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  • Name: Kirill Duzevic ( Kirill Dytsevich )
  • Date of birth: 21 December 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Pinsk, Belarus
  • Height: 193
  • Activities: actor, presenter, winner of «Mr. Belarus-2014»
  • Marital status: not married

    Cyril, Duzevic: biography

    Cyril, Duzevic – a young Belarusian actor, who became famous after winning the first country in the history of the competition, «Mr. Belarus». Even more popular young man shooting in a variety of romantic TV series, especially «For love I can» and «Because I love you.»

    Cyril was born in the Brest region, in a small town with a beautiful name Birch. At school the boy showed artistic skills, participated in school plays, was always positive and soul open to everything new and interesting. After receiving the matriculation certificate, Duzevic is sent to the capital and the first attempt became a student of the Belarusian state Academy of arts.

    In 2014 in Belarus it is decided to hold the first beauty contest among men, and Cyril, Duzevic immediately filed an application to participate. For a bold young man began to bet many of the jury members are still in the qualifying stage held in Minsk sports Palace, so few people were surprised when Cyril got into the top three. The final victory was awarded by the audience by secret ballot, in which the future actor was able to defeat worthy opponents and was the first in the history of the country the title of «Mr. Belarus».

    Cyril, Duzevic sure that the experience of participation in such an event gave him quite a lot – and his first collaboration with film cameras, and an opportunity to improve aging in a stressful situation and an additional is that for a man of his profession is very important. As a prize the young man received a ticket to stay in the capital of fashion and beauty of Paris. There he went together with his mother, Nina Vladimirovna, who works in banking in his native Shores. Another bonus for him was the invitation to one of the main Belarusian TV channels ONT as the TV host of one of the most prominent summer music project «Evenings in Mir castle».


    In the film, Cyril Duzevic debuted in 2013, starring in three melodramas «Hate and love», «Long road» and «Under the sign of the moon.» With the Director of the last picture Peter Stepin the actor will continue cooperation in 2015, when will the invitation to participate in the filming of the unusual drama «Because of love», talks about how the outside world can affect even the strongest relationship.

    In addition, in the filmography of Cyril is such works as social drama «All the treasures of the world», a crime picture «the Shock of the Zodiac» and the melodrama «the Housekeeper». But the real success of the actor considered his role the Dice Gorodetsky in the romantic drama of history «for the Sake of love can do», first appeared on screens in 2015. After this painting Cyril, Duzevic received national recognition and became a very popular actor not only in his native Belarus and Russia but also in Ukraine, where the shooting took place this serial movie.

    Personal life

    In an interview Kirill Duzevic admitted that the first great feeling visited him in 15 years, but after breaking up with the girl his heart is still free for a serious relationship. In his dreams he sees the good, smart, talented and pretty girl who must know his worth. As you can see, his future wife are not in the first place.

    According to information from social networking during the melodrama «for the Sake of love I can» Kirill met with his partner in the film Christina Kazinskoe, but probably it’s only a dream of fans, and not true romance actors.


    • 2013 — Hate and love
    • 2013 — the Long road
    • 2013 — Under the sign of the moon
    • 2014 — All the treasures of the world
    • 2015 — the daughter of the father
    • 2015 — For the love I can
    • 2015 — Housekeeper
    • 2015 — The Shock Of The Zodiac
    • 2015 — Because I love


    Kirilo, Duzevic

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