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  • Name: Daniel Pluzhnikov ( Danil Pluzhnikov )
  • Date of birth: January 26, 2003
  • Age: 14 years
  • Place of birth: Sochi
  • Height: 98
  • Activity: singer, winner of «the Voice. Children-3»
  • Marital status:

    Daniel Pluzhnikov : biography

    Daniel Pluzhnikov was born in Adler, the district of one of the four local areas of the city-resort of Sochi. The boy was born in a family where both parents love the music. My mom sings and plays piano, dad on drums and guitar. Not surprisingly, little Danny barely speak, I was singing karaoke all of the songs from «Bremen musicians».

    Clear and cloudless skies over the family started to be covered with clouds when Daniel was 10 months old. My mom noticed that my son had stopped growing and gaining weight. Doctors initially reassured and did not share his suspicions, but soon made a disappointing diagnosis: the boy spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia of the upper and lower extremities. This is a complex systemic disease of bones.

    But life went on. And courageous parents did everything in their power to son received from this life everything it can give. Daniel Pluzhnikov in school. However, his chosen method of home schooling: 4 lessons with teachers and another 7 on the Internet. The boy does not require any concessions and does not allow himself to relax: he was an a student.

    Dani has a lot of Hobbies. He loves to skateboard and special scooter, reminiscent of the double mini-cars. And he loves to draw and write poems. But the main love of my life Tribute is music.

    Several times a week parents taking their son to a music school, where he diligently engaged in a vocal. Not long ago, Daniel Pluzhnikov began to write instrumental music, picking up on the motif synthesizer.

    The first victory was not slow to appear. In the first year of singing lessons with a favorite teacher Victoria Brandus brought The 11 awards. Pluzhnikov regular visits to the various music competitions, some of which was spent far from his native Sochi. Now the young artist more than 20 medals 1st degree and 7 awards 2nd.

    In 2014, when the Sochi Olympic games were held, Daniel Pluzhnikov also not left behind. He was invited to meet Paralympians, and he gladly agreed.

    This small stature is just 98 inches – a great man and a good heart. The boy, with dignity and courage in carrying the burden of my own difficult life, engaged in charity. He visits Moscow cancer center, where sings and plays the synthesizer for the youngest patients.

    Daniel recognizes that these trips are given to him is not easy, because to see critically ill children and to understand that some of them can’t be rescued, very scary. But smiles and good mood of the kids give the feeling that he does good and necessary work.

    «Voice. Children»

    The decision to participate in the 3rd season of the show «the Voice. Children» was given to Daniel Plujnikova difficult. The boy had long dreamed to get on stage and along with other talented guys to prove that he sings not worse. But the fear of a huge audience, which is not limited to the audience in the hall, more restrained. But Dan went ahead and made the right decision.

    13-year-old singer took the stage with wonderful Cossack song of Oleg Gazmanov «Two eagles». Before leaving he admitted that he selected a song dedicated to his grandfather, who fought in the war. Daniel dismayed that the heroism of that heroic generation underestimated by peers, and they began to forget who gave them life.

    He performed this song so thoughtfully and without a hint of insincerity, that struck not only the audience but even the most experienced mentors. In the last minute of the song to the boy returned to Dima Bilan and gasped. Later Bilan admitted that he nearly stopped his heart when he felt an unusual, adult spirituality, which filled the music and lyrics for such a young boy.

    My sincere admiration expressed and Pelagia. She said that this song a very «talking» voice Tribute. But most importantly, in his performance of «Two eagles» sounded very grown up, thoughtful.

    The scene Danilo Pluzhnikova had suffered at the hands infinitely admire the courage and talent of the boy Dmitry Nagiyev. According to all the mentors, artist of Sochi has unlimited opportunity and undoubted talent.

    Hall escorted the singer, applauding standing. With the successful passage of stage «Blind auditions» Daniel congratulated the Fund «Our future». Pluzhnikov – the repeated participant of the projects of the Foundation. In February of this year, the young Sochi singer participated in the International festival-competition «success Factor», which took place in his hometown. Then the creative biography of Daniel Pluzhnikova achieved another victory: he became the laureate of the 1st degree.

    29 April 2016, the year Daniel Pluzhnikov was the winner of the show «the Voice. Children-3» under the guidance of a mentor project of Dima Bilan.

    Personal life

    The boy admits that he absolutely does not interfere in the everyday life of its small growth. He had long realized that I will never be like his peers, and began calmly to the reactions of others.

    All the personal life of Daniel Pluzhnikov and his biggest love is music. He loves the different songs, but always with deep meaning. In addition to the songs of Oleg Gazmanov in his repertoire there are songs of Grigory Leps and Valery Meladze.


    Danilo Pluzhnikov

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