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  • Name: Kristina Orbakaite ( Kristina Orbakayte )
  • Date of birth: 25 may 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: singer, actress, honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Kristina Orbakaite biography

    Biography of Christina Aguilera is a Prime example of how persistence, perseverance and work on yourself to help build a career. Confirms this fact the award to the artist in 2013, President Vladimir Putin the title of «Honored artist of the Russian Federation».

    Kristina Orbakaite
    Honored artist of the Russian Federation |

    Edmundovna Kristina Orbakaite was born in Moscow on 25 may 1971. From a young age she was only surrounded by creative people. Mother Christina is a Diva Russian singer Alla Pugacheva. The father of the future star became Mykolas Edmundas ORBacus – Lithuanian circus worker and film Director. Christine’s childhood spent in the Lithuanian village of Sventoji at the Baltic sea. When she was four, her parents divorced, but father continued to participate actively in the life of the daughter.

    Kristina Orbakaite and her mother Alla Pugacheva
    With mother Alla Pugacheva | LiveInternet

    In Moscow, Kristina Orbakaite went to a special school with an English language bias. Besides, the girl is constantly engaged in singing and playing the piano. Cristina after a first trip to the Bolshoi theater asked Dolly parton to give her to the ballet. The selection Committee then noted that Orbakaite has a natural plasticity, but the ballet is not seduced by the young girl, and a year later Orbakaite left the dance school.

    Kristina Orbakaite
    The young actress | raparazzi

    Purchased at the ballet school of skills is still useful girl in the ballet group «Retsital» Alla. In addition, in 1995, aspiring actress arrives in the Russian Academy of theatre arts on the acting Department, while simultaneously playing on the Small stage of the Moscow art theatre. First played the role in the play «Monday after the miracle» has been awarded the prize for best actress.

    The Works Of Christina Aguilera

    In seven years, Christine could be seen on TV: the girl performed in the program «Merry notes» of the song «the Sun is laughing». In 1982 she sang the song of Igor Nikolaev «Let them talk» is known then the program «Morning mail».

    In 1992, the young singer launched a solo music career. The girl debuted at the annual event «Christmas meetings». Then she sang the song «let’s Talk», then there were songs, and videos — «Bitter hangover» and «Call me.» These songs formed the basis of the first album «Loyalty», which was released in 1993.

    At first Christine thought only «singing» daughter Diva. But she was hard to success, dancing and singing, filmed the video. Do not forget the actress and about the film. In 1995, the girl starred in the film «Limit» Denis Evstigneev, and two years later came the film «the Way, dear, dear», where Orbakaite has starred with Vladimir Presnyakov.

    In 1996 Orbakaite concert at «Carnegie Hall». Then there was the second album by Christina «Zero hours zero minutes.» At the same time was released the video for the song «tango» and «Verbecke».In 1998 appeared the new album «You». It included twelve brand new songs, five of which were written the Alla Pugacheva. She performed and produced for his daughter.

    In 2000, Orbakaite has been recognized as one of the most popular performers in Russia, received the award for «The World Music Awards». Then was a fruitful period of creative collaboration of the singer with the artist of Turkish origin Avraam Russo. Songs Christina Orbakajte and Avraam Russo «Love that’s gone» and «Just loving you» two years in a row brought performers award «Golden gramophone». The musicians together and recorded some poignant lyrical songs, however, after a year working together the Duo broke up due to creative and personal differences.

    In the 2000s, the singer continues to tour in Russia and abroad. In 2013, the singer gave his fans a tenth album, «Masks», which included songs like «goodbye, summer», «Once and forever», «Piaf… Last night» and others. It should be noted that the album has received mixed criticism. Along with the good from the point of view of the reviewer songs sung by Christina song Alla Pugacheva «goodbye, summer» not very good, in the original, she sounds more shrill.

    2016 Christina Aguilera was marked by the first solo concert in Australia. Then the singer presented the following album «Insomnia». Biography Christina Aguilera continues to evolve, the artist is in demand and loved by a whole army of fans.


    The real popularity came to the girl with the release of the 1983 film by Rolan Bykov «Scarecrow». Sensitive and realistic acting of the little girl was struck by Russian and foreign masters of film industry, Orbakaite began to write, even in foreign media. So, in «Los Angeles Times» young actress was compared to Meryl Streep, and other famous magazines called game girls outstanding. It should be noted that Christina was selected for the role in the film from several hundred students of Moscow. But the Bulls decided it was better Christina nobody will be able to play a girl who fights for the right to the «I».

    Kristina Orbakaite in the film
    Bright role in the film «Scarecrow» | RG.RU

    After the resounding success of the drama «Chuchelo» the young artist was invited to the shooting of a movie. In the nineties Orbakaite appeared in several films: «Vivat, cadets!», the next part of this movie «Gardemariny-3» in the movie «the Charity ball».

    In the beginning of Aguilera, in addition to filming in films (melodrama, «Women’s happiness» and the musical «snow Queen»), he tried himself in the role of serial actress. So, Christine took part in the shooting of two telenovelas: «Moscow Saga» and «like kind exchange».

    Kristina Orbakaite in the film
    Gosha Kutsenko in the movie «Love-carrot 3» | Review

    In 2007 Orbakaite appeared in the historical film «Conspiracy» dedicated to the murder of Grigory Rasputin. From the movies, which were attended by the actress, it is worth noting the trilogy Comedy «Love-carrot», where the actress played the main role together with Gosha Kutsenko. Tape success was so great that the creators had twice delighted the audience with a comic continuation of the story.

    Personal life of Christina Aguilera

    The first time Christina got married at a very young age, at sixteen. Her lover was Vladimir Presnyakov-younger. Despite the strong feelings, the couple did not register their marriage officially, after reaching Christine’s age, but to live together they began immediately after the start of the relationship. From this marriage, the singer has a son Nikita was born in 1991, when Orbakaite was twenty years old. Civil marriage Orbakaite and Presnyakov split up in the late nineties. According to the testimony of the tabloids, the reason for the separation of the pair was the novel of Vladimir and fashion designer Elena Lena. The artist himself did not comment on these allegations, but after the «divorce» Presnyakov with the singer Lena it became the new wife of Vladimir.

    Kristina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov's son Nikita
    Vladimir Presnyakov and his son Nikita | Instagrammi

    The second civil marriage, the actress has signed Ruslan Baysarov, Chechen successful entrepreneur. From him Christine gave birth to in 1998, son Danny. The choice of a new lover was a surprise to the entourage of the singer, however, she had no doubt that Ruslan is the man of her dreams. However, the personal life of Christina Aguilera, not really. This Union did not last long, the reason for its collapse was mainly infidelity Baysarov.

    Kristina Orbakaite and Ruslan Baysarov
    With the second civil husband Ruslan Baysarov | TCH

    In 2009, between Ruslan and Christina broke out of a major media scandal. The pair challenged each other’s right to custody of their joint child. The dispute was resolved in court, according to the decision of the Supreme Court of the Chechen Republic, both parents had the right to custody of the child. Denis could take turns living with both parents, the preference was given to the one who at the moment will not be in the business.

    Kristina Orbakaite with the family
    With the husband Michael Zemtsov and children |

    Personal life Christina Aguilera got better after her marriage with Mikhail Zemtsov, American dentist and entrepreneur. This is the first officially registered marriage Christina, the singer is seven years older than her husband. Kristina Orbakaite and Mikhail Zemtsov got married in 2005 in Miami, and in 2012 the couple had a daughter Claudia.


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    Kristina Orbakaite

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