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  • Name: Clara Rumyanova ( Klara Rumyanova )
  • Date of birth: 8 December 1929
  • Age: 74 years
  • Date of death: September 18, 2004
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Height: 155
  • Activities: actress of theater, film and radio, the singer, the voice of many cartoon characters
  • Marital status: divorced

    Clara Rumyanova: biography

    Actress of Soviet cinema Clara Rumjanova was born in 1929 in Leningrad. In childhood the ideal for little Clara was the Lyubov Orlova, so when the question arose about the choice of school, she never hesitated. Having survived the war, the blockade, in the late forties, the girl goes to Moscow for admission in film Institute.

    Clara Rumyanova in childhood
    Clara Rumyanova with your mom | Movie Theater

    The competition was great, the students came from different parts of the country. But the beautiful and ambitious Clara got to the end, to withstand the test. However, almost immediately she had stolen all his savings, and she was forced to starve. From this on the third round she directly during his speech, lost consciousness, and then master, to whom she acted, made her drink hot tea with sweets.

    Training at the Institute of cinematography

    Student’s course of Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova were very strong. Together with Romanovoj on the stream studied Nikolai Rybnikov and Alla Larionova, Vadim Zakharchenko. In the first beauty of course immediately fell in love with Nikolai Rybnikov. He began to look for the girl that Clara was constantly refused.

    Clara Rumyanova and Anatoly Papanov
    Clara Rumyanova and Anatoly Papanov | Muzatop

    Once the young actress even gave an expensive gift to a loved one, a gold watch, which he collected money for two months. This emotional episode was used in the film «Girls», when the hero Rybnikova crushes discarded Tosya watch.

    A tragedy that turned into a unique gift

    In his youth, the voice Actresses were very low, thick and strong. But for 2 year, after a trip to the farm, she was very cold and caught pneumonia. After the restoration it turned out that Clara’s voice had completely disappeared. This meant the collapse of all hopes. Sergei Gerasimov took a young student to a specialist for treatment of communications, but he could not help the artist. Just had to wait and hope for a miracle. And the incredible happened: after a few months of silence, the voice of Romanovoi fully recovered, but has acquired a different tone color. After the incident, the actress found that can speak a very high voice.

    Clara Rumyanova in FLM
    Clara Romanova in the film «country doctor» | Movie-Theater

    Already in the first movie, which starred Clara Rumyanova manifested his amazing voice abilities. In the scene where the heroine of Romanovoi becomes a mother, a child was loudly crying. But by the time take he fell fast asleep. To save the situation the actress imitated the cry of a child, who came in later in the film. Despite suddenly emerged talent actress for a long time did not dare to sound fairy-tale characters. She considered herself a dramatic actress.

    Work in film

    Early in his career proposals from filmmakers really did Clara Romanovas from all sides, but she was very selective and once made a mistake that cost her filmography. In 1954, the head of «Mosfilm» Ivan Pyriev offered the young artist a leading role in his new film «loyalty Test». But when reading the script, Clara flatly refused the offer, strongly expressed to this effect in the office of the head. Then Ivan pyrev banned daring actress to appear in the Studio.

    Clara Rumyanova in FLM
    Clara Romanova in the movie «12 chairs» | Movie-Theater

    Therefore, promising Clara Romanovas and failed to become a real star of the screen. From her most famous films, the most famous roles in the movies «They were the first», «Sunday», «Time, forward!», «The twelve chairs». The main roles in her acting fate did not happened. After some time, the actress agreed to try their hand at «Soyuzmultfilm», where he made his debut in 1962 in voicing the cartoon «the Wonderful garden».

    Career at the Soyuzmultfilm

    The years of the Brezhnev era was marked by the rise of the actress in the creative life. She finally found herself in the field of sound. Thanks to her voice was born the characters of the cartoon «Cheburashka», «Nu pogodi!», «The kid and Carlson», «Riki-Tiki-Tavi». Over three decades of work in the Studio creating animated films with the actress shot more than 300 cartoons. In the photo these years, you can often see Clara Rumyanova in the company of other stars, actors, sound: Anatoly Papanova, Georgy Vitsin, Vasily Livanov, Faina Ranevskaya.

    Clara Rumyanova in the Studio
    Clara Rumyanova in the recording Studio | news of the world

    In addition Romanova became the only and unique performer of children’s songs that the whole country knows: «What is the new year» «Smile», «Clouds». In the early ‘ 80s, released her album of songs «the world is full of fairy tales», which has sold millions. The actress also has a lot of scoring children’s domestic films and dubbed foreign serials.

    Family life

    The first time Clara Rumyanova married, just graduating from school. But marriage with the same young musician lasted more than two months, until she had to leave to go to College. The young man delivered an ultimatum: either the family or the cinema, and then Clara broke all relations with her husband. At this point she was pregnant and in desperation secretly had an abortion. Then her whole life and had no children.

    Anatoli Chemodurov
    Anatoly Chemodurov, the husband of actress | PimPam

    The second time the actress has tried to create a family with a famous actor Anatoliy Samodurova. He was the best friend of Sergei Bondarchuk, and he even made the young wife of Anatol original gift for a wedding, invited her to star in the film «War and peace». But because of the ugly manner of a young artist, the Director was forced to remove her from the role. In the mid-60s Eugenii Chemodurov stopped to shoot a film, which he washed down sharply. Romanova long struggled with the illness of a spouse, but still gave up and filed for divorce.

    Clara Rumyanova
    Clara Rumyanova | Movie-Theater

    The personal life of the actress have not been easy. Despite the fact that a beautiful woman attracted the attention of well-known men, truly happy in the relationship she never had. The third attempt to find family happiness became a marriage of the actress with the captain. Unfortunately, the man was very jealous, and translated Clara unfounded suspicions. So Romanova after three years of such torment broke up with him. All the years she spent in solitude.

    The measure of life

    After the collapse of the Soviet state, many actors were not destiny, they were forced to adapt to new conditions of survival. But Clara Rumyanova remained faithful to the ideals of communism. Despite the large number of offers voice-overs for commercials, she has never compromised his principles and was engaged exclusively in the art. And when this was not possible, Clara sat at the writing cycle of plays on the fate of the great compatriots. Spending all day in the library, she has created 11 pieces for the stage under the title «I am woman».

    Clara Rumyanova
    Clara Rumyanova in recent years | Smart Phone Lovers

    The last few years of the life of Romanovoi was marred by a serious illness. In the end, the cause of death of the actress was a progressive form of cancer. In 2004, Clara Rumyanova died. Her body was cremated and the ashes buried at the Donskoy cemetery in Moscow.


    Clara Rumyanova

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