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  • Name: Colin Farrell ( Colin Farrell )
  • Date of birth: 31 may 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Dublin
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Colin Farrell: biography

    Colin James Farrell was born in Dublin the last day in may 1976 in a family of Catholics. The father of the future actor was a football player, and mother kept house and looked after four children.

    Children Farrell was brought up in the Catholic tradition, but from an early age began to show the rebellious character of the Knee. The child was so restless that from the age of 12 suffered from insomnia. He missed school, spent days on the streets and in bars, was busted for Smoking marijuana, often involved in fights. So, during one of these fights, only this time with a school teacher, Colin was expelled from school. He was only 17 years old. This event pushed him to go with friends year of travelling to Australia was for the actor the warmest memory of my youth.


    After returning home Colin Farrell enrolled at The Gaiety School of Acting, the actors Studio, in which he studied for very long. However, after becoming the acting path, he continued producing a tiny role in «the Disappearance of FINBAR». It was followed by the low-budget «Crude oil» and «White dance», shooting advertising, did not bring the actor no pleasure, no glory.

    For the first time fortune smiled on him in the form of plays at the Donmar Warehouse in London, where he received the role of an autistic boy. The theater was known, but Farrell had a chance to play with Kevin spacey, who spotted the novice actor. Recognizing his playing is talented, Kevin invited the producers to consider a Knee in the small role in the new film «Ordinary decent criminal», which to a little-known actor has become a way to the big screen.

    In the same year, Farrell starred in antiwar film by Joel Schumacher «tiger Country», realistically played obstinate and independent nature of the character – the uncompromising Roland Bosse. For this role, Farrell has received awards society of film critics and Boston society of film critics in London.

    The next step in the career of the actor, became joint with Bruce Willis shooting the drama «HART’s War» in 2001. For this role, he was awarded the Shanghai film festival.

    The year 2002 brought Colin Farrell was nominated for the award «Empire» for the critically acclaimed and audience favorite the fantastic Steven Spielberg film «minority report» in which he played agent Danny Witwer. Another striking role of 2002 for Farrell became STU Shepard, came under rifle maniacal sniper, the film is Joel Schumacher’s «Phone booth». After starring in these films, the actor was voted «breakthrough of 2003 at the MTV Movie Awards».

    But the most fertile in terms of the filming of large projects was 2003 that brought Colin participated in five projects. This spy Thriller «the Recruit», «Daredevil,» the film biography «Hunting for Veronica» Thriller «S. W. A. T. SWAT city of Angels» and the tragicomedy «the Gap», well adopted by authoritative critics and received several awards and nominations. In the same year, the Knee has been called one of the most beautiful people in the world, he was included in the list of the 50 stars in People magazine, and the magazine Company has determined it to sixth place in the ranking sexiest men.

    For her role in the film adaptation of the novel by Michael Cunningham’s «a home at the end of the world» in 2004, where Farrell played Bobby Marlowe, the actor was nominated for the IFTA. At the same time he received his first starring role in a big-budget Oliver stone movie «Alexander». Despite the huge budget and high expectations, the film was only able to recoup the costs. For Colin, this film also became a personal failure thanks to the nomination by the anti-prize «Golden raspberry».

    In the period from 2006 to 2010, Colin has starred in Arthouse movies «to lay low in Bruges», a film about the war «Sort», «Ondine», «the Bodyguard,» «the Way home», were not enough successful projects. The release of the remake of the 1985 film «fright Night» in 2011 and «horrible bosses» became a commercial success.

    For Colin Farrell forever entrenched opinion about the actor-rebel. He says of himself:

    «I’m a simple Irish lad. I am me. And treat people the way they deserve. I don’t care about statuses.»

    So the whole world knows it.

    Personal life

    In 2001, the actor married to actress Amelia Warner lasted only a few months, but on the left ring finger Knees remained forever tattoo «Millie».

    In 2003, while Colin was on the set of the film «Alexander», he and the canadian beauty Kim Bordenave was born the son of James Padraig. Despite the birth of a child, the couple broke up, but Colin has publicly announced that recognize and provide for her son. In 2007, the actor told the world that James Padraig has the rare condition Angelman syndrome, which causes slow intellectual development, seizures, and slurred speech. It became a headache in the life of an actor.

    In 2009, Alicja Bachleda with which Farrell met on the set of «Ondine» in 2008 and gave birth to his second son. The boy was named Henry Tadeusz. In an interview with Colin called Henry «the gift that continues to give him joy like he’s still not fully deployed». In 2010 it was officially announced the breakup of a couple.

    Rumors about the new girlfriends of the actor go all the time, but for the past few years, the actor not Dating anyone, focusing on my career and raising their sons.


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    • Daredevil
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    • Ondine
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    Colin Farrell

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