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  • Name: Daniil Grachev ( Grachev Daniel )
  • Date of birth: 16 December 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Donetsk, Ukraine
  • Activities: Stylist, TV presenter, fashion expert
  • Marital status: Not married

    Daniel Buchanan: a biography

    Danylo Grachov – Ukrainian stylist and TV presenter, born 16 December 1983 in the Ukrainian industrial city of Donetsk. About the biography of Danila Grachev is little known publications and Internet sources. Known that guy since childhood had shown an interest in style and fashion.

    When Daniel graduated from high school, the first thing that came to study out, this is the fashion industry. In addition to Hobbies Grachev received a diploma of Ukrainian philologist. Some time a future shopper and fashion stylist stayed political volunteer, then dabbled in journalism and even worked as an English teacher in Junior high.

    In 2008, Daniel Kraus moved to Kiev and burst into the capital’s social life. First guy got TV presenter of the program

  • «Gossip», after which thoroughly studied the art of «beautiful life». In addition to working in the «fashion» industry Grachev Daniel loves to travel, to experience and practice yoga. Also stylist like tennis, but until he has mastered this sport. As a real Shopaholic, Grachev has its own principles of fashion. For example, in his opinion, girls should only wear high heels and not comfortable shoes. The man is sure that the only way a woman can show her Royal posture.

    At some point in life, the young man took on a whole other level of career development. Grachev worked as a fashion editor in a stylish glossy magazines of Kiev, in parallel getting acquainted with fashion brands in the capital. Later he was invited to become the leading and main fashion expert TV shows

  • «Goddess of shopping» on TV channel «TET». In 2014, Daniil Grachev on the same channel had a program
  • «Fashion people.» His groupies became girl, who respect his «fashionable thing». To get a photo with Daniel Grachev dreamed of each, and some even managed to make them secretly, accidentally met a guy on the streets of the capital.

    Stylist Daniel Grachev to their appearance concerns demanding. His style is a combination of fashion trends with daily. Grachev gives preference to simplicity and a certain slowness in the choice of clothing, but at the same time style, fashion and harmony.

    Daniil Grachev: a scandal in Ukraine

    In April 2015, the media started to discuss a new job Daniel. As you know, on March 30, stylist and fashion expert Grachev began working on the Russian TV channel NTV. Earlier, he was a leader on the Ukrainian TV channel TET. Working in Ukraine, Grachev on their social media pages showed aggression towards the Russian people and the authorities, being an ardent patriot of his country.

    Despite the condemnation of his countrymen, opposed to Russia, Grachev has accepted the proposal of the Russian TV channel. Now, under the morning show

  • «Coffee with milk» with Daniil Grachev Wake up thousands of Russians. Daniel himself did not understand what caused the criticism in his direction from both sides, as the Ukrainians get offended for his «betrayal», and the Russians are not ready to forget his scandalous statements. The guy almost immediately after the move, said that the two countries can not quarrel among themselves, being of the brotherly people.

    Daniil Grachev: personal life

    How about early childhood and about the personal life of Daniel Grachev known only from the words of the press. The guy does not disclose your intimate relationships and not PR new novels. The observations are not indifferent spectators to person stylist, we can conclude that he was flirting with his colleague

  • Valley. Then Daniel Grachev and Valya Gryshchenko were together in the frame of the project «Fashion people» clinging to each other sarcastic phrases. Between Grachev and valley novel is not exactly known.

    Daniel Buchanan: photos

    Danilo Grachov

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