spivakovsky: personal life

    Now Daniil Spivakovsky is a family man and a caring father, although not so long ago, his personal life was filled with real passion.

    The first official artist’s wife was the actress Anna Ardova, which I remember the audience on the Comedy series «One for all». Future mother in law was against this Union. The couple broke up, which lasted a little less than a year. Wandering removable corners and sad experience with her mother in law finally destroyed the Union Spivakovsky and Ardovs.

    Then, the artist was a pretty serious relationship with the actress Olesya Sudzilovskaia. The pair lived in a civil marriage for a long time, but now none of them wants to think about it. Only once Olesya remembered her former common law husband. According to the actress, with him she had developed a real friendship, despite the fact that the process of parting was painful for both.

    The next novel from Spivakovsky happened with actress Emilia Spivak, whom he had met at the film festival in Kaliningrad. Emilia lived in Saint-Petersburg and decided not to move to Moscow for her beloved.

    In 2006, almost immediately after breaking up with Singer, Daniel met his future wife

  • Svetlana. She worked as a regular flight attendant. When I first met Svetlana was 19 years old and Daniel is 37. Six months later, Spivakovsky did Svetlana offer. Now the couple are raising three children – daughter Daria and sons Daniel and Andrew.

    Daniil Spivakovsky: filmography

    • «Two fates»
    • «My stepbrother Frankenstein»
    • «My husband — the genius»
    • «The great evil and petty mischief»
    • «The festival, or the Port of the Eisenstein»
    • «Tango of love»
    • «Silver samurai»
    • Last minute
    • «To Kill A Blackbird»
    • «Craftsmen»
    • «New year rush»
    • «Agent provocateur»

    Daniil Spivakovsky: photo

    Daniil Spivakovsky

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