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  • Name: Daniel Vakhrushev ( Daniil Vakhrushev )
  • Date of birth: 10 April 1992.
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Kotlas, Russia
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: Not married

    Daniel Vakhrushev: biography

    Daniel Vakhrushev – the young actor of Russian cinema, known for his roles in the TV series «Teacher», «the Law of the stone jungle», «Studio 17».

    Daniel was born Vakhrushev 10 APR 1192 in Kotlas, Arkhangelsk region. From early childhood I dreamed to become a star of show business and proved themselves in writing rap lyrics. His mother supported their son’s interest in art and tried to develop abilities of the boy. Training of young Daniel took place at a local school No. 2, which was a known bully. In his company was the soul of the team and the organizer of a festive mood at any party.

    In the school years Vakhrushev graduated from the correspondence courses of the European school and thinking about career advertising Manager. But, having worked in this field, I realized that he likes to shoot and create commercials than to sell them. Despite this, the young man did not abandon its hopes for a great movie and decided to take theater courses at a local theatre, and soon entered the Moscow state University, where he studied for only three months. Young talent wanted and managed to stay in Moscow. He finally decided to make a career of the actor and entered VGIK to Sergei Solovyov course, which he successfully graduated in 2014.

    Daniel Vakhrushev: movies

    The debut of Daniel in the movie took place in the last courses of universities. Then the young guy was invited to play roles in the films «Farther from childhood» and «If I fall». After that, he starred in the popular at that time, the project «Studio 17» on TNT.

    But the dizzying success of Daniel Vahrushevo brought the series «

  • Teacher», in which the actor played a high school student Valentina Lethargic, known by nickname»
  • Moustache». Despite the fact that the audience today is very difficult to surprise, colorful characters and thought the script of «Teacher» took audiences by storm. In this project Daniel in the way Wali «Barbel» very successfully played the role of strange odinnadtsatiklassnikov has the extraordinary appearance of the pensioner and is not peculiar to today’s youth in nature. The actor noted that playing the «Teacher», he embodied the image of the Moustache is my own observations on people, not adapted to the harsh reality. In this he was helped by the life experience of survival in his native city, where according to Vakhrusheva lives mostly uninteresting young people who are trying to suppress and terrorize everyone in their path.

    After the airing of the first season of the series «Fizruk» the popularity of the young actor Daniel Vakhrusheva gained tremendous momentum, and he began to receive offers to participate in a screen test for serious projects on TNT. In March of 2015 kicked off the show «

  • The law of the stone jungle» from the very first series was loved by the audience. In the «Law of the stone jungle» actor Daniel Vakhrushev played Philip Gubin in the project scenario is a young rapper, goofy, is not accepted by society. Romantic nature home boy from a prosperous family in the image of a goofy work allows the teenager to survive among criminal street youth. But it all fails to connect with the main characters for the desire to beat the girlfriend of one of the members of the criminal group. Currently Daniel Vakhrushev involved in the filming of the series «Fizruk» third season, which in 2015 will see the viewers. The young actor said that the actor is already enough to make him tired, and he would not mind to play in a serious movie military subjects.

    In addition to working in the domestic film Vakhrushev does not forget about music. He has written a lot of reperskih texts and even created his own recording Studio «343». In the TV series «urban jungle» took an active part in the musical project.

    Daniel Vakhrushev: personal life

    About my personal life 22-year-old Daniel Vakhrusheva almost no information, but the actor himself refuses to comment on his relationship with girls. You know, the guy with anyone seriously isn’t found, and in social networks puts a lot of photos with friends, which is not even a hint of romance.

    On the set and in the circle of friends surrounding have noticed cordial relations Daniel Vakhrusheva and

  • Polina grents, his colleague on the series «stone jungle Law,» but the young actors claim that their mutual attentions are part friendly. In the life of Daniel is the complete opposite of their characters in the series. The guy has a pretty high ambitions and solid self-confidence. Actively engaged in various sports, in particular, enjoys Snowblades, skates and «aggressive» rollers.

    Daniel Vakhrushev: filmography

    Filmography of Daniel Vakhrusheva and has not for ten paintings, but almost all projects with his participation are «hits» of modern cinema.

    • «Karpov 2»
    • «Studio 17»
    • «The teacher»
    • Month
    • «Prom»
    • «The law of the stone jungle»

    Daniel Vakhrushev: photo

    Danilo Vakhrushev

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