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  • Name: Kristina Brodsky ( Brodskaya Kristina )
  • Date of birth: 28 December 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Omsk
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: Civil marriage with Igor Petrenko

    Kristina Brody: biography

    A young theater and film actress Christina Brodskaya was born in Vladivostok in theatrical dynasty. Her grandparents are the actors of Theatre of musical Comedy, and the parents of Ilona N. and David A. — the Honoured artists of the Russian Federation, the leading actors of the Academic drama theatre in Omsk.

    Kristina grew up a musical child and loved to sing along with my dad, but of becoming a singer never dreamed of. The girl did not change the family tradition and went to study acting at the theatre arts Academy in St. Petersburg. In 2013, Christina graduated from the Academy in the specialty «Actor drama theater and cinema».

    Kristina Brody: movies

    First serious movie role Christina received when she was a student. In 2011, Russia issued a series of «my dear man», where the actress played nurse Katya. Since then Kristina gets a role mainly in the series: she has a few roles in feature films. In 2011, the screens there are other works with her.

    Especially Christina remembered of the leading roles in the movie «a Matter of honor», where she performed the role of Christine Korneeva, and the series «Split», in which she plays Leah Rozanova — the daughter of a vampire and human. One of the last works Brodskaya series «Moon» and «Tatyanin night.»

    In August, the premiere of a spyware detective «Soul of a spy», where Christine can be seen in the role of Cathy. In addition, Brodskaya involved in the filming of the series «the Mediator» and «Final Olympics». These films promise to show the audience until the end of 2015.

    In addition to filming a movie, the actress manages to play in the Omsk academic drama theatre and youth theatre on Fontanka in Saint-Petersburg.

    Kristina Brody: personal life

    Despite his young age, the actress does not like secular parties, not upload your pictures to Instagram, almost comes to social networks and strongly hides her personal life from prying eyes. According to the actress, the best time for her is spent at home, and the perfect holiday in her understanding in the family.

    Few years, the young star of TV series met with a colleague acting workshop by Artem Krylov. But this spring it became known that Brodsky gave birth to a daughter by actor Igor Petrenko, best known for the film «Driver for Vera». The couple met in the city on the Neva, and between them broke out passion. After some time Christine left the beloved Artem, and Petrenko filed for divorce from his wife actress Ekaterina Klimova, after her short romance with the musician.

    Brodskaya and Petrenko few months concealed the birth of her daughter. The girl was born in St. Petersburg December 24, 2014, a girl named Sofia Carolina. The first to take care of a newborn Christine helped mom Ilona Brodskaya. In the spring the actress spent with my daughter one and a half months in the Crimea, accompanying civil husband Igor on the set. And not so long ago, she and her family moved to live to Moscow. To formalize their relationship with Igor Petrenko Brodskaya is in no hurry, stating that he was happy and without a stamp in the passport.

    Kristina Brody: filmography

    • The finale of the Olympics
    • Soul of a spy
    • Tatianina night
    • Gregory R.
    • Rosicknote
    • Shock therapy
    • Realtor
    • The Frenchman
    • Police major
    • Scout
    • Underpass
    • Patrol. Vasilievsky island
    • My dear man
    • COP war 6
    • Split

    Kristina Brody: photo

    Kristina Brody

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