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  • Name: Conchita Wurst ( Thomas Neuwirth )
  • Date of birth: 6 November 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Gmunden, Austria
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: Austrian pop singer
  • Marriage: a Formal marriage with dancer Jacques Patriacom

    Conchita Wurst: biography

    In our crazy age of a woman with a beard is not so easy to shock the audience. An ordinary woman with a false beard. But Conchita Wurst was a success. She is probably one of the most extraordinary of Austria, and the world, pop stars. This flamboyant drag Queen, managed to show the world that the identity should not be wrapped and obey the notorious public opinion.

    Conchita Wurst is the stage name of an Austrian pop singer, real name notorious pop diva is Thomas Neuwirth. Thomas was born on 6 November 1988 in the resort town of Gmunden, on the South-East of Austria. His childhood, the future singer has spent in respectable Styria, where he graduated from high school.

    Conchita Wurst
    Photos of the singer | woman’s day

    His penchant for dressing up as a woman and non-traditional tastes, Thomas realized in early adolescence. Even then he more associated himself with a woman than with a man, showed no interest in the opposite sex and did not hide this in front of their peers. For which he paid. Because the Puritan society is always prejudiced against such as Neuwirth, the guy had a very hard time. Thomas is constantly heard in the address of ridicule and endured bullying.

    Even then, he realized that he should devote his life to the struggle for the right of every person to self-determination and equal rights for homosexual people. Despite the fact that Austria was one of the first countries to recognize gay and lesbian specific social group of tolerance to the LGBT community are often not accounted for. Moreover, both then and now according to the Austrian law on the legal marriage can only between a man and a woman. Although same sex partners have certain rights, they still did not have equal rights with heterosexual families.

    Thomas Neuwirth
    Thomas Neuwirth | LiveJournal

    But a fateful star Thomas shone brightly not only because of the recognition of homosexual and sex change. In 2006, even without makeup, he took part in the third season of the famous casting show «Starmania», where young artists got a chance to prove themselves. Neuwirth was able to take second place, losing the championship only Nadine bailer.

    Thomas Neuwirth on stage
    On stage |

    This success in competition was the starting point for Tom to get on the big stage. That is Why then stated publicly that is gay. Next year the guy formed his own pop-rock band «Jetzt anders!», which fell apart almost immediately after his appearance. However, this failure did not break the young musician, and he continued his pursuit of success, which entered Grachevsky school for fashion and graduated in 2011.

    Thomas Neuwirth or Conchita Wurst?

    Remarkably, his stage image, which became a drag Queen Conchita Wurst, Neuwirth created a separate biography is very different from his own. Everything is different. Except that the age and height remained unchanged. Before and after the operation, Thomas-Conchita defends the rights of people like myself.

    According to stories, Conchita Wurst was born in the Colombian mountains, not far from Bogota, and was only later moved to Germany, where he spent his childhood. The name she got in honor of her grandmother that her father’s name is Alfredo Knak von Wurst. The word «Wurst» in German means «sausage» but because journalists often mockingly styled singer «hairy sausage», but Conchita is the very little touches.

    Conchita Wurst
    Photo artist |

    According to Neuwirth, between his stage persona and his own, makes a clear distinction: they have a completely different life and destiny, but these people work together and defend their own ideals.

    For the first time Thomas Neuwirth appeared before the public as Conchita Wurst in 2011 when she filed an application to participate in the show, Die grosse Chance, given broadcaster ORF. It is the part in the casting show has brought Her enormous popularity, and a transvestite could become a highly visible figure in the country.

    Conchita Wurst on stage
    On stage | KP

    After that Wurst took part in a show called «the hardest job in Austria», in which she had to work at the fish factory, and tried to survive together with the other candidates in the deserts of Namibia to the show «Wild girls».


    In order to listen to the opinion of Thomas, he decided to hold a Conchita Wurst at Eurovision’s most famous European music contest. According to Wurst, it doesn’t matter how person looks like, what his sexual orientation is and where he came from, because the most important is what his soul and what’s inside.

    Conchita Wurst at
    At «Eurovision-2014» | Yahoo

    Conchita took part in the national selection for «Eurovision-2012», but then the ticket for the competition went to another contractor. In 2013, the company ORF, to exercise its authoritarian right, bypassing the audience vote declared that the «Eurovision-2014» will make it Wurst.

    This decision caused a huge outcry among viewers, more than 30 thousand citizens spoke negatively about this decision in social networks. However, the company remained unconvinced. Conchita Wurst at «Eurovision – 2014» has acted with the melodious song «Rise Like a Phoenix».

    May 10 in Copenhagen hosted the final of «Eurovision-2014». Many spectators watched the performances of bright Conchita — «the bearded singer» from Austria, which has become a real phenomenon of «Eurovision». In the end, more and more countries voted for it.

    Wurst was extremely sentimental «lady». Every 12 points to Conchita met with tears. The main struggle at the last minute ensued between Austria and a country Duo from the Netherlands. The country overtook and broke away from each other, but in the end the flamboyant Conchita Wurst was stronger. Winning a prestigious contest, Conchita Wurst has written in his biography is true, the event won for Austria the right to take the next contest.

    Conchita Wurst with a figurine
    With a figurine of Eurovision | Continent

    In 2015 after a stunning victory in evroshou icon of outrageousness recorded the debut album «conchita’s», in which she included the song Heroes (Heroes) – a dedication to his fans. So the singer expressed gratitude for the invaluable support, thanks to which she won the «Eurovision».

    Conchita Wurst said that the negative public reaction was finished. She has repeatedly faced with a negative opinion about myself and realized that people who had some prejudice against her personality, subsequently from them refused.

    The image of a bearded woman repulses and surprises people, while always causing the interest in the outrageous «lady.» And to us it is difficult to imagine this sexy brunette without a beard.

    Personal life

    The personal life of the singer — not a mystery. After the open recognition of Neuvirth, he’s gay, public views had the opportunity to watch him.

    Conchita Wurst and Jacques Patrick
    With Jacques Patriacom | TVdrama

    In 2011, Wurst said that not only meets burlesque dancer Jacques Patriacom, but living with him in wedlock for four years. This statement was checked and confirmed by several quite famous people.

    Conchita Wurst and Jacques Patrick
    Conchita Wurst and Jacques Patrick | today

    Neither Conchita, nor her husband are not afraid of the media, periodically opening to the public the veil of his personal life in the media. The network is flooded photo woman-bearded man and his equally extravagant men.


    Conchita Wurst

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