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  • Name: Constantine Constantine ( Konstantin Konstantinovskiy )
  • Date of birth: 30 June 1920.
  • Age: 49 years
  • Date of death: 17 Jun 1970
  • Place of birth: Poltava
  • Activity: Soviet military leader, the trainer of predators, circus artist
  • Marital status: was married to Margarita Nazarova

    Constantine Constantine : biography

    About this man who has lived an amazing, challenging and wonderful life, legends. Many circumstances of his life remain shrouded in mystery. But what on the surface, it is enough to write an exciting novel or staging the action-adventure film. However, recent contemporaries have been carried out: a feature film about the amazing destiny of a legendary trainer Constantine Constantine Alexandrovich and his wife Margarita Nazarova has already been removed. 16-series painting by Konstantin Maximov «Margarita Nazarova» will be released in 2016. The main characters played Andrey Chernyshov, Olga Pogodina.

    It is not known exactly where and when Constantine was born Constantine. According to some reports, in the spring of 1920 the people’s militia the village Konstantinovskaya defused a dangerous gang of street children. Teenagers have committed various crimes, including serious. Children handed over to the Cheka. Among them was 8-year-old boy Kostya.

    I wonder what their year of birth Konstantin Aleksandrovich determined the time when he was taken in the Poltava colony, where he rehabilitated juvenile offenders. The name of the boy probably gave the location of the village, where he was caught. So, on June 30, 1920, there appeared to Constantine Constantine. Soon the colony was renamed Terugkomen OGPU named after Maxim Gorky.

    After 8 years of Constantine Constantine was appointed to the Board of drugcompany, and even were selected asset for the legendary pedagogue Anton Makarenko. About the Constantine, and like him, was later written novel «Pedagogical poem».

    In 1933, Constantine, Constantine received his education: he graduated from the livestock technical school in Kharkov and one of the best graduates were sent to the courses of the OGPU. Soon he was in charge of the case for ease farm livestock as the senior Commissioner of the NKVD.

    Military career

    In 1938 Constantine Constantine was sent to serve in far Eastern border district. He led a dog training service.

    Very soon, Constantine had the opportunity to demonstrate their valor and bravery. During military operations at lake Khasan and Khalkhin Gol Lieutenant received the first award – the order of the red star.

    In 1940, captain Constantine Constantine entrusted the cynological service of the Western border district. It chitarele «pupils» excelled in the elimination of fortifications and armored vehicles of the Finns, and well-trained dogs-the nurses saved the lives of many wounded soldiers.

    When the Great Patriotic war, Constantine Constantine continued to serve in the special forces, engaged in training dogs kamikaze. The animals were trained to approach the moving German tanks to go under them. But the Germans quickly realized the secret: dogs have been trained to react to the roar of the engines. Therefore, the appearance of animals motors are jammed. The dog was returning to the Soviet trenches, where it exploded.

    This was the reason why Constantine Constantine was in the penal battalion. But there he did not stay long: for courage, he was returned to the regular part.

    At the end of the war the NKVD major Konstantin Aleksandrovich Constantine continued to serve. In 1948, he again distinguished: developed the technique of attracting stray dogs to the place the possible deployment of Bandera. The animals were gathered outside the shelters where he felt the presence of people and thus unmasked them. Constantine gave a second order – this time of the red banner.

    The trainer

    After demobilization Constantine Constantine continued to do what he did best: training. But not dogs, and large and dangerous predators.

    With his future wife, Konstantin Aleksandrovich met in the circus where she worked. Margarita Nazarova was younger Constantine for 6 years. She immediately liked the handsome soldier, courageous and as brave as she is. Girl every day ran into the room where her lover used to train predators. And although Constantine forbade the fragile girl even come close to the cells, she went and fed the animals in his absence. And also wanted to work with them on stage.

    A year Nazarova and Constantine were married. And in the autumn of 1953 the film Studio «Mosfilm» began shooting adventure film «Dangerous path». Trainer appointed Constantine Constantine. Time released quite a bit – 6 months. It is critically low, to tame a ferocious tiger. But Constantine did. Nazarov was invited to be the understudy of the actress in the picture. Then there was a second film called «Today — a new attraction».

    The popularity and the gold medal came to spouses in 1957. In Moscow at the 4th world festival of youth trainer and his wife presented his unique program «Water extravaganza». Nothing like viewers have not seen.

    But the real all-Union glory descended on Constantine Constantine and his wife in 1961. Then the screens came the legendary picture of Vladimir Patina «Striped flight».

    The main role in the film was played by Margarita Nazarova, but the training of animals involved a famous trainer. After the release of this eccentric Comedy actress and the trainer woke up famous.


    Biography Constantine, Constantine received the tragic end. During training he was injured by a tigress named Julia. The animal swiped a paw handler, damaging claws head. Inflammation of the brain. Constantine agreed to the risky operation. According to some reports, she was unsuccessful. Konstantin Aleksandrovich lived another few days, but on July 17, 1970 he was gone.

    Buried the famous lion tamer in Moscow.

    Personal life

    The relationship of Constantine and his lovely Muse Margarita Nazarova has acquired a lot of rumors and gossip. Ill-wishers and envious persons told different stories about the infidelity of his beautiful wife and her many novels. Talking about eats the trainer of jealousy and scandals which have erupted between the spouses on the future rapid reconciliation.

    But the personal life of Constantine Constantine, however, was associated only with her Margarita Nazarova.

    After his tragic death, the actress, for years basked in the glory and adoration of the audience, very quickly went into the shadows. Pain and many injuries caused mental illness Nazarova. At the end of her life, she completely withdrew into himself, became a recluse and ceased to recognize even his own son.

    When Nazarov died, she was found in an abandoned house, where lay scattered photographs and letters of her husband. We can say that Nazarov died in that moment, when gone from the life of Constantine Constantine.

    The couple left a son Alex, who emigrated to France and followed in the footsteps of famous parents. He has two children. Grandchildren of Constantine and Nazarova are named after Konstantin and Margarita and also do training.


    Konstantin Konstantinovskiy

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