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  • Name: Cobie Smulders ( Jacob Francis Maria Smulders )
  • Date of birth: 3 April 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Vancouver, Canada
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: canadian actress and model
  • Marital status: married

    Cobie Smulders: biography

    Beautiful Jacob Francis Maria Smulders or, as familiar to us, cobie Smulders was born in April 1982 in Vancouver, Canada. She became famous as a model, but then decided to add his brilliant biography actor’s work. The girl is brilliantly turned out. Popularity came to the actress after her appearance in the Comedy film «How I met your mother». Then there was the projects, «Smallville», «Return from the dead», «Sex in another city» and «the Avengers», which secured the status of Kobe Hollywood actress.

    Cobie Smulders
    Cobie Smulders |

    Thanks to the parents in the veins cobie Smulders flows combined Dutch-English blood. The name Jacob she got from a Dutch mother, but for simplicity the girl chose a shortened version of «Kobe».

    In the business model Smolders came in adolescence. She signed a lucrative contract with one of the modeling agencies and went on a long tour of European and later Asian countries. But success in this area, Kobe wasn’t too happy: she didn’t when I was evaluating her personality on external data. Moreover, in childhood, ambitious girl dreamed of becoming a researcher or doctor.

    In the end, cobie Smulders decided to try myself as an actress. Some experience in this area she was already in school and she fared well in several Amateur theatricals.

    Cobie Smulders model
    Cobie Smulders model

    After high school, «Lord Byng» in 2000, Smulders received a certificate with honors. Returning for a short time on the podium, she finally said goodbye and went to Los Angeles, closer to the dream factory.


    A cinematic biography of cobie Smulders started in 2000. A small role in the canadian TV series «Andromeda» was the first stepping stone to success, which overcame an aspiring actress. But moving up was difficult. In the early 2000s, she received the role of the heroine Zoe in the American project «Hunters vermin». Then followed a bigger role in the drama «In search of truth». To play in this movie, Kobi had to take credit for the missing years. After all, her character Juliette Grail the scenario was a young 28-year-old woman, and Smulders was barely 19.

    Cobie Smulders in the film
    Cobie Smulders in «safe haven» |

    The series was not a success and was closed after the 13th series. Kobe, where for some time it seemed that she caught the bird of luck by the tail, was disappointed. The actress realized that she as before is at the beginning of the path and to the top of her so far. The girl lost heart and returned to his native Vancouver. For a while she worked as a courier in the firm mother. But then took itself in hands and again went to Los Angeles for an audition, and auditions.

    Cobie Smulders took whatever job she was offered. She appeared in episodes of the famous TV series «Secrets of Smallville» and «Return from the dead.» The girl took acting lessons and went to the stage.

    Cobie Smulders in the series
    Cobie Smulders in the series «How I met your mother» |

    Gradually, the name of the canadian artist began to rise from the bottom of the list of titles up. Smulders suggested shooting in the popular TV show «Sex in another city», which made her popular. In 2004 Kobi was first offered a role in a feature film: she played in the drama of Kevin Braa walking tall.

    But the real breakthrough came when the Canadians turned 23 years old. Comedy series «How I met your mother» literally «blew up» the audience. This project is watched by millions of viewers who fell in love with the charming heroine Smulders: girl Uniform who loves whiskey, cigars, hockey and guns.

    Cobie Smulders in the series
    Cobie Smulders in the series «How I met your mother» |

    The sitcom stayed on TV for 8 seasons, since 2005. The project has received 7 awards «Emmy» and the prestigious «people’s Choice», «Choice TV critics» and 2 nominations for «Golden globe».

    Now cobie Smulders firmly holding the tail of luck. Simultaneously with the filming of the sitcom she operates at the sites of several projects, among which the black Comedy of Kevin Heffernan «Slammin ‘ salmon». In this tape about the everyday life of the restaurant, the audience saw the canadian star as a waitress Tagi.

    Cobie Smulders in the series
    Cobie Smulders in the series «the Avengers» |

    The second «explosion» stunning popularity cobie Smulders has experienced in 2012, when the screens out the film adaptation of the comic book «the Avengers». Here were gathered in one company of all the famous superheroes of the comic books. Agent Maria hill performed by canadian artist captivated millions of viewers, increasing the army of admirers of her talent several times.

    In recent years, the actress has been busy filming the sequel to the superhero blockbuster brethren Rousseau «the First avenger: the Other war» and «the Avengers: age of Ultron».

    Personal life

    With her husband Taranom killakam the actress met when they were both 23 years old. The proverbial «spark» slipped between them instantly. Since then they are inseparable. Personal life cobie Smulders has developed happily. Married to Killakam had two daughters. The senior Shaylin KADO appeared in 2009, and Junior Janita Mae at the beginning of 2015.

    Cobie Smulders husband
    Cobie Smulders with her husband |

    Happiness actress was marred by medical diagnosis. In 2015, filming of the 3rd season of the sitcom «How I met your mother», cobie Smulders discovered a terrible disease – cancer of the ovaries. The woman underwent multiple surgeries. But recently the star has pleased his fans announcement that finally she is free from cancer.»


    • «Hunters vermin»
    • «In search of truth»
    • «Secrets Of Smallville»
    • «Return from the dead»
    • «Sex in another city»
    • «How I met your mother»
    • «Walking tall»
    • «Slammin ‘ Salmon»
    • «The Avengers»
    • «The first avenger: the Other war»
    • «The Avengers: Age Of Ultron»


    Cobie Smulders

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