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  • Name: Chris Evans ( Christopher Robert Evans )
  • Date of birth: 13 June 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Boston
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Chris Evans: a biography

    Christopher Robert Evans born June 13 1981 in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents were typical representatives of the American middle class: father Bob Evans worked as a dentist in the clinic, and his mother Lisa Capuano studied dance and was artistic Director of youth theatre «Concord». When Chris was a kid, my family, the Evanses moved to Sudbury, where the guy spent my childhood. He grew up artistic and friendly child, whom the mother from an early age, taught to dance different dances, including tap dancing.

    Despite the quiet and calm nature, in a secondary school Lincoln, the boy quickly entrenched the role of «bad guy.» Chris was the soul of the company, which has become quite popular in school and had many friends. Future Hollywood star chose the Humanities that require communication with people, but the exact Sciences were given to him with difficulty. Evans collected the books about survival in the wild and loved Hiking, and at one time even wanted to live in the woods.

    Acting the boy became interested in school, thanks to the influence of his elder sister Carly, who played in a local theater. Having played a few bit parts in performances of regional theatre of Massachusetts, Evans decided to devote his life to cinema.

    In 1999, the future actor moved to new York and settled in a small apartment in Brooklyn. He enrolled in the Film Institute and the Lee Strasberg Theatre and began acting in films.


    While still a student, Chris Evans first visited new York to go through annual training and to take part in the TV auditions. The guy was lucky, and he signed a contract with the Agency, so it was a man, who is in search of roles for the young talent.

    In 2000, the actor made his debut on television in the series «Opposite sex.» Tape has not enjoyed great success with the audience and had low ratings, with the result that it was decided to stop shooting after the eighth series. And, although Evans played in the first team, the picture didn’t bring him much popularity. Later, the debut of Chris ‘ feature film, he took part in the filming of the family drama film «the Newcomers» directed by James Allen Bradley. In this tape the actor played on the same site with a rising Hollywood star actress Kate Bosworth.

    The first success and fame came to Chris Evans through participation in the teen Comedy «not another Teen movie» where the actor played a major role. The film was released in December 2001 and was pretty low priced critics, which, however, did not prevent the film to find its audience. The film opened the door to a talented actor in other, more promising and well-paid projects.

    In 2004, the world saw the film «top score», a story about six teenagers, exams. In this movie Chris played for the first time the popular actress Scarlett Johansson. In the same year came the crime tape «Cell», where the main roles were played by stars such as Kim Basinger and Jason Statham. Shooting the film became a huge source of experience for the young actor. Although both paintings have not enjoyed much success nor the critics, nor the audience, the public and the producers have appreciated the acting of Evans.

    The real success and popularity Chris brought the projects inadaptation comics. The first such film for the actor was the picture of the «Fantastic four», which was an adaptation of the eponymous comic book company Marvel. Evans has successfully passed all the auditions and won the role of the Human Torch, signing a contract for participation in the three films of the franchise. The premiere took place in July 2005. Box office the film was quite good, despite the rather mediocre reviews from critics and in 2007 they released the sequel «Fantastic four: rise of the Silver surfer,» which is also quite strongly criticized. The third picture of the project were cancelled in connection with the decision of the film company about the reboot of the series.

    In 2006, in connection with a foot injury Chris refused to shoot in all projects, but in 2007 he returned in several paintings, among them a sci-Fi film about space «Hell» and the Comedy «the nanny Diaries», where the actor met up with his colleague at the actor’s workshop of Scarlett Johansson. Also this year, Evans voiced two animated films: «teenage mutant ninja Turtles», where his voice spoke the character Casey Jones and «Battle for Terra».

    In 2008, the actor took part in the filming of the movie «street Kings» with a truly remarkable cast. On a film set, met the Hollywood legend Keanu Reeves, the winner of the award «Oscar» and forest Whitaker star of the TV series «Dr. house» Hugh Laurie. However, the star cast of the film helped get critical acclaim and box office tape twice exceeded the budget.

    In 2010, Evans appeared in two inadaptation comic book: the movie «the Losers» on the eponymous comic book company «DC Comics» and the film «Scott pilgrim vs. the world» where the actor first got the role of «anti-hero».

    In 2010, Chris Evans was offered the role in the film based on the comic book about Captain America. Actor thrice rejected the proposal of the film before he agreed to sign a contract. At first he was frightened at the duration of the contract: according to him Evans had to take part in the shooting of nine films (later the number of films was reduced to six), as well as the popularity of the franchise. The previous movie series «Iron Man» became extremely popular and made the lead actor Robert Downey Jr. the object of attention of journalists. At that time Chris was not entirely sure that yearns for such popularity. To change its decision, the actor helped friends, following the advice which he signed the contract. Shooting started in late June of the same year, the actor had to train for two hours a day for four months to look like a hero of the American kinokomiksa. Premiere of «the First avenger» was held in July 2011. In General, critics praised the story of a superhero, and the film was nominated for many prestigious awards. The actor himself won the award for «Best superhero» at the «Scream Awards» and was three times nominated as «Best actor». This brought Evans to the world fame and popularity.

    The actor actively fulfill the contract with the company «Marvel Studios» and continues to star in movies about superheroes from comic books. In 2012, the actor played in the movie «the Avengers», in 2013, he appeared in the film «Thor 2: the dark world» and 2014 has given audiences a continuation of the adventures of Captain America «the First avenger: the Other war». In 2015, the screens out the fifth film featuring Evans ‘ «Avengers: age of Ultron». Shooting in a popular movie made Chris one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood and highly sought-after artist of our time. However, due to the participation in a series of movies a movie star almost no time for shooting other projects.

    For 2016, the planned sequel to the films about the adventures of «the Avengers» which might be the last film for the actor in the project according to the signed in 2010 contract.

    Personal life

    Like many Hollywood stars, Chris Evans likes to comment on his personal life. In 2001, he met with actress Jessica Biel, with whom later starred in the films «Cellular» and «London». Their relationship lasted until 2006, however, the actors even after the divorce we stayed friends.

    In 2007 the actor started Dating actress Kelly Minkai, but the affair was short-lived. The pair resumed their relationship in 2012 and were Dating for about a year before finally parting.


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    Chris Evans

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