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  • Name: Cornelia Mango ( Korneliya Donato Mango )
  • Date of birth: 24 April 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Astrakhan
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Cornelia Mango : a biography

    In domestic show business broke Cornelia Mango not too long ago. Bright and anyone different so that I did not notice them is simply impossible. Girl sings, dances, draws, starring in many popular projects. She can like it or not, but remain in the shadow of the Cornelia just will not work.

    Korneliya Donato Mango – this is the full name of this exotic beauty was born in Astrakhan in April 1986. It was the fruit of passionate love Nogay women by nationality, the nurses dilara Bekbulatova and student from Lisbon, the Guinean with Spanish blood Donato Mango. A girl, born as Donato studied in the penultimate year of high school.

    When the diploma was obtained, a young professional was forced to return home where it was waited by parents. He called Delaru, but could not leave their families and familiar environment. It has long been doubts – to go or not. Donato called and asked to take her daughter, which she missed a lot and come to him. Made several calls. And then, apparently tired of waiting, married at home, giving birth to two children. But about Cornelia’s father is also remembered. When the girl grew up, they called up and corresponded.

    Cornelia Mango, in addition to half-brothers and sisters through the father, has a half-brother of Nariman Bekbulatova HT. After graduation, he went to Moscow and entered VGIK, directing Department choosing. Nariman writes screenplays and dreams of becoming a famous Director.

    As for Cornelia, the many talents she possessed since early childhood. But managed to open up immediately. Young girl was very quiet and even introverted kid. She saw that much different from their classmates and friends. Dark skin and unusual for the residents of Astrakhan features first forced Cornelia Mango complexes. She even came up with the idea that it took in a family from the orphanage.

    Lonely black girl with African features, very short hair, always wears wide «remercie» pants and long men’s shirts – Cornelia shunned peers and with anybody did not make up a friendship. She loved solitude, and drew pictures. And even listened to your favorite rap.

    «Burst» girl 15. So she told Cornelia Mango in an interview. She immediately rejected the old stiffness, and with it the «grey» boyish shell. Bright dresses, feminine and given to understand belonging to the floor, makeup and long hair are now the norm. All this only increased after the daughter visited my father in Lisbon. Then she turned 18.

    Cornelia Mango for two weeks felt like a real Queen. Her plump dark-skinned mulatto, African guys watched the Queen, with enthusiasm and attention. For the first time on the girl’s head appeared pigtails. She enjoyed listening to African music and wore clothes «Canary» color. Cornelia admits that the first time he felt in their environment at home. To look at it gathered numerous relatives. She basked in their love and attention. Brother and sister have developed a great relationship. She wanted to stay in Portugal forever, but the house of Cornelius was waiting for mom and brother. And unfinished education at the art College.

    After returning home, the girl began to miss the country where she was so cool. But then an event occurred that changed the life of Cornelia Donato Mango upside-down. She auditioned on the show «star Factory».

    TV show

    After graduating from art school Cornelia Mango went to Moscow. She wanted to look at the life of the capital close. Moscow is so captivated her that she decided to stay here. But no job, no money from astrahani was not. Of course, that didn’t stop her. The desire to live in this city pushed Cornelia into action. With a casual acquaintance Mango went to one of the Nightclubs of the capital. Her incredible flexibility at a very «appetizing» forms captivated the audience. And riveted the attention of the art Manager.

    Cornelli offered to take a casting of dancers. At the casting, in addition to dance, she showed another of his talent and vocal. She was immediately offered a residency at the club. The problem with money and housing was solved.

    Soon mom called and said that in Moscow began casting for the popular show «star Factory». First Cornelia ignored this information, but then I remembered and thought, «why not!».

    So she got on the project. It is noteworthy that talented and confident mulatto never doubted their abilities. She knew that would be the casting. She succeeded, despite the ignorance of the song «VIA gra», which Cornelia and 7 candidates invited to sing along. Astrakhan star, not knowing the words, simply «blocked» the voice voice in the jazz style of all the others. Improvisation resourceful candidates like the Commission. Mango was what happened with the other girls who knew the words.

    Career and biography of Cornelia Mango went up sharply after participation in «Factory of stars». By the way, she managed to reach the final of the show though and didn’t take prize-winning places. However, her lovely jazz vocals and the ability to move did not go unnoticed.

    In the next year after the first project, the singer and dancer hit on the second, which was popular not less than «Factory». Mango appeared in «Last hero». In 2009, she took part in the «Great race» on «the First channel».

    2010 was marked for Cornelia’s participation in two television shows – «Cruel intentions» and «dandies-show». And in 2011 she won the audience and judges on «Dancing with the stars.»

    Now Cornelia Mango continues to build his career. She sings in the style of «soul» and «R’n’b». Has released several of his own video for the song «fall Asleep», «Two halves», «Flew», «Forbidden love» and others. Cornelia teaches step aerobics, and in his spare time he paints and arranges exhibitions in his native Astrakhan, Moscow and Lisbon. And loves movies, skiing and Windsurfing.

    Personal life

    For a long time in Cornelia Mango was having an affair with Vijay Ivan Blackmann Mr Traore. The pair met on «the Eurovision-2009». After six months they began to live under the same roof. But the close proximity of two similar and strong personalities over the break. John and Cornelia had decided to disperse, but the relationship is not severed at once. For a while they lasted, but apparently dried up.

    Personal life Cornelia Mango Shine with new colors after a meeting with 20-year-old beatboxer Bogdan Durden. They met on the show «I can!» in which participated both. And never parted. The difference in 8 years does not affect the development of their vivid novel.

    Last summer, Bogdan Dyurd lucky beloved home in the Crimea and has acquainted with parents. There he made his beloved proposal. It happened in a very romantic place at Cape Tarkhankut, near the famous Cup of love – a natural pool that has the shape of a heart. The girl accepted the offer. The wedding, the young people decided to play in the summer of 2016.


    Cornelia Mango

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