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  • Name: Victoria Dayneko ( Victoria Daineko )
  • Date of birth: 12 may 1987.
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: village of Kirovskiy, Kazakhstan
  • Activities: Russian singer and actress, winner of «star Factory-5»
  • Marital status: married to Dmitry Kleiman

    Cheryl Cole: biography

    Victoria Petrovna Dayneko was born on 12 may 1987 in Kazakhstan, in a small village Kirov Taldy-Kurgan region. Almost immediately after her birth, the family Dayneko moved to Yakutia, in the city of peace. Victoria’s mother worked as a computer programmer, and dad changed many professions: he was a truck driver, a television, a DJ at a private disco, served in the savings Bank the head of Department of automation and worked in a housing cooperative. Victoria was the only child in the family, so got the maximum amount of parental love and complete freedom of action.

    To sing and dance Victoria Daineko beginning in early childhood. In five years, the parents sent the girl to the theater-ballet «Diamonds of Yakutia». But at the same time Vick and developed my singing talent: up to 8 th grade she was singing in the ensemble of «atas». Girl with a beautiful and strong voice was noticed and invited to the local pop group «Reflection», and then to the group «Phaeton» Palace of culture «Almaz». The group has performed at various music venues of the Peace, was mostly covered other people’s hits.

    Viktoriya Dayneko was very visible and recognizable: plastic, with exotic looks and a strong voice. While music education Vick never received: the town was not special schools where they teach pop singing. All the subtleties of vocal performance Vic taught myself, listening to CDs of popular singers and trying to repeat what he heard.

    But not only music and songs occupied all my free time. The girl managed to Express themselves in journalism: in the Lyceum newspaper «the Lyceum» press, she led the heading «it’s important for Us all.» And she’s taught himself English and Spanish.

    Still, the singing was decisive: the desire to sing in English Dayneko prompted to enter the faculty of foreign languages of Moscow Aviation Institute.

    Victoria Daineko: «star Factory»

    The most eye-catching and vivid page biography Victoria Daineko received in the capital. If native Peace she was already a local celebrity, but now she had to gain recognition across the country. And Victoria’s good with this challenge.

    A student at the Moscow Aviation Institute Vika Daineko lived near the «Ostankino». When I learned about the casting for the TV project «star Factory-5», I decided to try my luck. Young contestant from distant Yakutia suddenly saw Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, Igor Matvienko and max Fadeev and other mega-stars of show business. The feeling was tremendous and deafening. But Vick was quick and was able to give my all to the project.

    Three months later, Victoria Dayneko the winner of «Factory» and gained an army of fans and admirers. Immediately after the end of the project «star Factory-5» singer went with all the participants a big concert tour in the cities of the country. She also recorded her first video clip for his new song «Layla», immediately became a hit. The shooting took place in Thailand. Yakut girl first saw the palm trees and the sea.

    After the «Factory» Victoria Daineko received an offer of cooperation from one of the most famous producers and composers of Russia, Igor Matvienko.

    Now biography Victoria Dayneko has more than two dozen clips and hits, among them «the first swallow» – «Leila», a duet with Alexander Marshal «I have Dreamed», and the well-known «I’m leaving you», «Breathe», «Wait, where do I go» and many others.

    2007 was the year of the singer’s most intense. In the fall of praise and was nominated for «Best female artist» at the MTV Russia Music Awards. In the same year, she starred in an erotic photo shoot for Playboy magazine. But still she took part in the project «Ice age». Her partner was the famous figure skater Alexei Yagudin. The pair reached the final of the project. But this creative tandem Dayneko and Yagudin is not over. Together with figure skater Victoria recorded the song «Needle» and shot a joint video.

    In 2008 the band’s debut album Victoria Dayneko called «Needle». He gathered all the hits of the singer for three years. In the spring of 2009 Dayneko sang in a duet with Alexander Oleshko in the TV project «Two stars». The pair took third place.

    In 2011, the singer repeated her success in the project, which began his artistic career. Daineko took part in the show «star Factory. The return», which competed with graduates of «Factory of stars». The girl entered the team of Igor Matvienko and won again.

    Cheryl Cole: personal life

    During the first tour, which took place after the end of the project «star Factory-5» Victoria Daineko met with the soloist of group «Roots» Pavel Artemyev. It was a bright, but short novel, after which there was a good song called «I’m leaving you». The plot of the video for this song echoes the clip of «Roots» on the song «you Want me to sing you a song».

    With the group «Roots» Victoria Daineko tied another novel with a representative of the same team, singer Vladimir Akulicheva. But the affair ended quickly, to «give way», the singer Alexey Vorobyov. The couple seemed happy, wrote about them all over the tabloids, but a whirlwind romance Vorobiev and Dayneko suddenly cut short in may 2012. Vika and Alex suddenly parted, to anyone without explaining the reasons for the gap.

    In November 2014 the personal life of Victoria Dayneko again became the top topic of the tabloids: the singer started Dating the band’s drummer DrumCast Dmitry Kleiman. In February 2015, the musician has made Victoria the offer of marriage, to which she replied Yes. In April 2015, Cheryl Cole and Dmitry Kleiman were married.

    Cheryl Cole: discography

    • I dreamed
    • Leila
    • I’m just leaving you
    • The film is not about love
    • Needle
    • I’ll live
    • Wait, where do I go
    • Eye to eye
    • My angel
    • Erase it from the memorial
    • Breathe

    Cheryl Cole: photos

    Victoria Dayneko

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