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  • Name: Daniel Singers ( Daniil Pevtsov )
  • Date of birth: 5 June 1990.
  • Age: 22 years
  • Date of death: September 3, 2012
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Daniel Singers: biography

    Young actor Daniel Singers born in the early summer of 1990. The sun-drenched morning of his birth seemed to promise the same sincere and happy fate of a little boy. As later recalled his mother Larisa V. Blazhko to look at the most beautiful baby, ran all the nurses of the hospital.

    Indeed, child birth was very pretty, and the smile that then was often lighted up his face, aroused the sympathy of others and affection.

    Daniel Singers in childhood
    Daniel Singers in childhood

    The baby was born from an affair the then young actors, students of GITIS, Dmitry Pevtsov and his fellow student Larissa, who studied at the correspondence Department. The couple lived together for several years in a civil marriage, but soon after the birth of a baby, this Union disintegrated. As later recalled the boy’s father Dmitry Pevtsov, then he was too young and did not understand the whole essence of fatherhood.

    In 1994 Dmitry is married to actress Olga Drozdova, and Larissa with her son emigrate to Canada. This decision, my girlfriend got acquainted with her future husband, a native of North America. For some time she appeared in small roles, but then decided to change his profession and became a psychoanalyst.

    Daniel Singers with mom
    Daniel Singers with mom

    In Canada, little Daniel goes to school. He so merged with its environment that completely loses even the little skill of the Russian language, which is acquired at an early age.

    When the boy was 12 years old, his mother decided to return to Moscow and get home. In the capital, Larissa starts out pretty successfully into real estate. As Dmitry Pevtsov it has retained the understanding they meet, and boy meets real dad. Dmitry was a child without a mind, he immediately took his son. The older and younger Pavlovych began a friendly relationship.

    Daniel Singers father
    Daniel Singers father

    Very often, Dmitri took little Danny to visit his mother, Noemi S., which became famous in Soviet times as a leading sports physician. Visited Daniel with his father and various sports ice hockey, karate. But most of all loved the cheerful boy to ski. Later, his biggest hobby will be snowboarding, for which he will often travel to the slopes of winter mountains.

    In the Russian school Dani first had problems with pronunciation and communication, but soon, things got better thanks to his quick learning and charm. Immediately after his graduation, he tries to enter the theater Institute, but the first attempt does not pass the course.

    Daniel Singers on the stage of the theatre
    Daniel Singers on the stage of the theatre

    To get started in the world of theatre behind the scenes and not to lose time, Daniel goes to work as a stagehand in the theater Lenkom. Then, a year later, it still take in the Russian Academy of theatre arts, where he studied for 2 years.

    While studying at the theatre the young man decides on the transfer of VGIK in the workshop to Alexander Mikhailov, as he felt that cinema is closer to him. And he is completing his education at the Institute of cinematography in 2012. His graduate work was the role of the Cherubim in the play «Zoyka’s apartment», Nicholas in the play «finding joy» and Ivan Petrovich Ptitsyn in «the idiot» Dostoevsky.

    Daniel Singers in the theater

    After graduation, Daniel took a job as a actor in «moon Theatre». But the main dream of the young actor was Hollywood, he was thinking to go to the USA and has even held talks with some American producers.


    In student’s years the young actor begins to act in television movies. The first of these was a series of «Backstreet Champions», filmed in Odessa in 2011. The second job was a small role of Daniel in the four-part film «Pandora’s Box».

    Daniel Singers in the film
    Daniel Singers in the movie «angel heart»

    In 2012, the young Singers played the main character in the romance of Elena Nikolaeva «angel heart». As in previous films, here with his son filmed his father Dmitry. In the story, they played one character in youth and in adulthood. Their partners on the set was a promising young actress Anna Mikhailovskaya and wife of Dmitry Olga Drozdova.

    Personal life

    The artist had little contact with the press and media have almost no information about his personal life and his girlfriend. But according to some sources, it was the young native of Belarus, Yulia aresco that Daniel met once in Moscow.

    Daniel Singers
    Daniel Singers

    Lover boy persuaded his girlfriend to enter the acting Department, which she did. But after Daniel’s death, much suffering the loss, Julia went back home to Minsk. It is known that the most intimate friend of Daniel was Dmitry Gorevoy, with whom they met in Boston when Larisa’s son was there visiting. Until his death, young people have a close relationship.


    A tragic accident ending with the death of Daniel Pevtsov, occurred on the night of August 26. Daniel Singers on the eve took part in the reunion, which celebrated the fifth anniversary of graduation. The company of 15 young people went to one of Moscow restaurants. The boys were noisy and ordered a drink.

    Daniel Singers fell off the balcony
    Daniel Singers fell off the balcony

    The night after the closing of entertainment many went home, but six classmates have decided to continue the fun at the apartment of one of the girls. At dawn, out on the balcony for a chat, Daniel awkwardly hung on the railing. For a while he lost his balance and fell from the balcony of the third floor to the street. The girls that were standing with him at first did not understand what happened to him.

    Later came the realization that the happened and they called an ambulance. The young artist was taken to the Botkin hospital in a state of clinical death, with multiple injuries of head, spine and internal organs. There were two major operations that did not change the situation. The young man was in a coma for 9 days, then died.

    Daniel Singers
    Daniel Singers lately

    The cause of death was blunt-force trauma of the brain and spine fracture. Many viewers and fans thought that Daniel was a drug addict and decided to commit suicide, but it’s not. The young actor made plans and thought about the future, he was happy and successful.

    The funeral was held on 5 September 2012. On civil funeral in a ritual hall of Botkinsky hospital friends, acquaintances, colleagues began to arrive early in the morning. Among saying goodbye you could see Alexander zbrueva, Garik Sukachev, Nikita Presnyakov, Sergey Prokhanov, faculty of VGIK. All had more than 100 people. The latter became the parents of Daniel.

    The Funeral Of Daniel Pevtsov
    The Funeral Of Daniel Pevtsov

    His mother could not stand and constantly relied on Dmitri Pevtsov. The father was barely holding back tears. He loved and was proud of her son. The procession went to the funeral in the temple of the Savior on Setun. Daniel Pevtsov buried at the cemetery Troekurov. Still every day on his grave and bring fresh flowers.


    Daniel Singers

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