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  • Name: Christian Louboutin ( Christian Louboutin )
  • Date of birth: 7 January 1963
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Paris
  • Activities: French fashion designer shoes
  • Marital status: not married

    Christian Louboutin biography

    Christian Louboutin was born in Paris in January 1963. His parents were very distant from the world of fashion and art. Father Roger Louboutin, he worked in the carpentry shop, Irene’s mother is a housewife. The family lived very modestly. The little Christian in Louboutins have grown by another three children.

    In 1971, when Christian Louboutin was 8 years old, the boy visited the national Museum of Africa and Oceania. Entering the room, he noticed a sign with a sign that forbids to enter the wearing of high heels is stiletto. Crossover Shoe somehow the most etched in memory. He later admitted that from that day he first became interested in women’s shoes.

    In his school notebooks Christian appeared the first sketches of shoes. This hobby soon took all the attention of the guy. The study was interested in little: the cause of underperformance was expelled from 4 schools. All the free time He spent in the theater. Most of all he was worried about dancer. Rather, their feet shod in shoes with high heels. It dancers in high heels later, the designer called his first style icons.

    In the mid-1970s the Louboutin has got a book about French designer of luxury shoes Roger Vivier, who was also born in Paris. According to Christian, it is like lightning pierced: this was the task that he wanted to tie the rest of his life.

    After school the designer went to the School of fine arts, where he studied theater and sculpture. In the late 1970s, Christian Louboutin got his first job – cabaret «Folies Berger». Here it was his duty to pick up the costumes of the dancers. At the same time he was making sketches of shoes for the artists.

    In 1979, Christian Louboutin sent on a long journey through Egypt and India, which lasted a year and a half. In 1981, he returned to his hometown, He immediately went with the fashion houses of Paris. Everywhere he showed his folder with the best sketches of shoes. These sketches 18-year-old boy became interested in famous designer and couturier Charles Jourdan. He specialized in shoes and accessories. Louboutin was adopted by the student. 2 years journeyman Christian studied hard to determine the right size and cut the pad. In the late 1980s, the able young couturier took a freelance designer in the fashion house «Chanel» and «Yves Saint Laurent».

    Shoes from Louboutin

    The first design of Christian Louboutin appeared in 1988. It was a provocative pumps-«egg». This model of shoes was remarkable in that it revealed the inner curve of the foot and part of the fingers, what the designer thinks is very sexy.

    In 1990, He received the first individual orders. His designer shoes are becoming more popular in the Parisian fashionistas. This has prompted the young designer to the opening of the first boutique. The number of orders and sales are soaring. Next year Christian Louboutin is officially registers its own brand «Christian Louboutin». Shoes louboutins (or as they are often called «louboutins») are the stars.

    As a Christian working on his next masterpiece, think about that «something special», without which the model of shoes look bland. Suddenly the sight of the master fell on the mannequin, which at the time was painting her nails in his Studio. The red nail Polish was the brilliant final touch, which made the designer’s name all over the world.

    In 1994 appeared the first collection of shoes, the soles of which were painted red. This discovery was patented and called «follow me» (which means «follow me»). The following year, shoes Christian Louboutin walked on the catwalk fashion models fashion houses Jean Paul Gaultier, Chloe, Azzaro, Givenchy and Lanvin.

    And in 1996, the designer has a new collection called «Lucite». The fashionable shoes feature clear heels. Each pair of such shoes is a real masterpiece. For example, for an actress Ariel Dombasle Christian made shoes, the heels of which were visible scraps of love letters her husband, strands of hair and feathers.

    The network of boutiques Louboutin is expanding in all the countries of Europe and America. In 1997, they appeared in London. And in 1999, flagship stores Parisian Shoe designer have already been opened in new York and Los Angeles. In the shoes of Christian Louboutin opened in 2003 on Petrovka.

    In the 2000s, Christian Louboutin, almost every year produces a new collection of shoes. In 2007, the line «Fetish», in 2009-m – «Marie Antoinette». In the same year appeared a fad, issued jointly by the designer and wine company «Piper Heidsieck». This is an exclusive set of decorative shoes and a bottle of champagne, which left the autograph Louboutin. And in 2009, there was a line of men’s shoes from couturier.

    The year 2010 was also marked by several novelties in the wizard. The main is a collection of shoes with colored straps, called «lively» in honor of actress and model Blake lively. In the same year shoes «Christian Louboutin» newspaper «Footwear News» calls itself sexy.

    2011 was marked by scandal. Christian Louboutin filed a lawsuit against fashion house «Yves Saint Laurent» because the brand has released the shoes in which, as did the designer, copied the red sole is patented by «Louboutin». A long-running lawsuit ended in victory for Louboutin. Since then, «Yves Saint Laurent» has the right to produce shoes with red soles only in the model that are dyed completely red.

    And 2011 is notable for the world of high fashion with the release of extremely-high shoes Louboutin heels to 20 inches. The creation of a collection of wizard inspired ballerina and the position of their feet while dancing.

    In 2012, the brand «Christian Louboutin» celebrated the anniversary – the 20th anniversary. In recent years Maestro from the world of fashion seriously thinking about creating a cosmetic line and designer jewelry. Biography Christian Louboutin is the shoes that wore and continue to wear the legends and stars. Shoes louboutins was Elizabeth Taylor and Princess of Monaco. They are Catherine Deneuve and cher. Almost every wealthy fashionista has shoes from the famous designer.

    Personal life

    Parisian Creator of the most fashionable shoes does not hide their affiliation to sexual orientation. Louboutin to be openly gay. He said that it has long been known by his relatives, who calmly accepted this fact.

    Christian Louboutin is in a relationship with Louis Benes. Louis landscape designer. Together this couple since 1997.


    Christian Louboutin

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