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  • Name: Christopher Lambert ( Christopher Lambert )
  • Date of birth: 29 March 1957
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: new York
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter, producer, writer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Christopher Lambert biography

    Christophe guy Denis Lambert, better known as Christopher Lambert, French, and American actor, who became famous worldwide for the role of immortal warrior Connor Macleod from the TV series «Highlander». Also to his credit are such well known films as «to Kill a priest», «Subway», «Mortal Kombat» and many others.

    Christopher was born in new York, where at that time his father served. The fact that the Pope is a future movie star was a French diplomat at the UN. The mother is a psychoanalyst, also made a very impressive career. When Lambert was two years old, the family moved to Switzerland. There the boy grew older and went to school closed.

    In this school he began to have serious problems. First, the teenager was very quiet and shy, so hardly communicated with their peers. And secondly, it was found that Christopher from birth is incredibly short-sighted, needs glasses with thick lenses, that in no way adds to his respect and love my classmates. Gradually, Lambert hated school and began in his quiet manner to disrupt lessons. A year later he was expelled from boarding school.

    Christopher Lambert
    Christopher Lambert | Christopher Lambert

    The school, which the youngster still managed to finish, it was 11 in a row: each new school guy repeated the line of conduct they refused to perform tasks, handing blank sheets tests, parodied and imitated teachers. In one of these schools in Christopher’s first encounter with the theatre and instantly fell in love with this art form. After secondary school he wanted to go to study as the actor, but the father resisted.

    The man believed that the only acceptable occupation for his offspring banking. He sends Lambert, Jr. to London to work and study at the financier. Six months later, the son returned home with a letter which clearly explained this young man to the economy under any circumstances. Father was furious and waved at the guy’s hand. And Christopher just needed.

    He immediately became a student of the acting Department at the Paris Conservatory, but faces a new problem. It turns out that the study here is still learning. And learn the theory of acting no more interesting than to examine the debit and credit. Less than two years later, Lambert throws the University. However, until that moment, he found his path, became a film actor.


    Began his career in the movie Christopher Lambert from the French film «Asphalt», «Criminals in the night,» «self-defense» and others. First fame gave him a picture of the Paris Studio, the Thriller «Underground».

    But popular all over the world came after the execution of the main roles of Connor Macleod in the fantastic film «Highlander». First was filmed only feature film, but after a few years there was a TV series about an immortal Scottish warrior, as well as four sequel. But Lambert, the last part is already tired of this role, and he refused to participate.

    Christopher Lambert in the film
    Christopher Lambert movie «Highlander» | Portal «HitFix»

    In addition, on account of the actor are such famous works as the biographical Thriller «the Sicilian» about the Italian mafia, and psychological drama «Kill the priest», a mystical detective story «knight’s Move», as well as youth fantastic film «Mortal Kombat» in the computer game «Mortal Kombat».

    Christopher Lambert is still actively starring in European movies, and not only French. Of the latest projects you should pay attention to the melodrama, «Cartagena» and the Italian Comedy «One another». In the United States, the actor took part in the creation of historical drama «10 days in a madhouse» and humorous detective, «hail Caesar!».

    Personal life

    The first time Christopher Lambert married in 1988 to actress Diane lane. The family had a daughter Eleanor, Jasmin Lambert, but the girl is barely a year old, her parents divorced. Spectacular late actor had a romantic relationship with the Princess of the Principality of Monaco Stephanie and Italian TV presenter Alba, Parietti.

    The second marriage he had made in the last year of the twentieth century with his colleague of James haft. However, this Union did not last year. The following, last date, wedding of Christopher Lambert was held in 2012. And before the official wedding ceremony he has lived in de facto Union with the French Sophie Marceau more than five years, and after the marriage – only two. In early 2016, the actor announced that he had resumed a relationship with one of the previous dates, TV presenter Alba, Parietti. The lovers went on the ski trip, then on vacation in Milan and Paris, where he returned… apart. At the moment Lambert enjoys being alone.

    Christopher Lambert and Sophie Marceau
    Christopher Lambert and Sophie Marceau | the news on Zimbio

    Christopher is known as a fan of collecting. One of his passions is watches. Also the actor has a large collection of paintings by contemporary artists, and experts assure that Lambert is well versed in painting. Another hobby of her husband, winemaking, gradually, the hobby grew into a business, and now Christopher has his own vineyards and factories that processed the berries into wine.

    As mentioned above, Lambert is very short-sighted and without glasses helpless. Lenses he wear can not because of the strong sensitivity of the eye. But as so many movie stars Christopher should look manly and brutal, he often has to work on the set almost to the touch. But poor eyesight did not prevent him to engage in extreme diving. A man may prefer to dive in places where there is a risk to meet marine predators. He even specially went to Tahiti to swim with tiger sharks.


    • 1984 — Greystoke: the Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the apes
    • 1985 — Subway
    • 1986-2000 — Highlander
    • 1987 — the Sicilian
    • 1988 to Kill a priest
    • 1992 — the knight
    • 1995 — Mortal Kombat
    • 1996 — Northern star
    • 2006 — the last judgment
    • 2015 — 10 days in a madhouse


    Christopher Lambert

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