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  • Name: Christopher Lee ( Christopher Frank Carandini )
  • Date of birth: 27 may 1922
  • Age: 93 years
  • Date of death: June 7, 2015
  • Place of birth: London
  • Activity: English actor
  • Marital status: was married to Birgit Krenke

    Christopher Lee: biography

    Famous British actor Christopher Lee was born 27th may 1922 in Belgravia, one of London districts to the South-West of Buckingham Palace, in an aristocratic family. Father-Jeffrey’s trollop, Lieutenant Colonel of the 60th corps of the Royal Fusiliers, was one of the most respected English athletes-fans. The mother of the Marquis Estelle Maria de Carandini Sarzano recognized beautiful Edwardian period, was a model for paintings and sculptures of many great painters and sculptors of the era. Grandfather and grandmother founded the first school of Opera in Australia.

    In 1926 the parents of Christopher Lee divorced, after which the mother took the son along with his older sister Xandros in Switzerland. Christopher Lee was educated at Summer Fields school, then studied at Eton and Wellington College, studying Greek and Latin. He mastered French, Spanish, German and Russian. Studied classical singing and loved Opera.

    After graduating from Wellington College, Christopher worked as servants in London several shipping companies.

    In 1939 Christopher Lee volunteered to fight as a volunteer in the Russo-Finnish war on the side of the Finns, where he stayed for only two weeks and participation in hostilities did not accept. During the Second world war he served in the Royal air force, attaining the rank of Lieutenant. After the war he served in British intelligence.

    Christopher Lee: movies

    A cinematic biography of Christopher Lee began in 1931, when 9-year-old boy moved with his mother in Switzerland and studied at the Academy of miss Fisher in Wengen. It was there that he played his first role — the villain Rumplestiltskin in the same school play.

    After demobilization in 1947 Christopher Lee began to study in drama school and signed a contract with the Rank Organization film company. After several years of work in supporting roles, Christopher finally found his true calling, he played the role of the monster in the movie «

  • The curse of Frankenstein», the first of 21, movie, shot in the Studio «hammer». After a year, Christopher Lee got his star role
  • Dracula in the same film.

    In 1958 kinoaktera biography of Christopher Lee expanded to include several bright pages. Lee starred in «Sherlockiana»: he played sir Henry Baskerville and Mycroft Holmes and Sherlock in «Sherlock Holmes and the deadly necklace, Sherlock Holmes and the movie star» and «Incident at Victoria falls».

    In the 1970-ies the actor moves to Hollywood, but, having stayed there a few years back in the UK. In 1972 Christopher Lee created his own company, Charlemagne Productions, which financed the shooting of his two films.

    In 2000-ies about Christopher Lee talking with a new power: he starred in the acclaimed «

  • Star wars» (as count Dooku), but also played the role of Saruman in the famous kinotrilogii»
  • The Lord of the rings» and»
  • The hobbit».

    In addition to these films, Christopher Lee became famous as a brilliant performer images, Francisco Scaramanga, Rasputin, count of Rochefort, and other magazines.

    Only since 1948, the actor starred in more than 250 films, of which 69 horror movies.

    Christopher Lee – the man is versatile and talented. He became famous not only as an actor but as a musician. In 2006 he released his solo album Revelation, which sold platinum copies.

    Christopher Lee: personal life

    In 1961 Christopher Lee married Danish model

  • Birgit Krenke, who worked with fashion houses Chanel and Christian Dior. After several years of living in Switzerland the lees are settled in the UK. Here they had a daughter Christine. Together the couple lived for 50 years.

    Christopher Lee: death

    The star of «Lord of the rings» and a consummate performer of Dracula Christopher Lee died on 7 Jun 2015 on 93-m to year of life in a London hospital Chelsea and Westminster, where he was treated.

    Close relatives of the actor told reporters that almost the entire last month of his life the famous artist spent in the hospital, where he was treated for breathing problems and heart disease.

    Christopher Lee: filmography

    • The Curse Of Frankenstein
    • Dracula
    • The Hound Of The Baskervilles
    • Dracula: Prince Of Darkness
    • Rasputin: the Mad monk
    • The three Musketeers: the Queen’s Pendants
    • Dracula — father and son
    • Daughter Of Satan
    • Mio, my Mio
    • The return of the Musketeers
    • Lord of the rings: the fellowship of the Ring
    • The Lord of the rings: the Two towers
    • Star wars. Episode III: revenge of the Sith
    • The hobbit: an Unexpected journey
    • The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

    Christopher Lee: photos

    Christopher Lee

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