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  • Name: Christina Kazinskoe ( Kristina Kazinskaya )
  • Date of birth: 3 October 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Kaliningrad, Russia
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Christina Kazinskoe: biography

    Kazinskiy Christina Anna was born in October 1989 in Kaliningrad. The girl grew up in the family, far from the world of theatre and cinema – Christina’s mother runs a simple dressmaker, and the father serves in the airborne troops.

    In five years, Christina, along with her mother and father moved from Kaliningrad to Moscow, where he was born her younger brother max. The difference in age between brother and sister is almost ten years.

    From childhood Christine was professionally engaged in ballroom dancing, also attended the drama Studio. In addition, she speaks fluent English, enjoys fencing and horse riding.

    Until 2011, Christina Kazinskoe studied at the Theater school. Shchukin – the girl got on the course Nifontova Yu. within the target set for the State academic Central theatre of dolls. Obraztsova. Interestingly, before entering into the acting Department, Christine hesitated for a long time, because the father advised his daughter to become a lawyer.

    After graduation, Christina worked in the theater. Vakhtangov, where he participated in the formulation of the ‘Unlearned Comedy’.

    Christina Kazinskoe: movies

    Despite the fact that on television Christina Kazinskoe appeared relatively recently in 2010, five years in total, she had to star in eleven roles. The first work aspiring actress was the role in the film «In Russia it is snowing», which, unfortunately, was not filmed until the end. Then in 2011, Christine has got a prominent role in 22 series of paintings, entitled «the Singer of freedom». In the same year, the actress appeared in the 8th season of «the Lawyer».

    His first major role, Kristina Kazinskaya starred in the film «the Link», hit the screens in 2012. In General, this year was a very busy actress – she was involved in several projects. Christina got the role in the TV series «the Ranger» series («Feud»), «Fight» and «Without time limitation».

    The following year the actress appeared in the episode of the painting «the Treasure of Genghis Khan’s grave». 2014 has brought her role in the TV series «Case Matagami», «Practice», where she appears in the fifth series.

    Many viewers know Christina Kazinskoe it is for the role of a mysterious and beautiful girl named Anya from the TV series «

  • Chernobyl. Exclusion zone» (TNT). In the story the heroine Christina rides into the exclusion zone in support of young people – a girl is trying to figure out the details of the disappearance of his sister, who disappeared in the year of the Chernobyl accident. Not necessary to keep all the experiences in themselves because of distrust to other fellow travelers, whom she knows recently. The heroine was determined to learn the truth about the fate of the sisters. Before Christine adopted the role of Anya, she had to pass the difficult casting. After the first successful attempt went the re in which the girl failed. But the third sample put everything in its place, and the role finally went to Christine.

    To cope with the long-awaited role of time was not easy shooting the first season took place in the fall, although in the story it was summer. In this regard, the actors often had to freeze right in the frame, not forgetting to play the scenario. For example, it was not easy for the scene on the Ferris wheel, where Anya is Pasha’s the first kiss. Both actors were shaking from the cold and was not afraid to hit each other on the lips. In addition, almost all the tricks associated with falling, in the film Christine acted alone.

    In 2015, the young actress managed to star in the film «the Guy from our cemetery», the premiere of which is scheduled for September.

    Christina Kazinskoe: personal life

    Currently, Kristina Kazinskaya not married. The actress has their sympathy, which she does not apply.

    After the release of the first season of «Chernobyl» supporters began to actively discuss in the network novel, which allegedly happened at Christina Kazinskoe with his colleague on the set of Konstantin Davydov played the role of Pasha. And, despite the fact that official confirmation of this information, none of the guys had, fans of the series do not lose hope for the continuation of a romantic relationship the heroes of history, not only on screen but also in real life.

    Christina Kazinskoe: filmography

    • «Fight»
    • «The practice»
    • «The secrets of Institute for noble maidens»
    • «Link»
    • «Chernobyl. Exclusion zone»
    • «Without output»
    • «Case Matagami»
    • «The guy from our cemetery»

    Christina Kazinskoe: photo

    Christina Kazinskoe

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