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  • Name: Kris Kelmi ( Anatoly Kelme )
  • Date of birth: 21 April 1955.
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: singer, composer
  • Marital status: married

    Chris kelmi: biography

    Anatoly Kalinkin was born in Moscow, into a family of builders of the underground. He was the second child. Older brother’s name is Valentin, he’s older Felts for 10 years. For a long time the family lived in a rented with wheels trailer truck, and only when Tole was 5 years, the company «Metrostroy» gave them a separate apartment near the metro station «Airport». After some time, father Arias M. kelmi leaving his wife. In a new family from Kelme, Sr. is born another son, half brother of Anatolia – Eugene, who would later become the administrator of the musician.

    In addition to secondary school Anatoly graduated from musical school named after Dunaevsky, piano. Before getting a passport changing the name of the mother Kalinkin on the native name of the father – Kelme. At the same time, creates his first Amateur group «Sadko». This team did not have a constant composition and lasted 2 years, then merged with another group is falling apart «Airport», which was directed by Alexander Sitkovetsky. This symbiosis was more successful – the new group «Leap summer» performed at the festival «Singing field» in 1977 and even released three albums.

    Higher education Anatoly kelmi received at the Moscow Institute of transport engineers (now the University of Railways). Three years gave the graduate school of the same University.

    In 1983 he entered the school of Music Gnesin on the faculty of variety. Teacher kelmi was Igor Bril, and classmate was also the famous musician Vladimir Kuzmin.


    Get a taste of the stage with the group «Leap summer», kelmi finally chooses music as their professional activities takes the stage name Chris, in honor of the beloved literary character from the book by Stanislaw LEM, «Solaris». Under the name Chris kelmi he joins a group of «Autograph», the first Soviet team that plays progressive rock. In 1980, the group comes all-Union fame after a successful performance at the festival in the capital of the country. Begin recording at the Studio «Melody» and touring under the patronage of Rosconcert. But in the fall of 1980, Kelme leaves «Autograph» to create your own team.

    The Theater of the Lenin Komsomol Chris kelmi organizes the group «Rock-Studio». The firm «Melody» there is a mini-album with the songs «Open the window» and «I sang, when I was flying», and the team is actively involved in theater productions such as «Juno and Avos», «the Star and death of Joaquin Murieta», «People and birds», «Autograd XXI», «Thiel». Also the musicians are the authors of the songs for animated films «Dog in boots» and «the Paradoxes of rock».

    In 1982, the «Rock-Atelier» will debut in the television program «Morning mail» with the song of Chris kelmi «If the Blizzard». Poetry was written for her by songwriter Margarita Pushkina, who has worked well with the group.

    In 1987, Chris kelmi collects a choir of famous musicians and singers in the amount of 27 people to record the song «Closing the circle», which became incredibly popular in a short time.

    Another landmark success for Kelme and «Rock-Atelier» is the song «Night rendezvous», which in Soviet times sounded like a real foreign motive.

    Later kelmi again records songs featuring multiple singers – «I Believe» in 1990 and «Russia is Risen!» in 1994. But the success of the hit «Closing the circle» they failed to repeat that success.

    Also in the early 90s, Chris kelmi received an invitation from the famous American MTV and sent to Atlanta. He became the first Soviet musician, whose performance was shown on American music channel. In 1993, MTV shoots and shows video for the song Chris kelmi «Old wolf», which had in the US with some success.

    Personal life

    The only wife of a musician is kelmi Lyudmila Vasilievna, with whom he lived for more than 30 years. In 1988 the family was born a son, who was named after the famous pseudonym of the father – Christian. For a long time a pair of Kelme was one of the most perfect star couples, but in recent years because of addiction Chris kelmi to alcohol relations of the spouses deteriorated somewhat.

    Despite this, the musician regularly plays favorite big tennis, and also a member of the Amateur soccer team «Starko» composed of stars of show business.


    • 1981 — Open window
    • 1982 — a Fresh breeze
    • 1987 — take-off
    • 1987 — Mirage
    • 1987 — Closing the circle
    • 1987 — Rock Atelier of Chris kelmi
    • 1988 — We know
    • 1990 — Open sesame
    • 1991 — Lady Blues
    • 1994 — never sorry


    Chris Kelmi

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