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  • Name: Colin Firth ( Colin Andrew Firth )
  • Date of birth: 10 September 1960
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Grayshott, Hampshire, UK
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Colin Firth: the biography

    Colin Firth was born in the English village of Grayshott, which is in Hampshire County. His mother Shirley Jane Rolls lecturing comparative religion at Winchester College king Alfred. Father, David Norman Lewis Firth in the same College he taught history and was taught to the officers of the Nigerian government, so some time the family lived in Nigeria.

    Colin was the firstborn of David and Shirley. Also he has a sister Kate, who subsequently became a teacher of vocal and acting, and younger brother Jonathan, who follow in the footsteps of his Knees and will also become an actor.

    When Colin was 11 years old, the family moved to the United States, in the city of St. Louis. There’s a boy went to school and began attending music school guitar class. Later he replaced the instrument tenor pipe. After 2 years the family returned to England, and Colin began to attend high school Montgomery of Alamein. But here the boy was faced with ridicule and attacks because of its intellectual origin. In order to fit into the circle of peers, the Knee takes on the local accent, use slang of the working class and throws the study. At the age of 14 he was already sure would be an actor, so science did not interest him.

    After high school Colin Firth was in College Barton Peveril, and after he went to the capital and became engaged at the National theatre and the London drama centre. As a stage actor he toured the country, playing character roles in classic plays. In one of them the young actor screenwriter Julian Mitchell and recommended Firth Directors and producers.


    The on-screen debut for Colin Firth was the film «Another country» where he got one of the main roles Tommy Judd, a descendant of a privileged society. Following this picture in 1984 out of the television based on the novel by Dumas «the lady of the camellias», where the actor gets the main male role of Armand Duval.

    Colin Firth, which the Grand played a dramatic role, looked great in the film adaptations of well-known and even classic novels. Therefore, these movies were exactly the same plan. In 1987, overlook romance «a month in the country» based on the novel by Joseph Lloyd Carr and the television adaptation of the famous children’s book «the secret garden» Frances Eliza Burnett. In 1989, based on English classics Choderlos de Laclos «Dangerous liaisons» filmed drama «Valmont» with Firth in the lead role of Viscount de Valmont. And in 1995, the popularity of the actor has increased manifold after the shooting of the serial film «Pride and prejudice» the novel by Jane Austen.

    But Colin tried to participate in the movies on original scripts. Of these works of the early period it is worth noting the psychological film «Wings of fame» to stay in that light, the drama-Thriller «Femme fatale», a historical film «the Hour of the pig» and crime Thriller «the Puppeteer».

    After the success of the TV series «Pride and prejudice» Firth starred in two okolonauchnyh films: the English patient he has a secondary role of Geoffrey Clifton, but in the tragicomedy «Shakespeare in Love» actor takes a major role and gets rewarded with a screen actors Guild Award nomination the United States.

    In 2003, the screen comes the film adaptation of the famous novel by Tracy Chevalier «Girl with a pearl earring,» in which Colin Firth again have a key role. But even earlier, in 2001 Colin Firth received the award European Film Awards best actor for the role of Mark Darcy in the romantic Comedy drama «the Diary of Bridget Jones». The success of the film was so great that after 3 years, the sequel «Bridget Jones: the edge of reason».

    The popularity of Colin Firth is gaining momentum that allowed him to be really interesting options. In 2009, he accepted the offer of Director Oliver Parker and starred in the drama «Dorian gray» based on the famous novel by Oscar Wilde. In the same year he published psychological drama «a single man», for which Firth was awarded the «Volpi Cup» at the Venice film festival and prize of the British Academy of film and television arts.

    But the real furor of the actor is expected next year after the release of the tragicomedy «the King speaks!» in which Colin Firth plays stammering king George VI. For this work the actor was awarded the European film Academy award, the award screen actors Guild USA, award, British independent film award British Academy of film and television arts, as well as two major awards, a Golden globe and a coveted statuette «Oscar». All the awards went to the Firth as the best actor for the main male role.

    In 2014, with Nicole Kidman playing a real psychological drama in the film «Before I sleep», filmed on the novel si. Jay Watson.

    Latest released at the moment, the film is Colin Firth spy Thriller «Kingsman: the Secret service».

    Personal life

    In the film «Valmont» Colin Firth meets with actress Meg Tilly, who for the sake of him away from her husband. They lived in a civil marriage for about 5 years. From Firth, Meg Tilly is the son of William Joseph Firth, with whom the actor maintains a very cordial relationship even after the break with his mother.

    After starring in the TV series «Pride and prejudice» Colin about a year met with the partner on the set of Jennifer El.

    After some time he became acquainted with Italian Libya Goodgolly, who was the Director and producer. In 1997 Colin and Livia held a wedding ceremony. In this marriage the couple have two sons, Matteo and Luca. The family lives alternately in Italy, then in England.

    Colin and Livia together opened a luxury store for environmental products ECO-AGE in London.

    Selected filmography

    • 1989 — Valmont
    • 1995 — Pride and prejudice
    • 1996 — the English patient
    • 1998 — Shakespeare In Love
    • 2001 — Bridget Jones’s Diary.
    • 2003 — Girl with a pearl earring
    • 2009 — Dorian Gray
    • 2009 — a single man
    • 2010 — the King’s speech.
    • 2014 — Before I go to sleep


    Colin Firth

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