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(biography, photo, video) Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel

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  • Name: Coco Chanel ( Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel )
  • Date of birth: 19 Aug 1883
  • Age: 87 years
  • Date of death: 10 Jan 1971
  • Place of birth: Saumur, France
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: designer
  • Marital status: never been married

    Coco Chanel : biography

    The woman, the legend, the woman-the era, the style icon Coco Chanel was born August 19, 1883 in France. She was the second child of Jeanne DeVol and albert Chanel. Coco’s parents were not officially married. The mother died in childbirth, and a girl named Gabrielle in honor of the nurses who helped to be born.

    Gabriel did not like to remember about her childhood, because there were few happy moments. The family was poor, the father of the children was not needed: when Gabriel was 11, he left her. For some time the sisters were engaged in the relatives, and then the girls came to the orphanage at the monastery. More Coco her father never saw. She knew that there was no future after the asylum it will not have, but still dreamed of a bright future, rich life. Becoming famous, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel once said that he hated the orphanage uniform she had to wear it all the girls were faceless. Then she came up with the dream of beautiful clothes to women.

    The monastery gave Chanel a recommendation, and she got a job as a assistant in a lingerie shop, and in his spare time sang in a cabaret. The girl dreamed of becoming a dancer, a singer, a dancer, went on auditions, but failed. His nickname «Coco» she has received because in the café many times I sang «Ko Ko Ri Ko».

    In 22 years of Coco Chanel moved to Paris, she dreamed of becoming a milliner, but of the experience she had. Five years later, the girl met a kindred spirit who helped her to make the first steps in his career.


    Arthur Capelle was a young and successful businessman, ideas Chanel interested him. In 1910, Coco had his own hat shop in Paris, and in 1913 she opened a second store in Deauville. With the advent of their own business the girl gave vent to their imagination, the lack of experience it doesn’t. She became a designer and entrepreneur.

    At first, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel came up with the hats and sold them the famous Parisienne. The number of clients growing every day. Soon she was included in the aristocratic society, worked among famous Directors and artists, writers, and actors. Perhaps that is why her signature style in clothing, accessories and perfume was elegance.

    The famous string of pearls – elegant decoration out of time, the fashion for which was founded by Coco Chanel. In 1921 she released the famous perfume «Chanel № 5». On flavor worked Russian emigrant Ernest Beaux. It was the first perfume with a sophisticated scent, not even remotely resembled the scent of flowers.

    Two years later, Coco introduced the fashion for tanning. She was vacationing on a cruise, and then showed your beautiful tan in Cannes. Secular society is instantly followed her example.

    Her little black dress and today is in the basic wardrobe of any woman. Chanel first proposed the women’s pantsuits and showed that men’s style looks feminine and elegant. She rarely appeared in pants, considered that dresses better highlight her perfect figure. And the shape and appearance of the designer really was perfect.

    To 50 years, she was rich and famous. The collection, created in this period are characterized by freedom and imagination. When the Second world war, Chanel closed all the shops, because in the war people were not to fashion. In September, the 44th, she was arrested for alleged relationship with an officer of the German army, but a few hours freed.

    Coco Chanel moved to Switzerland and lived there for 10 years. Her glory gone on the catwalks of Paris, a collection of new designers. The fashion house «Dior» was a resounding success and left no chance Chanel. But Coco decided otherwise. In 1953 she opened a salon in Paris. At that time she was 70 years old, and after a few months in the capital appeared the fashion House Chanel. Critics didn’t spare the designer, she ignored their attacks. In 1954, Coco introduced the elegant, rectangular handbag on a long handle-chain, saying that sick and tired of wearing handbags and is constantly losing.

    It took three years for Coco Chanel, to triumphant return to the Olympus of fashion and make your style dominant.

    Personal life

    Her life has been a lot of novels – short and long term, but Coco never married, no kids, although I dreamed about it.

    At 22, she became the mistress of Etienne Balm – a retired officer, besides the very wealthy. He bred thoroughbred horses. Chanel lived in his castle, enjoying the luxury and pondered what she would do.

    Then she met Englishman Arthur Capela, they were having an affair.

    In 1924, fate brought Coco Chanel the Duke of Westminster, the richest man in England. Their relationship lasted 6 years, during this time, the Duke was twice married and divorced. He suggested the Chanel hand in marriage, to which she replied: «Dukes and duchesses in the world a lot, but Coco Chanel — one».

    The status of his mistress pursued fashion designer all my life. She survived all her lovers, but never became happy in my personal life. The meaning of her life was the work. Coco Chanel saw the idea of new costumes in a dream, woke up and set to work. Woman to a ripe old age was industrious.


    Coco Chanel died of a heart attack on 10 January 1971 in a Suite at the Ritz, opposite the world famous House of Chanel. She was 88 years old. By this time, her fashion Empire brought every year 160 million dollars of income, but in the wardrobe of the famous designer found only three attire. It was such outfits, which would envy the Queen.

    Famous fashion designer buried in the cemetery Bois de Vaud (Switzerland, Lausanne).


    Coco Chanel

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