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  • Name: Dan Balan ( Dan Balan )
  • Date of birth: 6 February 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Chisinau
  • Height: 190
  • Activities: singer, composer, producer
  • Marital status: not married

    Dan Balan: biography

    Dan Balan has come a long way from an unknown Moldavian artist to the stars of world scale, collaborating with Rihanna, Jesse Dylan and many other artists. His talent could go unnoticed, because the parents of the future musician prepared him for the career of lawyer, but Dan was more resistant and went their own way.

    Future musician was born in the family of a diplomat 6 February 1979 in Chisinau. His parents were very busy people: father Mihai was actively engaged in political activities, and his mother Lyudmila has built a career on television, where he achieved considerable success. That is why This little pay for the education of the grandmother of Anastasia, who lived in a small village Trebujeni. When the boy was 3 years old, the family took him back to the city where he often went to work for his mother. Already in his childhood he became fond of music, and in four years came on the show where she first performed before an audience. When Dana was 11, the family gave him his first musical instrument — accordion. The boy also was sent to music school to have his talents and skills were able to develop in the best way.

    Father is a very responsible attitude to the education of the son, and sent him to one of the best high schools «M. Eminesku», and then — in the «Gheorghi Asache». In 1994, Michael received a promotion, becoming the Ambassador of Moldova in Israel, and together with his family moved to a new place of service. Far from home, Dan spent a year and a half, studying languages, which greatly helped him in the future.

    In 1996, Balan returned home at the insistence of his father entered the law faculty. However, he had already started dreaming about a career in music and was able to persuade parents to give him a synthesizer, if he successfully passes the entrance exam. A new tool was really powerful argument, and the future artist began to comprehend the legal discipline. But they paled against the background of his Hobbies. Dan founded his first band and devoted almost all my free time, which remained at the Institute. Finally convinced of the seriousness of his choice, the guy dropped out and devoted himself to music.

    Dan Balan: music

    His first band Dan created back in school. The team received the title «Emperor», the guys played songs in the underground style. However, this project was more experimental and the first test of strength in music.

    A more serious step for Balan became the band «Inferialis», which played heavy metal music in the style of gothic-doom», quite popular among young people. Their first concert, the musicians spent on the ruins of an abandoned factory, which gave them the necessary atmosphere. Dan called all of their friends and relatives, although worried that they will not understand his work. Part of it is right, as a mother and grandmother was horrified, but the father supported his son and gave him a new synthesizer.

    But heavy music soon tired of This, who saw himself as a musician, playing in different styles. He began to write more harmonious works in the genre «pop», for what friends accused him of pandering to the audience and transition into Commerce. On this leg Balan and the band «Inferialis» sold. The musician recorded his first solo song «De la mine» in 1998 and began to think about a new project.

    Dan Balan: «O-Zone»

    Until 1999, This formed image and the repertoire of the future of the team, called «O-Zone». In the words of Balan, it is a «ozone», which smells like the air after rain, and the «Area 0″ in mobile network Conex» means the territory of Moldova. In the initial lineup consisted of Dan, as a singer and musician, and his colleague on the project «Inferialis» Peter Zhelikhovsky that rap. Their first album, «Dar, unde eşti» was released in the same year, instantly making artists popular at home. However, Peter was not ready for such popularity, because for him music has always been a hobby, and he left the band.

    To the selection of new members Dan approached thoroughly: he organized a full-fledged casting, which brings together young men from across the country. Once his vocal coach advised Balanu to listen to her student Arseny Toderash. The musician was not only pleasantly surprised by the voice of the soloist, but also quickly found a common language with him, which positively affected its decision. The third member of the team was found quite unexpectedly. Radu Sirbu was late for the audition, but Dan decided to listen to it. So the Duo team became a trio and began his conquest of the world stage.

    In 2001, the «O-Zone» released their second album «Number 1» under the label Studio «Cat music». The first single of the album was the song «Numai tu», which fully reflect all the popular trends of Romanian pop music, but not a hit. Then Dan decided to experiment, to create a unique composition, which from the first notes to conquer the spoiled modern music audience. The band recorded the song «Despre Tine», brought the band fame and glory in Romania. It lasted for the first place of the national hit parade seventeen weeks, leaving This and his team numerous awards.

    Real world popularity of the band gave the song «Dragostea Din Tei», which aired in 2003. Composition with a simple text, sung in Romanian, instantly conquered all of the European and Asian charts, which was quite a unique phenomenon for the non-English songs. She gave This a lot of prestigious awards, as it is by the author, ensuring him popularity among famous music producers. Their follow-up album «DiscO-Zone» became platinum in many countries and has sold over three million copies.

    In 2005, Balan made the decision to pursue a solo career, and officially closed the project «O-Zone».

    Dan Balan: solo career

    In 2006, the musician went to the USA, where he recorded a solo rock album that was issued from a variety of different reasons. However, some of this material he used in his new project «Crazy Loop», which became his stage name Balan. A distinctive feature of this method was the performance of songs in falsetto, as well as unusually vivid and memorable dance tracks. The album «The Power of Shower» was quite positively received in Europe, and the artist was awarded the prize «MTV Europe Music Awards» in the category «Best Romanian Act».

    Worldwide popularity Balan opened the door for cooperation with many music stars. In particular, he wrote the song «Live your life» for Rihanna, which earned him a nomination for a Grammy award in 2009.

    In 2009, the musician re-released his previous album called «Crazy Loop mix» by getting rid of the alias in favor of his real name. The next two singles enjoyed incredible success in Russia that pushed This up to write and record his first song that he performed in a duet with the popular Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhneva. His calculations proved correct, and the composition is increased the prestige and visibility of the musician on the territory of CIS countries. Subsequently it was here that Balan has achieved considerable success, releasing several more songs in Russian.

    In 2014, he began recording a new album, the first single of which was the Russian song «Home» again confirmed its focus on the domestic market. The release of the new album which has not yet received a name yet, scheduled for 2015.

    Dan Balan: personal life

    With such a fruitful and eventful musical career have Given almost no time for relationship. In interviews he often talks about his first adolescent love, which happened to him in 16 years. His choice was a classmate, but their romance turned into a long-distance relationship, because the family Balan moved to Israel. They often corresponded and talked on the phone, meeting once or twice a year, when Dan came to chişinău for the holidays. However, on returning home the guy realized that the relationship has outlived its usefulness.

    About his current personal life, the musician is in no hurry to tell, but once admitted that in his life there were three girls with whom the musician has built a serious relationship.

    Dan Balan: discography

    • Dar, unde esti
    • Number 1
    • DiscO — Zone
    • The Power of Shower
    • Crazy Loop Mix
    • Freedom, Pt. 1

    Dan Balan: photo

    Dan Balan

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