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  • Name: Clara Lago ( Clara Lago Grau )
  • Date of birth: 6 March 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Madrid, Spain
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Clara Lago biography

    Clara Lago was born in Madrid, a suburb of the Spanish capital of Madrid. Her father was a graphic designer, and her mother was a writer-a storyteller, so that craving for the creative professions was passed to the girl by inheritance.

    One of the friends of her father, who worked as a television producer, invited her to try yourself in the cinema. As the girl was still small, she took the initiative as interesting game, the casting was acting freely, easily communicated with the chambers and employees of the television station, so quite easy passed the audition.

    Acting career Clara Lago began when she was barely 8 years old. The girl took part in the filming of the television series «Partners», which was released on television screens in 1998. After 2 years, starred in the TV series «hospital Central», and is voiced by another actress in the TV movie «a Miserable life».


    In cinema Clara debuted in 2002. 12-year-old girl played a major role in the film «Carol’s Journey» by the Spanish Director Fernando Huertas. For playing this motion picture the young actress received a Goya award (the Spanish equivalent of «Oscar») as best actress.

    Then again followed by a cameo role in the film «still to come» in 2004, «Sand pockets» in 2006, «suicide Club» in 2007 and «game of the hanged man» in 2008. In the same period he published two series featuring Clara Lago is quite popular in Spain «Paco’s Men», where the actress plays the woman, as well as crime series-drama «Law.»

    Breakthrough for Clara Lago was the psychological Thriller «the Bunker», released in 2011. She got the main female role Belem, girls womanizer-conductor, whom she decides to teach, but substitutes itself. After this picture of the young actress offered another main role of Ginevra in the continuation of the acclaimed melodrama «Three meters above the sky», which is called «Three meters above the sky. I want you». In this film, actress Clara was revealed in full.

    The film was nominated to receive the prestigious award «Goya», and she miss Lago has received numerous rave reviews. Interestingly, in this film she performed as a singer, taking part in the recording of the soundtrack. The film includes 2 songs in her performance: «La Cama» and «Aunque tú no lo sepas».

    Also in 2012 he published psychological fiction drama «End of the world» in which Clara Lago again gets the main role – the girls of eve, which remains one of the last surviving people on the planet, she was destined to see disappear to her friends and family. The film had quite good commercial success.

    The latest work Clara Lago today is the family Comedy «Eight Basque surnames», which has taken in $ 77 million, breaking all records of Spanish films. Clara plays one of two main roles – a girl Amaya from the Basque Country.

    Personal life

    Unlike many stars of show business, Clara Lago carefully hides his personal life. Most of the rumors about her novels, for example, with a partner on the film «Three meters above the sky» Mario Casas, indeed, be rumors.

    In 2011 she was in a relationship with a colleague on the series «Heart of the ocean» by Ferran Vilajoana. But in 2014, the couple broke up. Currently, Clara is Dating a Spanish comedian Dani Rovira.

    Clara Lago enjoys dancing and regularly attends a dance Studio. With a particular interest in Pilates. In addition, she is the face of companies like Hoss Intropia and Color. Also participated in promotional photo shoots and videos brands such as InStyle, YoDona, Telva and Elle.


    • 2002 — The Journey Carol
    • 2004 — still to come
    • 2006 — People Paco
    • 2007 — suicide Club
    • 2008 — the hanged man Game
    • 2011 — Cousins
    • 2011 — Bunker
    • 2012 — Three meters above the sky. I want you
    • 2012 — the end of the world
    • 2014 — Eight Basque surnames


    Clara Lago

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