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  • Name: Christopher Walken ( Ronald Walken )
  • Date of birth: 31 March 1943.
  • Age: 73 years
  • Place of birth: Queens, new York
  • Growth: 183
  • Activity: American actor of theater, film and television
  • Marital status: married

    Christopher Walken biography

    This actor can be seen in more than a hundred films. The amount from their rent reached $ 1.8 billion. While the Hollywood star often embody negative, even evil heroes, are often with mental disabilities.

    Christopher Walken (his real name given at birth is Ronald) was born in the spring of 1943 in Queens – the second largest borough of new York. The artistry of the boy was shown already in early childhood. He loved the theatre and was fond of dancing.

    A favorite pastime was the movies. Ronald often represented on the screen itself. To feel the involvement in the world beckons hypocrisy, a little Walken even got a job in a circus, taking part in some rooms free of charge. This was the first acting lessons of Christopher Walken.

    In 10 years, Walken was fortunate enough to meet with the famous TV presenter Jerry Lewis and even get into his popular show «The Colgate Comedy Hour». Think it was then that the boy made the final decision to become an artist.

    A year later started a cinematic biography of Christopher Walken. His debut was in the legendary soap Opera, which in its duration was entered in the Guinness Book of records. The series «Guiding light» was released in 1952 and aired until 2009. 11-year-old Walker was invited to act in the role of Mike Bauer in 1954. The teenager played 2 years in a row.


    After a successful debut on the screen of a 15-year-old boy continued his career on the stage of a Broadway theatre. Walker played Shakespeare’s hamlet and Romeo, appeared in the plays «Coriolanus» and «Macbeth.» During this period he changed his name from Ronald to Christopher.

    18 Walker decided to get a degree in theater and enrolled at Hofstra University, where his classmate was Liza Minnelli. At this time, Christopher has continued to improve their dancing skills. In 20 years, even went on tour with their dance numbers.

    After graduation, Christopher Walken continued to go on the stage and in the movies. Perhaps the most striking of his works on the screen was her role in the TV series «Halmark Hall of fame», «Department 5-O» and «Guiding light».

    But critics are beginning to count the cinematic biography of a Hollywood star since 1969, when Walken appeared in the film «me and my brother.» It was after her eminent Directors noticed the young actor and began to offer him a responsible role. So after the above pictures Sidney Lumet invited Walken to star in his film «Films Anderson’s» where the key role was played by Sean Connery.

    A real interest in the person of the artist woke up from film critics and Directors after his appearance in an episode of the acclaimed film «Annie Hall» released in 1977. After this small role was the star, after which the artist woke up really famous. The image of the Russian American Nicanor of Chevotarevich in the drama «the deer Hunter» earned Christopher Walken an Oscar.

    1980-90 years is the blossoming career of Christopher Walken. During this period he is at the Zenith of popularity, and rightfully takes its place in Hollywood. The box office hits «the Song of heaven,» «Brainstorm,» «the Dead zone – the dark zone», «James bond: a View to a kill» and «Contact» bring the world famous Walken. Most often his characters are negative characters, ominous and half-crazy types. But in this role Christopher really looks more organic. Despite the fact that the main roles went to other actors, Walken becomes a cult artist.

    In the 2000s, Christopher Walken is still popular. His fans get a surprise: favorite actor appears in a Comedy images. This can be seen in the film «Four funeral and one wedding» and «the Country bears». A minor but powerful role went to him in the blockbusters of Steven Spielberg’s «Catch me if you can». Walken for this work nominated for the award «Oscar». It is noteworthy that he hasn’t lost the popularity of his famous colleagues on the project, Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hanks.

    Personal life

    For the paparazzi and yellow journalists of the tabloids personal life Christopher Walken is a boring topic. There is no «profit»: actor for more than 35 years married to the casting agent Georgiana. They met on the set of one of the early films of the artist, when he was not yet so popular. Since then, the couple is always together. No cheating, no scandals in this marriage has no place.

    The only thing that could blight the life of the spouses is the lack of children. But it’s Walken does not like children and don’t dreamed of.


    • «My brother and I»
    • «Films Anderson’s»
    • «Annie Hall»
    • «The deer hunter»
    • «Songs of heaven»
    • Brainstorming
    • «Dead zone – the dark zone»
    • «James bond: a View to a kill»
    • Contact
    • «Catch me if you can»


    Christopher Walken

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