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  • Name: Daniel Craig ( Daniel Craig Rafton )
  • Date of birth: 2 March 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Chester, UK
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married to Rachel Weisz

    Daniel Craig: the biography

    Hollywood star Daniel Craig born March 2 1968 in England. His father tried his hand at various professions – was a sailor, worked as an engineer in a steel mill, ran his own pub, the mother taught the art.

    When he was 4 years old, his parents divorced. He, his older sister Leah and mother moved to Liverpool. At the time, for the family the woman refused to work at the Academy of dramatic art, but a passion for theatre has not disappeared. After moving she plunged into the activities of the Liverpool theatre, and dragged his son.

    Childhood Daniel Craig was behind the scenes or in the audience. In those years he already knew he wanted to become an actor. Six years boy participated in school productions of plays.

    After a few years Daniel and his family moved to the Wirral – his mother married a second time. The teenager went to school without enthusiasm, but willingly read, and played in performances, engaged in Rugby.

    In 1984, national youth theatre held auditions in Manchester. 16-year-old Daniel Craig has successfully passed it and moved to London. On life in the British capital he had to make the cleaning job as a waiter.

    Craig knew that for an acting career one desire is not enough – you need specialized education. Tried three times to enter the school of dramatic art, and on the third attempt did. He studied at the prestigious school for three years, until 1991.


    His film debut took place when he studied at the school of dramatic art. The painting «Force of personality» was released in 1992: Daniel Craig played a brutal military, flouts all norms of morality. The role was a success, and was followed by offers from producers. Such works were small roles of the second plan.

    In 1998, Craig has brilliantly played the psychopath in the movie «Love and fury». In the same year there were two premieres with his participation – «Elizabeth» and «Love is the devil». For the second film, he was awarded the prestigious Edinburgh film festival in the nomination «the Best role».

    In 2000, rolling out the film «Voices». Schizophrenia, performed by Daniel Craig made critics and filmmakers to talk about the English actor. In 2001 he was invited to Hollywood.

    His path to Hollywood began with a role of Alex West «Lara Croft: tomb raider». In 2002, another work in the film «road to perdition». Step by step Daniel was closer to acting stardom.

    «Sylvia», «Endless love», «layer cake» — every year in Hollywood the film with his participation. A huge success came to him in 2005, when the actor adopted the role of the new James bond. Since that time, Daniel Craig has become a cult star wrote about it in reputable Newspapers, it was talked about in the actor’s get-together.

    A series of James bond «Casino Royale» with the new 007 has broken all records of popularity – the film became the highest grossing in the history of the series. Bond made Craig one of the most expensive actors of the Hollywood sex symbol and the face of the advertising campaigns of global brands.

    The second great project of the actor Daniel Craig – the role of the journalist in the film «the girl with the dragon tattoo.»

    Personal life

    His first love – German actress Heike Makato. He met her on the set of the drama «Obsession». The pair spent a lot of time together, appeared at social events, and soon Heike and Daniel started living together. Their civil marriage lasted 7 years, but gradually, the feelings faded.

    In 1991, Daniel Craig met with the Scottish actress Harley Loudon, and in the next year, the couple officially registered the marriage. In the same year they had a daughter Ella. The couple had lived a little over two years and I broke up: Harley daughter moved to London.

    In 2005, Daniel met Satsuki Mitchell, producer of the Thriller «the Jacket». Broke out between them a romantic feeling. In the media periodically reported on the novels of Craig with Actresses and models, but his relationship with Satsuki continued until 2010.

    With all the women Daniel Craig met on the set. A romance with Rachel Weisz, was no exception. They played spouses in the film «House of dreams». Rachel at that time was the wife of the Director, and Daniel connected relationships with producer Satsuki Mitchell. Until the end of 2010 the lovers stopped hiding from journalists, and on June 22 the following year, they exchanged rings. The ceremony was modest, to congratulate the parents came, the daughter of Craig and son Weiss.


    • «Boone»
    • «Zorro»
    • «Love is the devil»
    • «To tell all»
    • «Hunger»
    • «Layer cake»
    • «The voice»
    • «Without destiny»
    • «House of dreams»
    • «007: Spectrum»


    Daniel Craig

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