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  • Name: Cyril Zaporozhye ( Kirill Zaporozhskiy )
  • Date of birth: 29 April 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Cyril Zaporozhye : biography

    The future of the boy born in a family where the father – Honored artist of Russia, and my mother — Honored artist and Professor of the theatre of the University, defined. Anyway, this is what happened in the family of Viktor Nikolaevich in Zaporozhye and Natalia Alekseevna Makarova. Their first son Cyril though not cherished the dream of becoming a movie star right from the cradle, but in the end, came to her conscious age.

    First, Cyril Zaporozhye wanted to fly a fighter jet or airliner. Then in your vibrant creative imagination, he painted pictures. Next – build a beautiful house that will undoubtedly become monuments. All this changed a great passion for music.

    When he was born and grew up the second son Makar Zaporozhye, the father began to take him and older for 4 years Cyril with him to the theatre. The boys not only attended the theater and a film set, observing the work of the Pope, but often went on tour with him.

    Initially the tours were for Cyril Zaporozhye and its little brother the adventure and fun pastime, but then to take really attracted to and even have started to go on stage.

    After one of the capital’s secondary schools Cyril Zaporozhye on the advice of the parents went to enroll in VTU named after Mikhail Schepkin. Here at that time was already teaching stage speech Kirill’s mother, Natalia Makarova. Cyril, whose artistic heritage has had several theatrical works, music education, and a fine baritone, easily submitted to the «Sliver.» He got on course to the famous Nikolai Afonin. And vocals Cyril Zaporozhye taught by a talented teacher Galina Filatova.

    I must say that the final choice in favor of an acting career Cyril did in my last year of theatre school. The fact that he could not decide, whom to become an actor or a singer.


    In 2006, after graduation, young Cyril Zaporozhye finally chose the craft of acting. Although music did not break off relations. During my first year of College, he became the lead singer of the popular band «FPS» that played «new metal». The team enjoyed considerable success among young people. In 2005, «FPS», even received a prestigious award in the nomination «Opening of MTV».

    But 2 years after the end of the «Chips» Cyril Zaporozhye made in the «FPS» the last time. It completely captures the scene. However, the play «Ordinary miracle,» in which he played the artist, was directly linked to both seizures Cyril: it was a musical. The audience listened with pleasure to the magic and deep baritone Zaporizhia.

    Cyril Zaporozhye will combine a career as a musician and actor. For example, a few years later he returned to the musical genre and worked on a musical play «Mamma Mia». This is his own project.

    A cinematic biography of Cyril Zaporozhye started in his student years. Like most of his colleagues, at first it was a cameo role. In the film «full Month» the novice actor got the role, though small, but next to such stars of Russian cinema as Igor Bochkin, Maria Poroshina, Vladimir Epifantsev. A young artist with a bright appearance already well-remembered by the audience.

    After «Complete» sentences with new roles, generously «showered» with Cyril. «Chas Volkova» and «Silent witness» helped the artist gain a foothold in the memory of viewers. And after the TV series «Red» and «Russian chocolate» Cyril Zaporizhia already well known to fans of domestic dramas.

    In 2012, the actor played his first major role. Viewers saw Kirill in the image of captain Bobrova in the film «Gloomy skies».

    And the TV series «angel and demon», released in 2013, made Cyril Zaporozhye rising star of the national cinema. In the role of the mysterious, handsome Dan, the young actor managed to charm not only the heroine but also the entire female audience. Since the release of the series private life of Cyril Zaporozhye becomes a subject of interest to all young girls who love to spend their free time in front of TV screens.

    Success crowned two more melodrama, released in the same year. In the film «Melody for two voices» and «beach,» Cyril Zaporozhye appeared in the lead roles.

    2014 brought the young artist to new projects, among which the most popular was the film «the View from eternity», «Beloved women Casanova» and «House with the lilies». In all these pictures, the actor has appeared in the main images.

    As wonderful picture of the «Loop» Ilya Kazankova, which was released in 2015. Here Kirill Nesterov has played. And with him in this action-Packed film starred by such movie stars as Oksana Akinshina, Valentin Smirnitsky, Irina Pegova, Sergei Gorobchenko, and many others.

    Personal life

    In 2013, fans of the series saw a thrilling mystical tape «angel or demon». In addition to Cyril Zaporozhye, played here by actress Anna Andrusenko. However, young artists have made a remarkable creative Duo. According to the scenario they had a passionate affair. Many viewers thought that in real life between the actors of a romantic relationship. But as it turned out, love was exclusively on-screen. Personal life of Cyril Zaporozhye is not associated with Anna: they are just good friends.

    The young artist has a lot of Hobbies. In addition to music (he not only sings, but plays piano and guitar), Cyril Zaporozhye lot of time on an active lifestyle and their fitness level. Running, volleyball, basketball, horse riding, swimming – that’s the favorite sports, dealt with the actor. And he reads a lot, speaks French and English, is masterful drives the car.


    • «Full month»
    • «Red»
    • «Flare»
    • «Russian chocolate»
    • «Dusty work»
    • «Cloudy sky»
    • «Angel or demon»
    • «Criminal legacy»
    • «House with lilies»
    • «The view from eternity»
    • «Loop»


    Cyril Zaporozhye

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