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  • Name: Condoleezza Rice ( Condoleezza Rice )
  • Date of birth: 14 November 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: politician, 66th United States Secretary of State
  • Marital status: not married

    Condoleezza rice: a biography

    Condoleezza rice — national security Advisor, the Secretary of state under the presidency of George Bush (Junior).

    Born Condoleezza rice Nov 14, 1954 in Birmingham in the family of a Protestant preacher. Her mother was a music teacher.

    Extraordinary ability girls appeared quite early: at the age of five she could read and owned a musical notation. So the parents sent their gifted children to engage in school without waiting for the deadline.

    Condoleezza rice childhood
    Condoleezza rice childhood | NPR

    Childhood Condoleezza occurred in the era of segregation in the United States, so she had faced racial injustice. According to the memoirs of Condoleezza, it is not passed in the cultural institutions of his native city, was given poor quality food in restaurants, not allowed to use the communal changing rooms when buying clothes.

    Condoleezza rice mom
    Condoleezza rice mom | Pousadaluadecristal

    At the age of eight, she experienced a terrible shock: her best friend died from a bomb explosion in a Church with a black congregation. Condoleezza raised by a father with a spirit of rejection of illegal humiliation, different, independent and proud character. Free time she spent at home without visiting the city for «colored».

    In 1967, she and her parents moved to Denver, where dad was offered the position of associate Dean at city University.


    The girl played beautifully on the piano, so at first she dreamed of becoming a concert pianist. In 1969 rice was a student at Denver University, piano. However, at age 17, she changed her mind after the conclusion of the teacher that it can never become a good performer.

    Condoleezza rice at the piano
    Condoleezza rice at the piano | Politic 365

    During this period she took courses in international relations, taught by Joseph Korbel, father of Madeleine Albright. Later she calls him one of the main mentors in my life. Condoleezza decided to connect the life with the policy.

    The main credit for the purchase of steel character Condoleezza is right to give her father and his attitude to racial problems. He taught his daughter that black Americans should rely only on individual efforts, strength of will and power.

    Condoleezza rice family
    Condoleezza rice with the family | University of Denver

    In 1974, rice graduated from the University of Denver with a bachelor’s degree in political science. In 1975 she was awarded the title of master at Notre-Dame University.

    In 1981, 26-year-old rice has defended his doctoral thesis on the specialty is the Sovietologist. Was researching the armed forces of the USSR, and European security problems. In the late 70s interned at MSU. Fluent in Russian and also speaks Spanish and French.

    Scientific activities

    Since 1981, the rice takes a number of senior positions at Stanford University in California: from associate Professor to Professor of political science. Over the years of teaching earned reputation of a strict, but strict teacher, was recognized by students.

    Condoleezza rice young
    Condoleezza rice youth | Business insider

    1993-2000. holds the position of University Finance. In this position she managed in two years to eliminate 20 million deficit budget of the Institute.

    Condoleezza rice — first female African-American and youngest Provost in the whole long history of the University.

    Political career

    • 1981-1985 member of the Council on foreign relations.
    • 1989-1991 – Director of Department for Affairs of the USSR and Eastern Europe national security Council. Her significant role in the political strategy of the USA in the process of German reunification.
    • In 1991 resumes training at Stanford University.
    • 1999 — foreign policy adviser to George. Bush election campaign from the Republicans.
    • 2001-2005 — the national security Adviser.
    Condoleezza Rice
    Condoleezza Rice | International Business Times

    Political career Condoleezza rice during these years was marred by unprecedented terrorist attack in new York on 11 September 2001 Notwithstanding prior consultation with the DCI on the preparation of terrorist attacks of al-Qaeda, tragic events can’t be prevented.

    In 2004, during the investigation, the national Commission ordered the rice to give an explanation under oath, despite her refusal. She unwittingly obeyed, signed the decree of the President Dzh. Bush and answered all asked questions by the Commission.

    Condoleezza Rice
    Condoleezza Rice | Explorer

    In his post, rice has an active policy of the military conflict in Iraq, justifying his presence at Saddam Hussein of nuclear weapons and cooperation with «al-Qaeda».

    U.S. Secretary of state

    In 2005, Condoleezza rice was appointed the 66th Secretary of state of the United States. It was voted 85 senators vs 13. The number of opponents of the election to the presidency was the biggest since 1825, which is associated with the statements of the senators about her fault in the failure of military action in Iraq.

    Condoleezza rice and George Bush Jr.
    Condoleezza rice and George Bush-Junior | Explorer

    Upon taking office, rice began to carry out big reforms of American diplomacy. A significant initiative for restructuring U.S. policy is called «Transformed diplomacy». Her priorities were:

    • migration diplomats to developing countries and «hot spots»;
    • the fight against terrorism, illegal drug trafficking;
    • the reorientation of relations with other States on the reduction of subsidies by the American side.

    Their compatriots she received a respectful nickname of «Madame Secretary». Huge popularity is due to the fascination with African-American who managed to rise to such high office.

    Condoleezza Rice
    Condoleezza rice | LPGA

    Many Americans admired her independence and determination, self-mastery and absolute femininity. This is confirmed by the poll of the magazine «Esquire», which showed that her popularity exceeds these idols like Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts.

    In Russia rice criticized the slow processes of democratization, centralization of presidential power in the absence of independent legislative institutions, the manipulation of gas prices and position in the South Ossetian conflict. At the same time it noted the fruitful cooperation between America and Russia in combating terrorism.

    Condoleezza rice and Vladimir Putin
    Condoleezza rice and Vladimir Putin]

    Special excitement caused her to block Russia’s resolution on Iran in the UN security Council. Sergei Lavrov, who held the post of Minister of foreign Affairs, assured rice that obstacles will not arise.

    Several times visited Russia, personally meeting with the President of St. Putin.

    Condoleezza rice is credited the proverbial expression «Siberia». In it, she allegedly declared that such a huge area can not belong to only one Russia. However, current research of political scientists have not found a single verified source for this information.

    Hurricane Katrina | Politico

    One of the few errors that were made by Condoleezza in his public activities, has become such a fact. Reporters found it occupied by buy new shoes during the deadly hurricane Katrina, which claimed the lives of thousands of African Americans from New Orleans.

    Radical criticized the policies of Condoleezza rice against Russia and Iraq, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. He told her to leave his political career, as well as to do psychoanalysis.

    After the expiry of Secretary of state Condoleezza rice returned to Stanford University where is now Professor of political science.

    Condoleezza Rice
    Condoleezza rice now | Kommersant

    Condoleezza rice is not gone from the political scene, continuing to influence the opinions of Americans today. So, during the presidential campaign of Donald trump. she urged him to withdraw his candidacy. The announcement was made by Facebook on the background of the scandal with obscene remarks of a candidate.

    Personal life

    Condoleezza rice wasn’t married and has no children. Favorite Hobbies — music, reading books, playing sports (tennis, Jogging, fitness).

    Both before and after retirement, she leaves music and often performs at concerts together with professional musicians and groups.

    Interesting facts

    • Its unusual name Condoleezza has received from the Italian «Con dolcezza» which means «gentle» performance in music.
    • In 2004 and 2005, Forbes magazine recognized the rice the most powerful woman in the world.
    • Condoleezza rice is not a relative of Susan rice, the 24th Adviser to the national security of the United States.
    • Introducing Mikhail Gorbachev, Condoleezza rice, George Bush said that all his knowledge about the Soviet Union, he received from her.


    Condoleezza Rice

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