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(biography, photo, video) Christopher Jonathan James Nolan

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  • Name: Christopher Nolan ( Christopher Jonathan James Nolan )
  • Date of birth: 30 July 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: film Director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer
  • Marital status: Married

    Christopher Nolan: biography

    Director, screenwriter and producer Christopher Nolan born 30 July 1970 in the family of Englishman and Americans. His father earned a living advertising, his mother worked as a flight attendant.

    The childhood of Christopher and his younger brother Jonathan, took place in two countries, both have dual citizenship. By the way, Jonathan co-writer of almost all blockbusters brother.

    Christopher Nolan may have gone the other way, if not «Star wars» George Lucas. The film made on him was so impressed that the boy started to write twisted stories and then recorded them on my dad’s camera. The characters in his short films had toys. Nolan at the time was 8 years.

    Children’s hobby became a real passion of Christopher. He knew he was going to make movies, but didn’t believe in myself. As the Director says, he wasn’t lucky in life – more pessimistic.

    After school, Christopher Nolan has joined the faculty of English literature at London University and continued his experiments with film. A few short films shot in his student years, have shown at festivals.


    Pictures of Nolan are always special, recognizable. He has his own directorial style: the plot makes unpredictable turns, and time suddenly rushes forward or back, while the film itself is perceived easily and with great interest.

    As a serious film Director Christopher made his debut in 1998. He directed the feature film «Pursuit» with a budget of 6 thousand dollars. The plot tells the story of a failed writer who seeks inspiration, pursuing and photographing strangers. Box-office takings from the film is 7 times higher than costs and amounted to 43 thousand dollars — for the novice Director, this was good.

    In 2000, Christopher Nolan has directed another low-budget movie «memento» was nominated for «Oscar». At the moment the producers paid attention to talented and promising Director.

    His next work was the Thriller «Remember» with a budget of $ 5 million. The project became one of the biggest this year.

    In 2002, Christopher Nolan completed the painting «Insomnia». The film became a kind of test for the Director. With a budget of 46 million «Insomnia» has collected $ 67 million at the box office. «Sharks» of the film business have expressed a desire to work with Nolan.

    In 2005, Christopher made his first blockbuster «Batman begins». A resounding success was not long in coming , because the Director managed to create a special atmosphere in the picture and show the depth of character of the protagonist. Within 2 weeks, the film grossed over $ 200 million. After that, Nolan’s career was gaining momentum. His next work is the movie «the Prestige» released in 2006.

    Then there was another series of Batman — «the Dark knight». Premiered in 2008, and the effect of the film was such a bomb. He beat all records at the box office and entered the TOP 250 best films in the history of cinema.

    The year 2010 was marked by the Director’s dream that he was 10 years. Christopher Nolan has introduced to the audience the Thriller «Inception.» A science-fiction plot of the movie he wrote himself. The painting took 15 th place in the ranking of the 250 best films.

    His latest work is a sci – Fi film «interstellar» – awarded Academy awards.

    Personal life

    Christopher Nolan is married to Emma Thomas, the couple are raising four children. With his future wife he met when he was a student. Emma is the same age as Christopher.

    Over the years of marriage, the spouses don’t seem tired of each other. They — together at work and at home. Emma Thomas producing projects of her husband and remains a permanent assistant.


    • Prestige
    • «The beginning»
    • «Man of steel»
    • «Interstellar»
    • «Batman Begins»
    • «Insomnia»
    • «Persecution»
    • «Remember»
    • «Superiority»
    • «The dark knight»


    Christopher Nolan

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