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  • Name: Chris Noth ( Christopher David Laptop )
  • Date of birth: 13 November 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Chris noth biography

    Christopher David Nout, better known as Chris noth is an American actor, who became famous thanks to the fashionable television series «Law and order», «Sex in the city» and «the Good wife». After the role of Ben Cooper in the romantic Comedy «the Perfect man» with Note finally has the nickname «the Man of your dreams».

    Christopher was born in Wisconsin, in the small town of Madison. He was the youngest of three sons of an insurance agent and marketer Charles James Laptop and his wife Jeanny Parr, journalist. When Chris was 12, his father got in a terrible car accident from the received traumas has died. The boy and his mother and brothers began to lead a nomadic life.

    The fact that Gianna after her husband signed a contract with well-known broadcasting company of si-Bi-es, and began to travel around the world as a reporter. Christopher has lived in England, Spain, France, Yugoslavia, however, the family for a long time never stayed.

    Of course, to get a systematic education in such conditions was difficult. Yes, and Chris’s Laptop since childhood, sought not to the scientific activity: he had discovered his artistry. The teenager not only read and recited pieces, but also created their own poems. While in high school, the young man did not miss a single school play. And before the show he was, of course, not in the hall, and behind the scenes.

    After school the young man went to one of the most prestigious American universities – Yale University, where for four years he studied the art of drama. Then he began his career on television. After becoming Mature and well-established actor, Chris noth realized his dream and started playing in the theater, including the classic Shakespeare productions that are admired since childhood.


    The first film featuring Chris Note began to be released in the beginning of 80-ies. It was a multi genre film. And then he received an offer to play detective Mike Logan in incredibly rated and popular TV series «Law and order». It is interesting that originally the character was intended as a temporary pass. But fans of the film like the actor, with the result that he became the Central character of the film.

    When in 1995 the leaders of the project «Law and order» chose not to sign a new contract with Chris, for fans of the detective it was a real shock. All viewers agreed that the show went the soul. The producers had nothing to do, as after a few years start series, a sequel to «Law and order. Criminal intent» and return the Note for the same role. There’s the actor playing the famous detective Logan over the next 10 years.

    In addition, Chris noth managed to show their best side in the romantic film «sex and the city», where he was brought in as a partner Sarah Jessica Parker. Other star works of the actor are considered to be a psychological drama «searching for Paradise», the Thriller «the Judge» and Comedy «Fashion thing». Recently Chris noth with Julianne Margulies noted in the legal political orientation series «the Good wife».

    Personal life

    Chris noth during the 90-ies met with the American model Beverly Johnson, who was older than him by a few years, but looked 20 years younger. Then the actor happened a short-term affair with his colleague at Hollywood and Winona Ryder. As he told Chris in an interview, after seeing Winona, he realized that he had some kind of bright flash. The girl seemed to him a celestial and » the Muse of the artist.» But these feelings have cooled down as soon as they were born.

    And in 2003, Chris noth met the actress and businesswoman, Tara Wilson. Over time they dated, then lived with the actual marriage until you were married officially in 2012. Up to this point, their joint son Orion Christopher was four years old.

    The actor proved to be a good businessman. He opened the Manhattan nightclub «The Plumm», a theme tea restaurant «Once Upon a Tea Cup» in Canada and new York cafe «The Cutting Room», which is basically used as a meeting place for professional musicians.


    • 1990-2011 — Law and order
    • 1996 — Born free: a New adventure
    • 1998-2010 — Sex in the city
    • 2001 — the Glass house
    • 2001 — Judge
    • 2002 — In search of Paradise
    • 2005 — the Perfect man
    • 2009-2016 — the Good wife
    • 2013 — Ushi should marry
    • 2015 — classy thing to say


    Chris Noth

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