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  • Name: Chris Pine ( Christopher Whitelaw Pine )
  • Date of birth: 26 August 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles
  • Height: 185
  • Activity: American actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Chris pine: a biography

    Christopher Whitelaw «Chris» pine is the full name of the famous actor Chris pine. He was born in August 1980. Perhaps Chris was destined to become an actor. After two generations of his family have chosen this profession. Father and mother were actors. Maternal grandmother at the time, also shone in Hollywood. Even grandfather, although he was a lawyer but also had to do with the dream factory: he was the head of the lawyers ‘ Association, the famous American film industry.

    In the veins of Chris pine’s mixed English, Welsh and Jewish blood. A Jew was the same grandfather-the lawyer who led the Hollywood lawyers.

    The childhood and youth of Chris pine took place in Los Angeles. In school, he leaned on languages and literature. After leaving school he entered the University at Berkeley where studied the English language. Bachelor’s degree, went to the UK, where during the year continued to improve in linguistics.

    But all these years, Chris pine is keenly interested in the stage. He first appeared on stage in high school. Often performed on Williamstowne and theatre festival in the Berkshire hills. Pine improved their skills during training at the University of California. His parents are film stars of the first magnitude. Mom even had to leave her career as an actress and to retrain the practicing psychologist. Why pine decided to glorify the name of his duty.


    First, Chris pine appeared on the theatrical stage. But he sought at the screen, knowing that fame can only come so. Debuted aspiring actor, like many of his young colleagues, in the series. He was lucky to get a small role in the popular project «Ambulance», which was released with 1994 to 2009. Then there were several famous episodes in the series.

    Easy style of play, looseness and attractive young actor was seen. Soon, the cinematic biography of Chris pine grows larger works in the movies. The first major role in a feature film he got in 2004. Pine was invited to the drama «the Princess Diaries 2: How to be Queen,» where he played the beloved heroine Anne Hathaway.

    The film had high ratings, but not glorified pine. It happened after 2 years, when he appeared in the Comedy-crime Thriller Director Joe Carnahan. In «Trump aces» Chris met on the set with Jeremy Paveena, ray Liotta and Ryan Reynolds. In this turning point 2006, pine has starred in two projects – in the drama «Surrender Dorothy» and the Comedy film «a Kiss for good luck.» In the latter film, his partner was Lindsay Lohan.

    Starting with the 2006 movie career of Chris pine is developing rapidly. It becomes clear that the son will be able to what so aspired his parents-actors. Huge popularity brought him the role of the young blind boy who is looking for his soul mate. This touching Comedy called «blind Date» made Chris pine’s over the top.

    The trend continued after the release of the Comedy melodrama «Blow bottle» Randall Miller, which premiered in 2008. But to claim the status of the star actor was able, when he appeared in main roles of the acclaimed films «Star trek» and «enterprise». Critics praised the mastery of pine in these projects high enough.

    Of the last works of Chris pine as the best are the movie «Carriers», the black Comedy «the Lieutenant of Inishmore island» and action-painting «Unmanaged» in which he played together with the legendary Denzel Washington.

    In autumn 2009 it became known that pine talks about his part in another adaptation of the novel by Tom Clancy «the Art of making money». The candidacy of Chris was considered for the role of CIA analyst Jack Ryan. We will remind that earlier this role was given to such Hollywood stars as Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin.

    In 2014, these plans came to fruition: Chris pine played the main character in the film «Jack Ryan: chaos Theory».

    Personal life

    36-year-old actor could create a family for a long time. The Hollywood hunk doesn’t suffer from the lack of attention of women. Quite the contrary – his huge army of fans. Among the favorite pine was model Dominique Peak, on change which come Icelandic model iris Bjork. Paparazzi repeatedly caught the couple in various romantic places in a cozy Paris restaurant, at the exit of a night club. Chris in many of his interviews, he admitted that he dreams about strong family, loving wife and a large number of children.

    But at the end of 2014 it became known that the relationship between the actor and the model ended. Catch Chris pine were not long alone. In 2015, the Hollywood crowd talking about a new novel by Chris. It is often meet in the company of famous beauty, the daughter of rocker lenny Kravitz Zoe Kravitz. Will Zoe be able to bring inveterate bachelor, the crown is a question of interest to all his fans.


    • «Smokin ‘ aces»
    • «Kiss for luck»
    • «Blind date»
    • «Blow bottle»
    • «Star trek»
    • «Holders»
    • «Unmanaged»
    • «Welcome to people»
    • «This means war»
    • «Jack Ryan: chaos theory»


    Chris Pine

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