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  • Name: Clint Eastwood ( Clinton Eastwood Jr. )
  • Date of birth: 31 may 1930
  • Age: 86 years
  • Place of birth: San Francisco, USA
  • Height: 193
  • Activities: actor, film Director, producer, composer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Clint Eastwood: a biography

    Clint Eastwood was born in San Francisco. His father, Clinton Eastwood Sr., was a working steel mill. Mother Margaret Ruth Android was an engineer. Clint’s parents were very pious people, while visiting different churches. Father was an elder, and the mother belonged to the Mormon Church.

    Since that time, America was dominated by the Great depression, the family moved frequently along the West coast, hoping to find a better paying job. In the Junior high school, Clint went to the city of Piedmont. Here first appeared on the stage of the school theater. The senior classes visited the Auckland technical school, from which he graduated in 1948. After the maturity the young man got a job working at a gas station, and later was a fireman and played the piano in various bars and clubs of California.

    In 1950, Eastwood Jr. was drafted into the armed forces of the United States. He was sent to the air division where he took flight training and was sent to fight in Korea. But in one of the training flight, his plane crashed, the young pilot escaped and was able to swim about 5 kilometers to the beach. After that Clint Eastwood decided to leave the training camp as a swimming instructor.

    After demobilization Clint goes to local Los Angeles College, but studied there only a year, so they decided to follow the advice of his colleagues, Martin Milner and David Jansen, who advised personable-looking young man to try his hand at acting craft.


    First Clint Eastwood appeared in low-budget horror films, thrillers and westerns «revenge of the creature», «Francis in the Navy», «tarantula», «Ambush in the canyon Cimarron» and about 10 other similar pictures. In 1959, he takes a secondary role in the television series «Rawhide leather». The film itself was not particularly popular, but it’s one actor Italian film Director Sergio Leone, who invited Eastwood in 1964 for the role of cowboy Joe in his film «a fistful of dollars». This tape was very popular in Europe and USA, so went 2 the sequel – «For a few dollars more and the Good, the bad and the ugly.»

    Further success was most often the films with the participation of Clint Eastwood, in which he played a positive, brave and determined «good guy with a gun». These pictures were westerns «- pick him them up», «Two mules for sister Sara», «Rider high plains», «Josey Wales — the outlaw,» and the crime fighters «Coogan’s Bluff», «Kelly’s Heroes» «Dirty Harry,» «thunderbolt and Bistronica», «Sanction Eiger» and many others. Several different from the same type of images the role of offender Frank Morris in the drama-Thriller «Escape from Alcatraz».

    Almost to the end of the 80 years old Clint Eastwood was a kind kinokuni, entering the list of the most popular actors in Hollywood. But then his popularity drops. In the future it will only play the movies in which vystupat as a Director. Of these works should highlight the drama «a Perfect world», the romance «the Bridges of Madison County», Thriller «Gran Torino» drama movie «Absolute power».

    The detective «mystic river» as a Director, Clint Eastwood was nominated for «Oscar» and the Western «Unforgiven» in 1993 brought him the coveted statuette as a Director, and a nomination as an actor. Repeated this success sports drama «million dollar Baby», which was released in 2004.

    The only film, which starred Clint Eastwood in another Director in the last 25 years, became a sports drama trouble with the curve 2012, where a famous actor plays an aging baseball scout. This was the last appearance of Eastwood as a role player. Last directorial work was the historical drama «the Sniper». This film was nominated on «Oscar».

    Personal life

    In 1953, not yet become a famous actor, Clint Eastwood is married to actress Maggie Johnson. They had two children: son Kyle Clinton and daughter Alison. Officially, Clint and Maggie were divorced only in 1984, although it broke up much earlier. In 1964, the actor was born the daughter of Kimber from a brief fling with dancer Roxanne Tunis, and since 1978 for 4 years, Clint lived in a civil marriage with actress Sondra Locke.

    In 1985, he became acquainted with flight attendant jacklyn Reeves, with whom he lived in a de facto marriage about 3 years. They had two children: son Scott and daughter Kathryn. In the early 90-ies began Dating actress Frances Fisher, who bore him a daughter, Francesca. But in 1995, the couple broke up.

    In 1996, Clint Eastwood is officially married to TV presenter Dina Ruiz, who was younger than his 35 years. In this marriage the actor had another daughter, Morgan. Clint and Dina lived together until 2013, when the woman filed for divorce due to the fact that Eastwood began to change his young wife. After the divorce, 83-year-old Eastwood has been Dating girlfriend, Erica Fisher.

    Clint Eastwood in addition to directing and acting, is also a keen jazz. He even composed a few songs that sound in some of his films. In addition, he is a successful businessman: he owns a restaurant and a hotel in Carmel. By the way, Clint Eastwood was the mayor of this town from 1986 to 1988.

    The main hobby of the actor Golf and transcendental meditation.


    • 1964 — a fistful of dollars
    • 1965 — For a few dollars more
    • 1966 — the Good, the bad and the ugly
    • 1971 — Dirty Harry
    • 1979 — Escape from Alcatraz
    • 1992 — Unforgiven —
    • 1993 — a Perfect world
    • 1995 — the Bridges of Madison County
    • 2004 — million dollar Baby
    • 2012 — Curveball


    Clint Eastwood

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