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  • Name: Christian Clavier ( Christian Clavier, Jean-Marie )
  • Date of birth: 6 may 1952
  • Age: 64 years
  • Place of birth: Paris
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: French actor, writer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Christian clavier biography

    Christian Jean-Marie clavier, which the domestic audience like Christian clavier, was born in may 1952 in Paris. His parents were people of art and worked in a Bank. Not especially interested in art and the Christian – he was more interested in politics. So after finishing primary school he went to Neuilly-sur-Seine, a commune on the Western outskirts of Paris, where he enrolled in the prestigious lycée Louis Pasteur.

    After graduating from the Lyceum, where Christian clavier was fascinated by science and Communist ideas (he even joined the ranks of the local Communist party), the young man went to study further. He chose the Paris Institute of politics and started to get the profession of a scientist.

    But after 2 years, the interest in politics has suddenly dried up. This is the vacant place was occupied by a huge passion for theater and acting. Christian clavier, together with his wife and associates with whom he became close friends back in high school, he staged his first play. It was a Comedy called «there’s George». The premiere took place in the popular Bohemian theater-cafe «Column». Clavier and his wife Anne-Marie immediately called «the most explosive pair,» which appeared in the café-theatre in its entire history.

    Creative debut was quite successful and clavier decided to go further down this road. Christian dropped out of University and enrolled in acting school at the theater Silly Chelton, where a few years learning the secrets of acting. At the same time, the actor appeared in the Comedy troupe «a Great team» («Le Splendid», which was organized together with some like-minded people.


    A cinematic biography Christian clavier began some time after the formation of «Le Splendid». First, the artists staged theatrical productions. The best of them critics recognized the play «the Janitor fell down the stairs», «No, George, not here» and «I want a break!!!».

    But in 1972, one of the miniatures «Le Splendid» was filmed. Viewers saw the Comedy-Grotesk under the name «Santa Claus – hell-raisers». Christian Clavie in this Comedy film played a drag Queen Katya. The film was quite successful.

    Since 1973, a group of comedians under the direction clavier has created more than 20 films. How successful were these works can be judged by the number of nominations for the most prestigious French césar award. 15 times the creation of Christian clavier was nominated for this award.

    In 1975, a cinematic biography Christian clavier continued rapid development. The actor made his debut in the Comedy film «do Not be silent because there is nothing to say.» But it was not the project «Le Splendid», and directing the work of Jacques Bernard. In the same year, clavier starred in the military drama «Let the celebration begin», where he was invited by Bertrand Tavernier. On the set of a Christian was found with well-known actors Philippe noiret and Jean Rochefort. They got the main roles.

    After 2 years, the actor first played together with gérard Depardieu. It happened in the action-Thriller «Tell her I love her» by Claude Miller. The film received several nominations for «Cesar».

    In the following, 1978, Christian clavier starred in the Comedy «Sunburnt,» directed by Patrice Leconte. In this film the actor first played with his wife Marie-Anne Chazelles. The project was a huge success, so in 1979 continued – «the Suntanned ski».

    In 1982, the actor met on the set with Jean Reno. They played a major role in a Comedy film «Operation «Stew». This tape is notable in that clavier was a co-author of its script.

    To meet again with Renault clavier could in the film «Lust for gold». Not to say that this project brought the actor immense popularity. It happened some time later, when the screens out a fantastic Comedy «Aliens» by Jean-Marie Poire. Here again was found a stunning Duo clavier Reno. At this time the project was a resounding success and brought the two stars of the French cinema awards «Cesar».

    The «Aliens» Christian clavier appeared in the comic image of the medieval peasant squire named «Jaqui Rapscallion.» His signature exclamation «Okkkkkkkayyyyyyy!!!» immediately turned into a popular meme. Brilliant to bring the image on the screen, Christian was able thanks to the recent fascination with social ideas. «Jaqui Rascal» is the collective character of the French commoners of the middle Ages.

    Domestic audience Christian clavier is especially fond of after an exit on the Russian screens Comedy film about Asterix and Obelix. These heroes, as we know, played the clavier and Gerard Depardieu.

    In the early 2000s, the French star has starred in the films «Aliens in America» (sequel to «Aliens»), «Between angel and devil» and the historical tape «Napoleon». The latest project though has received many mixed reviews and critics, but was awarded the «Emmy».

    Personal life

    As mentioned above, during training in Lyceum, the actor met his future wife Marie-Anne Chazelles. Together they debuted quite well on stage and has long been a great couple.

    In 1983 Clive Christian and Marie-Anne was born the only daughter, whom they named Margot. The second daughter was not destined to be born: a girl died during childbirth in 1999.

    The personal life of Christian clavier and Marie-Anne Chazelles flowed in one direction for 30 years. But in 2001 the couple decided to leave.


    • «Do not be silent because you have nothing to say»
    • «Tell her I love her»
    • «Tanned»
    • «Operation «Stew»
    • «Thirst of gold»
    • «Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra»
    • «Asterix and Obelix against Caesar»
    • «Aliens»
    • «Aliens in America»
    • «Between angel and devil»
    • «Napoleon»


    Christian Clavier

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