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  • Name: Cyril Babaev ( Kirill Babiev )
  • Date of birth: 29 September 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Birth place: Azov, Rostov oblast
  • Activity: guitarist, singer, participant of show «the Voice»
  • Marital status: married

    Cyril Babaev: biography

    Cyril Babaev – Russian musician, guitarist of «the inside of the bathroom was». In 2016 he as a singer participated in the fifth season of the talent show «the Voice» on channel one. He was born on 29 September 1989 in the Rostov region. The childhood and youth of the future musician were held in the city of Azov. Family Babaevich several times changed their place of residence so he had to live in almost all areas of the town.

    Kyrylo Babies
    Photo by Kirill Babiev | VK

    Biography of Cyril Babaeva began when he was about 10 years old. It was then that the boy first picked up the guitar and began to learn to play it. In a more Mature age he managed externally 1.5 years to finish musical school, classic guitar. In addition, Kirill has got education on a speciality «Management» in the Azov Institute of technology, which is a College at don state technical University.

    Kyrylo Babies
    Photo by Kirill Babiev | VK

    Later guy moved to the suburbs, where he works in the Moscow regional arts College located in Khimki. And they took him to the Department of Variety singing», but after a year and a half the guy was expelled, according to his confession, for bad behavior: Cyril Babaev quarrel with the commandant of the hostel. After some time he returned to MOKI already on the faculty of guitar craftsmanship and finished it.

    Now the biography of Cyril Babaeva directly connected with musical creativity. He has worked with many ensembles and performers, including such as singer Bianca and the winner of the contest «New wave» Andrei Grizzly. And with the rock group «the inside of the bathroom was» the guy realizes his own ambitions: touring the country, recording songs and albums, performing on many stages. Interestingly, invited him in «inside of the bathroom was» like electrocatalyst, then Babies began to connect the voice on the backing vocals, and when the lead vocalist left the band, took his place. By the way, Cyril is also a professional teachers for guitar, he taught at the art school «Music Wave», and for the online project «Show Monica» have guitar covers, tutorials and songs video tutorials.

    TV show

    For a long time Cyril Babaev voice in his work is not used, as in played on the guitar. Although the vocals for it remained one of the main hobby. However, don’t pop, and even classic rock: musician strives to improve singing styles such as growl, scream, pig voice. And that’s how the singer Cyril Babaev decided to take part in the popular talent show. The «Voice» Cyril Babaev went in the fourth season, but then didn’t pass the auditions.

    But in 2016 the young man was able to show itself in all its glory on the stage of the «Blind auditions». He was surprised the jury not only with the difficult choice of the song «Numb» from the repertoire of the iconic alternative band «Linkin Park», but also a bold use of the reception of the splitting bond. Before Cyril returned from two of the judges Filipp Kirkorov and Dima Bilan. Babies made a choice in favor of a more Mature mentor.

    In the next round «Matches» Kirill Babiev competed in duet with my partner at the command of Grigory Leps. Cyril Babaev and Marina Makanza together sang lyrics Adam Lambert «Whataya Want From Me», and in the end, mentor decided to continue the cooperation with the Rostov musician, as Cyril is right in the course of performing skillfully corrected all their deficiencies.

    Personal life

    After the guitarist of «the inside of the bathroom was» appeared in the TV show, in the army of his young fans, he added another few thousand fans. In all social networks girls recognized rostovchanin in love and dreaming of a date with him. But in fact, the personal life of Cyril Babyeva has long been constituted, he is happily married, his wife’s name is Catherine Zagoruiko and you can call them the perfect couple. After the wedding, the wife of Cyril Babaeva took her husband’s name.

    Cyril Babaev wife
    With his wife Catherine Babaevoy | VK

    One of the hobby musician, besides singing, which can develop into a serious professional activity, combat sports, especially Boxing. It is worth mentioning stands out Cyril hairstyle: dreadlocks guitarist is already more than eight years, and regularly cuts them and ask if they looked properly.


    • 2012 — People-ships
    • 2015 — Balance
    • 2016 — Requiem


    Kyrylo Babies

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