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  • Name: Charlie Hunnam ( Charles Matthew Hunnam )
  • Date of birth: 10 April 1980.
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Newcastle, UK
  • Height: 185
  • Activity: English actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Charlie Hunnam biography

    The popularity of Hollywood actor Charlie Hannema came after British screens of the series «friends» where he got the role of a young homosexual. A large number of explicit scenes caused heated discussions in society, and the young actor gained notoriety.

    Charles Matthew Hunnam was born in April 1980 in industrial Newcastle in northeast Britain. In his family were not actors. Yes, and the guy hasn’t dreamed about the way. He came into cinema by chance. One day, an attractive blond Matthew, who was walking around the store, approached the agents. They invited the girl to appear on the show «Biker grove». The guy thought, why not. Thus began a cinematic biography of Charlie Hannema.


    For «Biker grove» went to the second youth project, who also came out on the BBC. But wide fame came to the young actor only after 8-part TV series «friends» where he got the image of a gay teenager Nathan. Hero Hannema brilliantly transformed from a humble guy in burnout and self-confident playboy. Charlie without much shame starred in a sex scene, not really worrying about the reaction of the puritanical part of the audience.

    After the project the young actor has become a cult figure for the gay community. Many viewers tape liked. The ratings of the series were high, which forced the makers to shoot a sequel film in 2000.

    In the same year, Charlie Hunnam made his debut in the new American project. This action series about teenagers «Young Americans». From this moment, with the British star met American audiences.

    The first feature film Hannema, Comedy «whatever happened to Harold Smith?», was filmed in Britain in 1999. In the USA, this wonderful picture was seen in 2001. This time Charlie’s got the cutest image of a rock musician. And the debut of American painting for the actor was the Thriller «Abandoned». Before that, Hunnam starred only in serials and sitcoms. In «Abandoned,» the Briton met the Hollywood star Katie Holmes.

    Drama «Cold mountain», in which Charlie Hunnam starred with Jude law, Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger, has broken all records of spectator sympathies. After this project, the British woke up not just famous, a Hollywood star. To ensure this capacity, he managed the biker series «Sons of anarchy». This tape is so popular in the US, which has already filmed season 5 of project.

    2013 was another successful career for Hollywood celebrities, the company which made the actor to new heights. There were two loud patterns. This is a Thriller from Guillermo Del Toro «Pacific rim» and erotic tape of «Fifty shades of grey».

    2015 and 2016 Charlie Hunnam have pleased the army of fans of the horror movie «Crimson peak» and the drama «the Lost city of Z,» which closed the film festival in new York. A new project called «the Butterfly», in which Hunnam will appear with Rami Malek, Directors promised to begin shooting in the fall of 2016.

    Personal life

    In 2005, British actor hit the hundred sexiest men in the magazine «ELLE». At that time the star was already a sad experience of family life. When Charlie Hunnam arrived from his native England to Los Angeles, he met a young colleague Katherine town. It happened on the casting of the project «Dawson’s Creek». The girl was not just a successful actress but also the daughter of a famous Hollywood screenwriter Robert Towne. Broke out the affair culminated in the marriage. But soon the couple parted. In 2002, the tabloids wrote that Charlie and Catherine are no longer together.

    Later personal life Charlie Hannema more than once was discussed in the yellow publications-around handsome guy went to a lot girls with well-known names. But none of them managed to get an offer of marriage from Charles.

    If you believe the rumors, today Hannema have a favorite girl that he seems to building a serious relationship. Rumor has it that the couple bought a small farm in California.


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    • «Nicholas Nickleby»
    • «Cold mountain»
    • «Pacific rim»
    • «Fifty shades of grey»
    • «The lost city of Z»


    Charlie Hunnam

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