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  • Name: Christina Aguilera ( Christina Maria Aguilera )
  • Date of birth: 18 March 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: new York, USA
  • Height: 157
  • Activity: singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, producer
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Christina Aguilera: a biography

    Christina Aguilera was born in the most southern part of new York, Staten island. Her father, Fausto Xavier Aguilera, an immigrant from Ecuador, was a professional soldier. The mother, Shelly Lorraine Fidler, a former violinist and pianist, member of a Youth Symphony Orchestra USA, at the time of birth of the eldest daughter has already stopped a stage career and became a teacher of English at school. Christine is 6 years younger sister Rachel.

    Especially to call a carefree childhood Kristina’s impossible, primarily because her father was very authoritarian, and his despotism was suppressed both men and children. A year after the birth of the youngest daughter, Shelly takes the children and files for divorce. She moved to Pennsylvania with his mother.

    Musical talent apparently went to Kristina through the maternal line. It is very the wound is beginning to prove himself as a gifted singer. In 8 years she is in second place at the children’s talent show Star Search, performing a fairly complex song of Whitney Houston «The Greatest Love of All». The next notable success was the performance of the American national anthem at the opening of sports games in Pittsburgh. At that time Christina was 11 years old. A year starts the famous American TV show «the Mickey mouse Club», and the young Aguilera becomes one of the participants of the project, together with such future stars as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, etc.

    Big load and employment on the show has led to the fact that Aguilera in the 8th grade decides to quit secondary school and focus on his own career. A greater amount of free time systematically leads to an increase in the number of projects which involved the aspiring singer. She performs in Japan and in Romania, recorded the song «Reflection» for disney’s «Mulan». This soundtrack has been so successful that it was nominated for a Golden globe and brought Aguilera first professional contract with a record label RCA Records.


    In 1999, Christina Aguilera released their debut album «Christina Aguilera». It immediately became popular, and the single «Genie in a Bottle» is a # 1 hit not only in America but also in 14 countries. In the most famous music chart Billboard song kept the leading position for 5 weeks in a row. The second single «What a Girl Wants» not only repeated the fate of the first songs and became the best song of the year from a commercial point of view. Thanks to these hits from the first album, Christina Aguilera has gone 10 times platinum and brought the singer awards such as Grammy awards, ASCAP Pop Music BMI, Blockbuster, Ivor Novello, Teen com.

    In 2000 Christina released a Spanish album «Mi Reflejo». Basically it repeated the first record, but the songs were performed in Spanish. Also, there were 5 new things. In the US the drive has not had much commercial success, but in Spanish-speaking countries have received recognition and awards «Latin Grammy» as the best album of the year.

    In the same year produced the Christmas CD «My Kind of Christmas». Interestingly, the album gets into the top 30, despite the fact that there are no promo singles were not issued.

    In 2001, Aguilera with Pink, Maya and Lil Kim make a splash, performing a cover version of the famous song «Lady Marmalade» as the soundtrack for the film «Moulin Rouge». The song and the Quartet received a Grammy, the video was named best video of the year in many countries, and the single a week stayed in the top positions in all charts.

    The next album «Stripped» was born hard, the release was delayed several times, but in October 2002 took place all the same. Very candid song «Dirrty» received the award Q Awards, and the romantic ballad «Beautiful» became not only a Grammy award winner, but also the most titled song Aguilera.

    Another 2 songs from this album rock song «Fighter» and the feminist anthem «can’t Hold Us Down» — was able to reach first places of the hit parades.

    The new album fans had to wait 4 years. In 2006 saw the release of the CD «Back to Basics», and three songs from it became hits — «ain’t no Other Man», «Hurt» and «Candyman». And then again, a 4-year break. Only in 2010 the album «Bionic» in the style of sintipop. This record had an interesting incident: a very cool greeted the audience and this album still remains the most unsuccessful in commercial terms, but critics have called it the peak of creativity of the singer.

    Perhaps affected by the fact that Aguilera together with singer cher at the same time worked on the musical «Burlesque» where he performs a major role. And a CD with songs from this show had a much greater success than the album.

    The last Studio album the Aguilera today is «Lotus», which was released in 2012 and had moderate success. In the U.S. chart, he took 7th place in Europe, the popularity of the record was even smaller.

    Despite the low sales of the last two albums, Christina Aguilera is among the most successful artists of the new Millennium. And Rolling Stone magazine included her name in the list of the 100 greatest artists of all time. Moreover, she became the youngest participant of the rating.

    Personal life

    The first serious relationship for Christina Aguilera’s happened with the dancer of its troupe George Santos. Their relationship lasted two years, but the couple broke up after Santos decided to leave the professional dancer to become a music Manager. Christine has devoted boyfriend two songs «Underappreciated» and «Infatuation».

    In 2002, Aguilera met with producer Jordan Brahmanam. 3 years they were Dating, then Jordan made a proposal, and they became spouses. In 2008 the couple had a son Max of layron Bratman. After five years of marriage, Aguilera and Bratman broke up, but remained in good relations.

    Today, Christine lives in a civil marriage with actor Matthew Zatleram, whom she met on the set of the musical «Burlesque.» In February 2014 he was announced the engagement pair, and six months later they had a daughter summer Rhine, Ratler.

    In 2007, Christina Aguilera started his own perfume company Christina Aguilera that regularly produces fragrances for women.


    • 1999 — Christina Aguilera
    • 2000 — Mi Reflejo
    • 2000 — My Kind of Christmas
    • 2002 — Stripped
    • 2006 — Back to Basics
    • 2008 — Keeps Gettin’ Better: A Decade of Hits
    • 2010 — Bionic
    • 2010 — Burlesque
    • 2012 — Lotus


    Christina Aguilera

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