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  • Name: Chloe Moretz ( Chloe Grace Moretz )
  • Date of birth: 10 February 1997
  • Age: 19 years
  • Place of birth: Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Chloe Moretz: biography

    Chloe Moretz was born in Atlanta February 10, 1987. Her family can call secured. Father is a plastic surgeon and her mother is a nurse. Chloe grew up surrounded by four brothers.

    In 2002 with his mother and older brother, she moved to new York. Brother Trevor was accepted into drama school. Then Chloe became interested in the theatre. She repeated for his brother monologues. For five girls it was strange to quote Tennessee «a Streetcar named desire». However, at 5 years old, and she already knew that he wanted to be an actress.


    The first time the girl came to the shooting in Hollywood. She played in the TV series «Defender» the role of Violetta in two episodes. The first movie role for her was Molly from «the Heart of Beholder», which tells about the family opened a video rental at home.

    Noticed Chloe after the movie «the Amityville Horror» is a remake of the famous horror of the late 70-ies. The actress played Chelsea. For the good work she was even nominated for a Young Artist Award. «Today you die» was a good continuation to the evolving career of Chloe Moretz.

    Apart from the Hollywood action and horror Chloe starred in the TV series. It can be seen in the «Desperate Housewives».

    The year 2010 was rich in luck role in the film «Kick-ass» brought her critical acclaim, although the film professionals have criticized the nines, giving it only 1 star out of 5. To participate in the film, Chloe learned to perform all the stunts by herself. After the movie was released in 2011 at the MTV Movie Awards she received the award «Breakthrough of the year» and «the Star, which udelal all.»

    In 2011, two eminent Director called her into his paintings. It was Martin Scorsese’s «Hugo» and Tim Burton «Dark shadows». In the same year, she played a girl-vampire in the film «Let me in», remake of the Swedish horror movie. Saw the light tragicomedy «provincial» with the participation of a young actress.

    In 2013, Chloe Moretz has agreed to participate in the filming of «Kick-2». And it found really the «star» role of Carrie white in the film «Telekinesis» based on the book by Stephen king. For it in 2014, Chloe received the prestigious award «Saturn» as the «best young actress».

    In 2014, notable was the work of Chloe Moretz in the film «If I stay» about a girl whose soul she decides to stay on earth or to fly to another world.

    Personal life

    Chloe Moretz went unnoticed from the ranks of child actor to teenage period. She is interested in fashion, appearing on the covers of famous magazines. The most important considers family. Two of the four of her brothers are gay. Social networking Moretz promises to add to the black list of fans, homophobes who will dramatically speak about her family.

    It clearly separates personal life and work, not letting the press into his personal Affairs. Early in his career, Chloe Moretz worried about the various gossip and rumour put about by journalists. When asked the actress where they get information, journalists are, as a rule, answered that they are aware of the details of the closest Chloe sources. After such statements the girl she began to spread about the incredible rumors, each different. So she calculated who sell stories about her to the press. Of Moretz made the main thing — you can only trust family.


    • «The Amityville Horror»
    • «Let me in. Saga»
    • «Kick-ass»
    • «The time Keeper»
    • «Dark shadows»
    • «Telekinesis»
    • «The great equalizer»
    • «Sils Maria»
    • «If I stay»


    Chloe Moretz

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