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  • Name: Christian Bale ( Christian Charles Philip Bale )
  • Date of birth: 30 January 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Haverfordwest
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor of Welsh origin
  • Marital status: Married

    Christian bale: biography

    Christian Charles Philip bale was born in January 1974 in West Wales, in the family of the pilot and actress of the circus. Christian was the youngest child. In addition to his family was three daughters grew up. Bails often changed residence, moving from England to Portugal, from Portugal to the United States. Christian Carl Philip was subsequently named 15 cities, which changed his family until he grew up.

    A talent for acting Christian showed from a young age. As it turned out, these abilities he inherited: both grandparents were actors and managed to keep good relations in the world of cinema that over time will be useful and a granddaughter. In the 9 years bale appeared on the screen British television. He appeared in ads for cereal grain. After a year, Chris played a small role in a production of «the Nerd», where came on stage together with the famous Comedy actor Rowan Atkinson, whom we know as Mr. bean. British comedian praised the gifted boy and invited him into her production of «the Nerd».

    To study acting, Christian bale started late. At the age of 20, he auditioned and course of study at the Royal Academy of dramatic art, and then enrolled in the London school of speech and drama.


    Debut role in a movie for 13-year-old British actor was the role of yum-Yuma, friend of the main character in the film «Mio, my Mio» by Vladimir Grammatikov. The film was released in 1987 and was a joint Soviet-Scandinavian project.

    But the world-famous Christian bale made a second picture – drama, Steven Spielberg’s «Empire of the sun». The film tells about the events in China during the Second world war. Bale played an English teenager living with his parents in Shanghai. That role at the young artist showered with numerous awards. One of them handed over to the national Council of film critics USA.

    Collapsed on the bale, the glory proved to be an unbearable burden for a teenager. Constant interviews, press conferences, presentations so oppressed Christian that he decided to interrupt the movie.

    15-year-old Chris was back on the screen together with the picture of «Henry V», based on the works of Shakespeare. Then followed the movies «treasure Island» and «murder of Quality».

    A new stage in Christian bale film career began in 1992 when he was 18 years old. The artist began to trust the «adult» role. First he played in the musical film «newspaper Sellers», where the ability of Christopher to sing and dance. The tape would fail, but nevertheless the audience is noted and remembered the charismatic artist. The next music tape – drama «Swingers», got extremely high marks from critics and audience success.

    Soon on the big screens out the picture «Little women». She was immediately recognized as a best seller and 3 times nominated for «Oscar».

    During this period, the bale is removed very much. Year came out a few films with his participation. The most striking of them – «portrait of a lady», where Christian starred with Nicole Kidman and comic strip «Metroland». It is possible to note and a picture «American psycho», where the actor had to embody the image of a brutal killer and maniac Patrick batmen. In this Thriller, bale was able to convincingly play a man with split personality. Besides, he thought it was greatly to build muscle. The role demanded a lot of physical and psychological stress and a huge work. Bale’s efforts paid off: he got into some of the most sought-after actors.

    In 2004, he inherited a very difficult role of Trevor in the film «the Machinist» Director brad Anderson. For this work he lost 60 pounds of weight and really turned into a «living corpse», as was required by the plot. But for the image of the hero of Gotham city in «Batman begins», released in 2005, Christian bale, on the contrary had to gain weight. His man-bat was extremely compelling and attractive.

    From a number of movies Christian Bale that have occurred since 2005, critics say the drama «the Prestige,» which tells about a young illusionist, and military drama «rescue dawn» about the war in Vietnam.

    Rich in good in the picture becomes 2009. Bale appeared in the crime drama about a Columbian drug Lord «Killing Pablo,» based on a true story, and the way John Connor in «Terminator: salvation».

    The next year brought bale the award «Golden globe» and the long-awaited «Oscar» for his work in the film «Fighter». The same awards were given to Christian and 2014 for his work in criminal tragicomic film «Scam American way».

    Personal life

    Bale is one of the few Hollywood actors whose name almost never appeared in the limelight of the tabloids. Personal life Christian bale is his family. In January 2000, the actor married former model Sandra «SIBI», Blazic, became an independent producer of short films.

    In the spring of 2005 they had a daughter Emmeline, and in the summer of 2014 had a son Joseph.


    • Mio, my Mio
    • Empire of the sun
    • Henry V
    • «Treasure island
    • The murder of a gentleman
    • Sellers news
    • Swingers
    • Driver
    • Rescue dawn
    • Fighter
    • American hustle


    Christian Bale

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