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  • Name: Cillian Murphy ( Cillian Murphy )
  • Date of birth: 25 may 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Douglas, Ireland
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: Irish theater and film actor
  • Marital status: married to Yvonne McGuinness

    Cillian Murphy: biography

    Cillian Murphy was born in may 1976 in the Irish County cork. First his family, which in addition to Killian grew three youngest children, lived in Douglas, but then moved to the suburbs, which is called Ballintemple.

    All the adults of the family Murphy has worked in the field of education. Father was an inspector in the Department, mother was a French teacher. The grandfather of Killian, his family uncles and aunts also worked as teachers. Besides Murphy all had a musical education. That’s why Killian played the guitar since childhood dreamed of becoming a pop star. Fascination with the music almost brought the teenager to the signing of a major contract with renowned music label. At the last moment the contract was signed. Perhaps it was the hand of fate. Because very soon Cillian Murphy realized what he really wants to connect his future life. At age 16 he happened to be at the master class in dramatic arts. As later admitted to Killian, it felt like an Epiphany.

    But after high school, Killian Murphy at the insistence of parents not enrolled in drama school and the law faculty of the University in Cork. He felt no desire to be a lawyer. Study of legal disciplines seemed boring and uninteresting. But Murphy was happy to attend drama school at the University and took part in the productions, each time demonstrating the growing acting. Once the young actor was noticed by the Director of the play «disco pigs» and invited the lead role. With this role and began his artistic career Killian Murphy. A successful debut took place in 1996.


    A very successful debut in the famous play «disco pigs», which even showed on the Dublin festival, inspired 20-year-old Murphy that he finally decided to focus on her acting career. Killian is a regular speaker on the stage, but now in Dublin, and in between manages to star in a movie. His debut on the screen was the ribbon «sunburn», which was released in 1999. Stellar role in this film is a real breakthrough for Killian Murphy. Since then, the actor is increasingly appearing on the set and less on the stage.

    New star role went to a young blue-eyed artist in a melodramatic film «On the edge». And in 2001, Cillian Murphy for the first time tried his hand as a screenwriter. He wrote the script for the Comedy «Observers» and even played a major role. The film was shown at the festival in Edinburgh and received a lot of positive feedback. In 2001, directed by Kristen Sheridan suggested that Cillian Murphy’s part in the film adaptation of the familiar to him of the play «disco pigs». The actor not only agreed, but also wrote the soundtrack for this film.

    Soon, Murphy was invited to a miniseries called «Roads which we choose». It was a real take-off on the career ladder, because the film was shown on the BBC. But to fulfill the role of a romantic aristocrat the Irish Murphy had to work on their English accent. The show was a huge success, and the actor far beyond his native Ireland. Most likely, the work in this tape prompted the famous Director Danny Boyle to offer Killian Murphy’s role in the Thriller «28 days later». Came to the big screen the picture has collected in hire more than $ 80 million. And it became a stepping stone for the career growth of the artist. In fact, after this film Killian was invited to Hollywood. Black Comedy called «the Gap» has broken all previous box office records in Ireland.

    In 2003, Cillian Murphy once again appeared on the stage. He played Konstantin from Chekhov’s «the Seagull.» The play was staged by Peter Stein. He also became the initiator of what is involved in the production of artists went to Russia, where for the best entry in the images of visited the estate of Anton Chekhov in Melikhovo. The production was a great success and in 2003 was shown at the prestigious festival in Edinburgh.

    In the same year, Cillian Murphy appeared on screen in the role of butcher. It happened in the painting «Girl with a pearl earring». The problem was that Killian was a staunch vegetarian. So stay in the slaughterhouse for the best playing in the role was a difficult test for the Irish actor.

    After this work in minoritari Killian Murphy appeared several images of negative characters. First of all, the psychiatrist crane in the blockbuster «Batman begins». This film was followed by the Thriller «Night flight» in which Murphy played Jackson Rippner (the Ripper), a real villain with an angelic appearance. Killian’s partner in this film was Rachel McAdams. After a series of negative characters stuck to her role, «the perfect villain». Murphy decided to change this situation and starred in the drama film «Breakfast on Pluto», in which fans of Killian saw him as transvestite Patrick Braden. With the label of anti-hero was over. Moreover, the role of Braden brought the artist a new batch of glory: Murphy was nominated for a Golden globe and was awarded the Irish teleakademii. Critics consider this work the best in the acting career of Killian. However, as work in the film «the Wind that shakes the barley». This historical drama tells about the struggle of the Irish for their independence. It is noteworthy that the shooting of the film took place in his hometown of Killian Murphy in County cork.

    Very successful in the star role was for artist of the year 2007. It was a year of a fantastic Thriller «Inferno», where Murphy appeared as the physicist who saves the planet. In preparation for this work the actor has long consulted with scientists, physicists from Geneva lab.

    And in 2007, there were two ribbon romantic Comedy «Watching the detectives» and the melodrama «Forbidden love». The last film about the complicated relationships of two couples. Here with Killian starred Sienna Miller and keira Knightley. The picture was a great success with audiences and critics.

    Of the last projects, which was attended by Cillian Murphy, we can note the painting «peacock», where the actor played a duet with Susan Sarandon.

    Personal life

    With his future wife Yvonne McGuinness artist met 8 years. In 2004, they got married. Yvonne is a dedicated and creative person, she does video art.

    Today the personal life of Killian Murphy – the wife and two sons. First – Malachy – was born in 2005, the second – Carrick – a year. The family lives in London. In his spare time the actor likes to play the ukulele and sings well.


    • «Disco pigs»
    • «Sunburn»
    • «On the edge»
    • «Roads we choose»
    • «28 days later»
    • «The gap»
    • «Batman Begins»
    • «Night flight»
    • «Breakfast on Pluto»
    • «The wind that shakes the barley»
    • «Peacock»
    • «Dali and I»


    Cillian Murphy

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