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  • Name: Daniel White ( Daniil Belykh )
  • Date of birth: 4 December 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Irkutsk
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Daniel White: biography

    Daniel G. White was born in snowy Irkutsk in December 1979. Daniel’s mother is an actress, dad is a doctor. From early childhood, He traveled between the capital and the native Irkutsk. Also frequently visited his grandmother, in Orenburg.

    Because of the frequent journeys he changed 5 schools. Among Daniel’s Hobbies included football and tennis. And even after the eighth grade, the kid has shown an entrepreneurial streak. Ways to earn Dani were several: black marketeering, washing cars, selling Newspapers to name a few. On the obtained money bought musical instruments.

    At the Moscow school of esthetics, where I studied the last years of Daniel White, he suddenly realized that he likes the acting profession. After high school, the guy even passed the qualifying rounds in cinematography. But members of the Commission, knowing that the certificate of the boy yet, invited him to become a free listener. First, Daniel was extremely curious, however, he soon abandoned classes.

    After a year, White became a student of Theater school. Schukin. He learns from the course of St. Ivanov.

    Daniel White: movies

    In the Shchukin school Daniel disliked. He began acting in films in her sophomore year. And he often appeared in advertising and earned well. So lucky not all students. A cinematic biography of Daniel White began work in the film «Let’s get acquainted!».

    In 2000, after graduating from the Shchukin, White changed several theatres. Because of a conflict with Director Daniel left the theatre of the Russian army. But the Theatre of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan becomes for the novice actor, a real school of excellence. But the real calling White made movie. His artistry and outstanding sense of humor helped the young actor to create vivid and unforgettable images.

    Daniel White is often seen in the popular TV series. Shooting «FM and children» in which he played, went to Khanty-Mansiysk for almost a year. Had to withdraw during the night, as the place served as the office of the Director of the TV company «Yurgan». That is the time the artists began when he was over at the Director.

    In 2006, the screens out another great band «Nine lives of Nestor Makhno». The role Fedosia Susa actor played brilliantly. To work artist began thoroughly. At first he worked with a history teacher, filling the blanks about the personality of Makhno and the time of its activity. Then Daniel had to start working in the film learn horse riding. So before the actor was well-prepared. Demonstracii already after the first series it became clear that the series will be very popular.

    Pin the popularity of Daniel White has been in the picture

  • «Silver Lily», where he played Ludwig. He also starred in the popular series
  • «Matchmakers».

    In multiserial film «Doctors» Daniel played the young doctor only came into the profession after high school. The White hero always gets into funny situations, but it is masterfully emerges victorious from all the troubles and not lose spirit. To better get into the character of the doctor, White for a long time, visited hospitals, observing the work of doctors. Helped Daniel to play the role of a father who worked as a doctor for many years.

    Daniel White is always striving to make the role something of themselves, because of this he had frequent conflicts with the producers. In the TV series «Legacy» Daniel played intellectual Kostya Prokhorov. At the initiative of the artist changed his appearance beyond recognition.

    Complete freedom of action gave the actor the Director of the series «thank you For everything». Daniel limited the scope of the script. The words replica costume made it up himself Daniel White. And the film has only benefited from this.

    Parallel to and between filming seasons of serial, cinematic biography of Daniel White has added the film «the dragon Syndrome», «Sea of dreams», «Winter tango», «Mother mind», «Vangelia» and others.

    Daniel White: personal life

    On the set of the TV series «FM guys» Daniel White met with the actress

  • Slyusareva Anna (Anna Saliva). Broke novel. As soon as it happened, Daniel warned parents that soon gets them acquainted with his future wife. In 2004, the year they got married. But the family happiness did not last long. Both young men were very fiery tempers. Frequent quarrels broke up the marriage lasted four years. The couple officially divorced in 2010. In early 2013, in the tabloids there were the first reports that the personal life of Daniel White was adjusted: he had married again. His choice is getting is of presidential administration of Russia. The girl’s name is
  • Anna. The pair met when the young people have travelled to Everest. A few years Daniel and Anna met and recently got married.

    Daniel White: filmography

    • New Odeon
    • Khrustalev, the car!
    • Winter tango
    • Lily of the valley silver
    • FM and guys
    • Wedding
    • The Bourgeois’s birthday
    • Doctors
    • Dragon syndrome
    • Nine lives of Nestor Makhno
    • Inheritance
    • Matchmakers

    Daniel White: photo

    Daniel White

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