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  • Name: Daniela Stojanovic ( Daniela Stoyanovich )
  • Date of birth: 27 April 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: NIS, Serbia
  • Activities: Serbian actress
  • Marital status: married

    Daniela Stojanovic: biography

    A well-known domestic audience on a detective’s tapes «Mosgaz», «Executioner», «Spider» and «the Jackal» Daniela Stojanovic reached, it seems impossible: she was able to take place in the Russian film industry, in spite of foreign origin.

    Stojanovic was born in April 1970 in the city of NIS. Then he was part of the allied Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and was a major industrial and cultural center.

    Daniela Stojanovic
    Daniela Stojanovic | Ivi.ru

    In childhood the girl was fond of the exact Sciences and not dreamed about the scene. After finishing the 8th grade she was replaced by a regular school on mathematical gymnasium. But soon Daniela Stojanovic realized that all my life dealing with numbers, she’s not interesting. To determine daughter helped dad. He found her a school with a theatrical bias, dominated by the Humanities. But the important thing is that the main part of the learning process was based on drama performances.

    Soon she was so fascinated by the stage that nothing else wanted. In 1989, stojanović went to Belgrade and became a student of the University of the arts. Daniela studied at the Department of theatre arts.

    Daniela Stojanovic in the theater
    Daniela Stojanovic in the theatre | Samoz.ru

    After graduation, the young artist came to the stage of the theatre in one of the Serbian towns. Then she was accepted into the troupe of the Belgrade drama theatre where she performed with considerable success.

    The tragic events of 1999 and began the war in the country destroyed the plans of the actress. Fleeing the bombing, Daniela Stojanovic arrived in St. Petersburg. She hoped that he would be here for no more than 1-2 months. But life decided otherwise. Serbian actress came on the stage of the theatre «na Liteynom». Then appeared on the stage of theatre «the Shelter of comedians» and «the Mansion».


    A cinematic biography of Daniela Stojanovic, like most of her colleagues, began traditionally: episodes in various series. Serbian actress flashed in the popular crime series, which was filmed in Saint-Petersburg. Saw her in the projects, «the Agency «Golden bullet», the 6th season of «Streets of broken lamps» and «COP war».

    Gradually the role of «krupali». This debut Stojanovic on the big screen was the main role in the latest film by Director Vladimir Motyl «Crimson colour of a snowfall». It’s a historical drama, the exciting period of the First world war. Daniele got the image of the young daughter of a Kiev millionaire-industrialist Xenia Gerstel, was left an orphan.

    Daniela Stojanovic and Mikhail Filippov in movie
    Daniela Stojanovic and Mikhail Filippov in the film «Crimson colour of snowfall» | Ruskino.ru

    This is the first serious work has brought the artist recognition and a pass to the world of cinema. After the release of «Crimson colour of snowfall» in 2008, Daniela Stojanovic becomes really popular. Next year brings her several major roles. In the melodrama «the Wild field» Michael Kalatozishvili, it has brought a very vivid image of the bride of the protagonist. Another project, warmly received by the audience, the melodrama «One you love» Alexey Kozlov. Here, Sanchez starred in the title role.

    To Wake up famous Daniele is destined in 2010, when the audience watched an ironic melodrama Director Artema Antonova called «the Attempt of Faith.»

    Sophia Jilkova, Maxim Averin and Daniela Stojanovic in the film
    Sophia Jilkova, Maxim Averin and Daniela Garcia in the movie «the Trying of Faith» | Ruskino.ru

    In a duet with Sergey Puskepalis Serbian played a couple of physicians, which helps childless couples to have a baby. But for the heroes to solve this problem can not, therefore, seek happiness on the side.

    A long time career of Daniela Stojanovic was hampered by the accent, and it duplicated other Actresses. For example, in the «Trying of Faith» the heroine spoke in the voice of Mary Dolcan. And the detective «Voice», in which Serbian actress got the role of a therapist Zaitseva, she told Natalia Grebenkina.

    Nicholas machulski and Daniela Stojanovic for the TV show
    Nicholas machulski and Daniela Stojanovic for the TV show «the Voice» | Ruskino.ru

    But over time, Sanchez is dealt and spoke without an accent.

    A new wave of popularity «covered» Daniela Stojanovic after the release of the detective series «Mosgaz» Andrew Malyukova, released in 2012. The plot is based on the real story of the first history of the Soviet Union serial killer who was active in Moscow during the Khrushchev thaw. The series was well received by the audience.

    It seems, the cinematic biography of Daniela Stojanovic in recent years has been criminal and the detective head. In 2014, the film was released Vyacheslav Nikiforov «Hangman» in which the actress appeared in the role of the civil wife of the main character, Margaret.

    Daniela Stojanovic in the series
    Daniela Stojanovic in the TV series «Mosgaz» | kino-teatr.ru

    The continuation of this detective story, the protagonist of which remained Cherkasov, was released in 2015. Detective Thriller called «Spider». Margarita performed by Daniela Garcia is here appeared again.

    In 2016, viewers saw an exciting continuation of this series of historical detective called «the Jackal». And again on the screens of favorite actors, favorite «Mosgaz», «Kata» and «Spider»: Cherkasov performed by Andrey Smolyakova and Margaret Daniela Stojanovic. Producers called popular projects was made by Konstantin Ernst and Denis Evstigneev.

    Personal life

    To stay in the city on the Neva, the actress decided not only because there are favorably settled her career. Personal life Daniela Stojanovic, too, he had a happy. In St. Petersburg she met a loved one — violinist of the famous group «Aquarium» Andrew Surotdinov.

    Their acquaintance took place in the theatre «Mansion», with which Serbian actress has collaborated with today. Director Alexei Slyusarchuk put performance «Lexicon». When he needed a musician, he remembered about Andrew Surotdinov.

    Daniela Stojanovic with her husband in a production of
    Daniela Stojanovic with her husband in a production of «Viennese story» | okolo.me

    Since then, the actress and musician together. They now take the stage of the theatre «Osobnyak». But now in the production of «Viennese story».

    In her free time Daniela Stojanovic loves to read and take a walk with poodle Mimi in a beautiful Park near the house in which he lives. Gladly welcomes guests and loves to entertain their new delicious dishes, which are always replies that they are prepared according to old Serbian recipe invented yesterday.

    When Stojanovic happens on vacation, she tries to visit her native Serbia, where her family – mother, father and older sister.


    • «The Agency «Golden bullet»
    • «Streets of the broken lanterns»
    • «COP wars»
    • «Crimson colour of a snowfall»
    • «One you love»
    • «Trying Of Faith»
    • «Mosgaz»
    • «The executioner»
    • «Spider»
    • «The Jackal»


    Daniela Stojanovic in the series

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